Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Revisited' by Bailly Shannon Morse


Noah expects his vacation in England to be uneventful. But then he crashes his car into Olivia’s. With their first meeting anything but cordial, and their clashing personalities, Noah is eager to run the other way. That is, until a chance encounter at a medieval castle sends the pair hurtling back to experience their past lives... as the married Earl and Countess Northchester. When their day in the 14th century ends in murder, and they return to an altered present, they believe that their strange encounter is over. But then it happens all over again. Revisited blends history and clever humor to create an unconventional romance told through the eyes of two witty and engaging characters.

Read an excerpt:
“Listen, I know this might be hard for you to believe…” Olivia began tentatively.

“Damn right.” Noah tone was harsh.

“But,” Olivia continued patiently, “I’ve done research on this kind of thing before.”

“What, research on the… whatever century this is?”

“No, research about—” Olivia paused, tightening her lips before finishing, “—about past lives.”

Noah had to grope around behind himself to find a chair to fall into. “What?” he asked hoarsely.

“Past lives,” repeated Olivia. “I think that might be what is happening here.”

“You mean, this isn’t some joke? The way I look, the way I sound? You mean I actually am in the body of some medieval lord?”

“From the look of it, I think that’s the only way to explain it. I mean, you don’t look like the Noah I met.”

He stood again, stumbling to the mirror. He gazed at the eyes staring back at him. They were no longer the usual green that he was used to seeing each morning in the reflection over the sink in his apartment. He looked at himself through eyes of dark brown, nearly black. His hair was similar in color, like blackened charcoal, but fell in an unruly wave. He ran a hand over his chin, feeling the roughness caused by the need to shave. He traced a finger over the faint scar that ran along his left cheek, and furrowed his black brows.

“Holy shit,” he murmured, still staring.

“That’s the same expression I had on my face this morning when I saw my reflection. At first, I tried to think of a reason. But then it occurred to me when I saw you. Maybe we’ve been transported back.”


“Back to this time period. The fourteenth century.”

Author Bio:

Bailly Shannon Morse has been a storyteller since the age of four. Her enthusiasm for creating new and engaging worlds through writing has only expanded since her early years. Morse wrote, illustrated, and self-published two novels, Fortune's Flight and Renegade Ransom, by the time she was sixteen. Now, a recent graduate from Mount Holyoke College, having majored in English and minored in Theatre Arts, Morse has completed seven novels, two full length plays, one one-act play, and a collection of short stories. She writes a blog, titled A Novel Idea. Her passion for creative writing continues to grow as she shares stories of characters that leap from the pages of her whimsical, witty novels.

Revisited is the third novel Morse is self-publishing, and the first offered in an electronic format.


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