Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#FREE read! 'The Day I Died (Bleed Lie Love #1)' by Caelia Sky


I could never call it easy, but I’ve always known what I needed to do, knew the road I traveled was a questionable one. And, I was fine with that.

That is, until he appeared in my life. It wasn’t unexpected, I knew what I was getting into, where I was heading, except, I truly didn’t. He was vampire, but he was also so
much more.

Now, things didn’t seem so clear, and the obvious became not so obvious. A man I thought to be your typical bad boy, Rhett, was an enigma. He grew on me, made me second guess my own ideals, and brought out the side of myself that I knew existed, but pretended not to see.

I couldn’t unsee, and I couldn’t turn back, because it was everywhere I looked, and it wouldn’t let me forget. I found myself cornered.

When you’re forced to decide, and someone has to lose, what do you decide?

Sometimes, when you love, you have to kill. Sometimes, what you love can kill you.

A tale of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption.

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