Friday, April 3, 2015

'Fires of the Apocalypse (Episode One: Flames Rising)' by Addison Hart


"For those who proved immune to the initial infection ... The plague had a different effect. It animated them in ways that they couldn’t possibly have expected ..."

It happened quickly. Its origin was unknown. Its properties a mystery. It spread like wildfire on a dusty plain. Whether through an act of terrorism or an unearthly source, the plague took hold within days and never let go. Some said it was Judgment Day. Others said it was simply the wages of our past sins. The rest ... well, they didn’t say much at all.

Most became violent and psychotic. Animated by a dreadful and unaccountable desire to consume living flesh, they turned on a moment’s notice, rage and hunger filling their bodies and their minds. Reason escaped them, souls abandoned them and they became the predators.

Some people used the “z” word. Others just ran.

But for those that survived, women like Julia, they had more to worry about than the creatures outside. They had to worry about a beast rising from within--one that consumed with fire and passion, and that demanded only one thing ...

This is the first episode in the series. It is most definitely NOT appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

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