Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Duet Stories Vol. 1: The Song Begins' by Brownell Landrum


What's he thinking? What does she want? Am I screwing this up? Is he into me? Why hasn't he….? Why won't she…?

These are the questions everyone asks at the beginning of a relationship. But instead of being shared, they go unspoken, often causing problems that could have been avoided.

DUET stories Volume I: The Song Begins chronicles the initial stages of the relationship of Paige Hampton and Griffin Hunt, two adults with issues and questions of their own. Yet the challenges they navigate (intimate as well as practical) relate to every couple.

Rave Reviews!
“This is absolutely amazing . . . seriously. I’ve never read a manuscript that is so powerful, exciting, intriguing. You have crafted an amazingly well written book, solid psychological nuances, beneficial information – you teach and you entertain. I can easily describe it as a page turner.”
- Dr. Tim Morrison, Writing Coach

~~Duet Stories are available from Readers Club International!~~ 

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