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Read an excerpt from 'One With the Wind' by Jane Livingston

Romantic Comedy / Erotic
Date Published:

What starts as a crush can become one’s love of a lifetime. It is the fantasy that transcends all others— the one perfect love.

Tomboy Josie Hynes has admired Nick Markovich from afar for years, but it isn’t until her senior year in high school do they finally meet. At first Josie is put off by Nick’s brutal honesty and his offbeat sense of humor, but it is their physical attraction she cannot deny. Nick and Josie stumble into a passionate love affair with a connection so strong, separation is unbearable. Throughout the years, Together become one—one with the good times and the bad, one with happiness and sadness, one with laughter and tears, one with sickness and health — one with the wind.

Read an excerpt:
Josie trailed him silently until they were inside their hotel room. “My friends all talk about dark sexual fantasies they share with their husbands to reignite the fire in their marriages. I have tried to do that with you. I have learned how to do hand jobs. I have tried to spark fantasies, but you turned me away. I have tried all these things, but you just don’t seem to appreciate me.” She plopped down on the bed and sighed. “I just don’t know what to do any more.”

“Would it make you feel better if I donned leather chaps, a goat mask and whipped you while you were in handcuffs? Is that what you want from me!” Nick yelled, his face stiffening with rage. “All these fucking fantasies you women have and you just don’t get it. Josie, God Damn it! I want to be your fantasy, not some long, flowing-haired, demi-God in a puffy, white shirt. Aren’t I enough for you? What the fuck do you want from me?”

Nick noticed the bottle of champagne he ordered on the table. He hoped to drink it in celebration—a romantic evening with his beautiful wife, but instead she was dead set about putting his fidelity and sexuality in question. He uncorked the bottle with absolutely no ceremony and poured a glass for himself. “I had a crush on you since seventh grade. I could hardly believe a girl like you would even be interested in me, let alone date me. I couldn’t believe that you would delay your career to travel with me and live with me in Russia. I can’t believe you would give me such beautiful boys and such a wonderful life and you have the fucking nerve to question me, my love and devotion for you.”

He wiped the tears rolling down his cheeks and raised the glass to Josie. “Cheers baby! If I’m no longer satisfying you and you want a divorce, then it’s yours. If you want me to wear leather pants and whip you, I’ll do it. If you want me to fuck you in an airplane bathroom, let’s go. We can be on the next flight to anywhere in an hour. What do you want from me?”

Josie couldn’t help the tears that flowed. She stood up, walked to Nick and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. At first he didn’t respond, but eventually he put his arms around her shoulders. “I miss you. I miss the way we were. I miss how we used to be all over each other.”

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About the author:

“One with the Wind” is the first erotic novel I have published. I have read several others, but the standout for me was Anais Nin’s “Little Birds.” Personally, i wanted to do something different; I wanted to explore one couple’s intimacy throughout the stages of their life and how they kept the fire going through good times and bad times. I fell deeply in love with both characters and don’t be surprised if you find more of them someday.


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  1. One with the Wind looks like a fabulous read. I would love to read it. I will enter under the name of Virginia


  3. What an interesting book! Lovely cover. Thanks for sharing the very emotional excerpt.


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