Friday, January 13, 2017

Chasing Flames (A Fiery Fairy Tales Novella) by Siera London

Chasing Flames

Waitress, Symphony Porter’s obsession with fire has made her a target for distrust and rejection. She’s broke and with her home weeks away from foreclosure, she’s eager to drive to Key West to claim an unexpected inheritance. Symphony arrives in town expecting a quick exit, but soon stumbles into trouble—to include six feet three inches of scorching hot danger to her heart. With time running out, the last thing Symphony needs is a handsome investigator hot on her trail.

Fire investigator, Nathan Zachary has had enough relationships crash and burn, that he knows at first sight that Symphony is the woman for him. He’s ready to make the saucy waitress a permanent part of his life, but a series of random fires puts Symphony on a collision course with Nathan’s case. As the spark of attraction ignites between them, so does the danger and suspicion.

Nathan is everything Symphony’s ever wanted, but she’s learned good things don’t last for long. To make matters worse, someone in town knows her secret. As the evidence mounts, how will these two fiery lovers learn to trust and uncover the truth before their happily ever after goes up in flames?

About Siera London

Siera London knew she wanted to be a writer when she kept searching for interesting topics to write. She tried non-fiction writing first, but when the words on the page bored her to tears, she decided to write what she enjoyed reading. Most days, Siera spends at her desk writing about sizzling heroes, sassy heroes, and sensual romances.

A lover of all things culinary, Siera lives in South Florida with her husband, and a color-patch tabby named Frie. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, teaching, or volunteering.

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