Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dirty Saint (A Secret Baby Sports Romance) by Vesper Vaughn

Dirty Saint


Everyone on campus thinks football hotshot Saint Williams is a pious and righteous role model.

He has this whole university fooled. Not me.

I've seen a whole other sinful side to Mr. Touchdown. I've witnessed his swagger. Heard his filthy mouth and lost count how often he says the Lord's name in vain.

I can’t stand that man.

So why is he starring in my dreams? Why do I have a carnal highlight reel in my mind, looping with images that have nothing to do with the game of football?

Now I’m the first-ever water girl for the university football team. My plan? I need to stay far, far away from temptation.

Even though Saint's six foot four of invincible power, and eyes that promise me the world, I’m here for the thrill of the game. Not to worship the sexy-as-sin Quarterback.

But from the first day of practice Saint's sultry gaze makes it perfectly clear that he intends to score.


They call me Saint.

That’s because I’m a miracle on the football field. I’ve taken this cloistered, religious university and launched it into the national spotlight.

All I wanted was to play ball and get to know some of my lovely and devoted female fans. They flock to my games. They can't wait to offer me anything I want after the final play.

But all that changes the first day of practice when I catch a vision of Esther. Shy, lovely, with legs that go for miles, the moment her eyes meet mine, she makes me forget my name. Too bad the water girl is the only girl on campus who doesn't want me.

That's okay because I like a challenge, I like strategy and I really like the idea of finally claiming Esther's heavenly body.

Read an excerpt:
I pull the top of my buttoned cardigan closer to my chest. My cheeks are on fire as Saint steps closer to me. 
“We can’t. Not here,” I whisper. “This place is sacred.” 
Saint smirks at me. “We can’t do what? I’m not doing anything.” He inches closer to me and my heart races. “Did you want to do something? With me?” 
“I need to set the candles out for the evening service,” I say, my voice cracking. I turn my back to him and look once more into the old cedar cupboard. I pull out a dozen white taper candles and drop half of them on the floor. 
“Do I make you nervous or something?” Saint growls from behind me. 
I bend down to pick up the candlesticks and feel Saint’s eyes burning through the fabric of my floor-length skirt. I stand up quickly and hold the candles close to my chest. “I really have to go replace these.” 
Saint reaches his hands over to my chest and I freeze. “Let me carry those for you.” 
I’m speechless as he gathers them into his hands, his fingertips brushing against the soft fabric of my cardigan. I close my eyes, my breathing slow and deep. I try not to think about what he wants to do with those hands. 
God is watching us.

About Vesper Vaughn

Vesper Vaughn likes bad boys. A lot.

She always wanted to be a writer. Then one day, a hot guy named Wilder strolled through her head. And then another named Cruz. Then there was Zane. And Jax. And Dylan. Then she discovered that writing was a dirty job she was more than happy to do.

When she's not writing smoking hot sex scenes, she can be found binge-watching television shows with her family, hiking, and drinking gin and tonics.

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