Friday, August 2, 2013

'Bernadette and Patti' by Gretta Hines


Bernadette and Patti were meant for each other. They go on a mission to kill Bernadette's ex-lover. They entered one night, the lavish home of Makayla Dunn, her siblings, her dad and her mother. And under the stark moon, there is a grizzly encounter. They accomplish their goal, even including the pet dog Sammy, but Makayla's boyfriend and his friends show up, and are not very happy. There is yet a grizzlier encounter, but this one must confess sadly, for after it's done, there's nothing left to say than poor Bernadette and Patti.

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Gretta Hines is a young author from Ontario, Canada. She has been writing ever since age fourteen, and specializes in adult romance, dark thrillers and fantasies. Her debut book is Horn Pattern, an enigmatic and surreal paranormal and her latest release, and second novel is the erotic romantic horror Bernadette and Patti. You can find her on facebook (Gretta Hines) and on instagram (gretta_hornpattern), where she shares personal things with her fellow instagramers and followers. She lives at home with her bunny Greta.

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