Tuesday, June 24, 2014

'City Sensual' by Mitch Bensel


Life is a series of events, unfolded by our wishes and creations of inner wants. Life is a series of wants, sexual needs, hidden from the eye of the normal, for how dare it show that the flesh aches to be held, hands wish to hold and lips dare to taste.. City Sensual is a unique city where love finds its cures against a lovers’ sensual kiss. Sometimes, the twists become visions and visions become reality...

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About the author:

Mitch Bensel is an author of all genres. City Sensual is a unique walk into a town that holds more than attractions of the norm, lesbian, gay, heterosexual and transgender love flies through with a heated touch the reader will literally feel. Mitch also has five CDs, two are spoken word and three are healing and guidance CDs. Walk With Me CD has helped many and is recommended by therapists and psychologists.. if you want to feel life like you have never felt.. read one of Mitch Bensel's books..you will never want to read another author again : ::

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