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The Daddy Daughter Weekend series by Lisa London continues

Daddy Daughter Weekend #2

It's Weekend #2 for Rob and Brandi - What turned out to be a one-time mistake between the man of the house and his stepdaughter soon turned into something much more exciting than either of them anticipated. Brandi's innocence awakened something within Rob that made his alpha male side come alive.

But all good things must come to an end, especially when someone finds out about their illicit affair!


Daddy Daughter Weekend #3

Things are heating up as Brandi and Rob's secret weekends together continue. Only this time, someone has found out and that someone wants to have Brandi for his own private weekends with her, too. And if she doesn't give in, he'll tell everyone about their dirty little secret.

Besides her amazingly tiny and lithe body, the main reason Rob loves Brandi so much is due to her innocence and loyalty to him. How is she going to keep their secret from getting out without having to do the one that would make Rob hate her?


About Lisa London 

Lisa London is the creator of secret fantasies you love to escape to, bringing you an overload of bad-boy angst and heart-wrenching moments of truth on every page.

Guilty Pleasure (The Inventory of Love) by Jerome Wallace

Guilty Pleasure

Thomas O’Brian is a playboy and he likes it. Living a life of luxury, he hires Cassie Farley to inventory his library whilst he continues to chase beautiful women and spend his wealth however he pleases.

Cassie despises Thomas the moment she meets him. A man who is used to getting what he wants when he wants, she is determined that she won’t be swept away by his charms. To her very great surprise, she begins to find that she is attracted to Thomas, in spite of his playboy ways.

Eventually, Thomas’s dominating behavior chases Cassie away, but he tells himself that he doesn’t care. When a crisis hits, Thomas knows that he needs Cassie – in more ways than one. Forced to take a long, hard look at himself, he tries to find her to beg for her help and her forgiveness. 

Will Cassie believe him and risk her heart? Or has Thomas hurt her too much already?


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Daddy Daughter Weekend #1 by Lisa London

Daddy Daughter Weekend

When Brandi’s mom married Rob, it meant moving from a run down one-bedroom apartment literally on the other side of the tracks to an over the top penthouse in Beverly Hills.

Rob is lonely. Like super lonely. His wife enjoys screwing the help more than she does him and when she’s not doing that, she’s out shopping. Brandi, on the other hand, is everything her mother is not. Brandi is innocent, loyal and always around and supportive. And damn if she isn’t the hottest piece he’s ever seen.

What happens when Brandi finally turns 18 and they’re alone in the house together for the first time?


About Lisa London 

Lisa London is the creator of secret fantasies you love to escape to, bringing you an overload of bad-boy angst and heart-wrenching moments of truth on every page.

Read an excerpt from Heat (A Hotter Than Hell Novel) by Holly S. Roberts


What if the line between good and evil is blurred and the life you live is a lie?

Justice defines Madison Kinlock’s world. When the people she trusts decide she’s an unnecessary liability Madison needs the help of a very dangerous man.

Catch Xavier Moon controls the criminal underworld of Arizona. Safety has a price and when it comes to Madison, he has no interest in money.

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Read an excerpt:
My teasing earns a reward. In one fluid move, he stops and pulls me into his chest. We’re in the shadows and even though I know he has guards, I feel that we’re the only two people inside his walled paradise. His lips are gentle. His hands go to my ribcage beside my breasts while he licks and tastes my lips. His thumbs glide across the material of my shirt in a soft caress over my breasts, though not quite touching my nipples. The kiss remains playful and I want sensual. I try to angle my head but he moves with me and keeps things light and flirty. I moan into his mouth and receive a small answering groan.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask throatily after he releases my lips and places light kisses along my jaw.

“Because you always taste so damn good,” he breathes. His teeth scrape where his lips left a burning trail of fire. “Here too.” He bites down on the tendon of my neck and my body heads into the danger zone. The zone that says, fuck me and please make it good.

I lift my hands to his jaw running my fingers over the sexy scruff. It sidetracks me from what he’s doing until he slides his hands between us and cups my breasts. Now, his thumb rubs across my nipples. My entire body is at attention. He moves one leg between mine and pulls me closer so my crotch is riding his thigh.

Fucking hell.

The friction of our clothes and the pressure of his leg drive me wild. My clit swells as I rub myself against him. Moon’s right hand slides down and he gains access beneath my shirt. I react with a shudder when he touches the bare skin on my side. His fingers are so damn hot, they burn. His other hand goes to my ass and he pulls me tighter against his leg. I need to be naked and not standing outside with clothes separating us. I need to fuck him instead of humping his leg. I need so many things at once—more pressure, nipple action, him—inside me.

It’s only been about two minutes since he started this and my blood is roaring through my body while Moon’s heat consumes me. His lips return to mine with more light nibbles. He’s controlling my body and keeping me from ending this slow torture. Then, like he’s reading my mind again, his fingers slip beneath my bra and tease over my nipples. His mouth leaves mine and he rakes his teeth down the sensitive skin of my throat. His large hand cups my other breast and his fingers squeeze until I’m on my toes and panting in his ear. I’m holding onto his waist for dear life. The pulsing ache spreads from the juncture of my thighs to my nipples and back again. The two points are a circuit of energy. Then, he’s back at my mouth and he’s done playing around. I place my hand at the front of his pants and press against his erection. He moans while his tongue delves deep. He squeezes my nipple with slow steady pressure. It hurts. It’s delicious. It’s exactly what I need. He moves his hand down so he can cup my ass again. He grinds me against his leg. The sensations are overwhelming. I can’t breathe. I can’t think. But fuck do I feel. I’m caught off guard when an orgasm jolts through me. I’ve never felt this way before. I get off on control even when it comes to my orgasms. Moon takes me over the top with nothing but the pressure of his leg and his damned fingers that have switched to my other nipple so both are sore and needy.

My blood is pumping through my veins with the pulses of my orgasm. I fall against his chest and his arms surround me as I ride out the waves. When the last ripple fades, he kisses me again before allowing me to bury my face in his neck. Why the hell did he give me that? I’m too undone to think of a possible answer.

About Holly S. Roberts

Holly S. Roberts is the USA Today best-selling author of the Completion Series and Hotter Than Hell Series. She lives high in the Arizona Mountains with her husband and two spoiled dogs.

Social Links:
Website: http://wickedstorytelling.com
Newsletter: http://tinyurl.com/wickednews1
Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollysrobertsauthor
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mywickedstories
Instagram: http://instagram.com/wicked_story_telling

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Christmas in Love: 5 Holiday Romance Series by Michelle Love

Christmas in Love

5 Holiday Romance Series and A Preview of Dirty Money

Series 1: The Billionaire’s Gift

Blaine Vanderbilt may only be thirty-years-old but he’ managed to make a fortune in the retail market as the founder of a chain of discount stores he named Bargain Bin.

The tall man with smoldering good looks has a hard heart. He’s led his life thinking there is no harm in running a business that puts others out of theirs.

Until his elderly father passes away and leaves him with the question, should he make some changes to how he’s been living?
It has Blaine wondering about all he’s done not only in his business life but in his love life as well as he’s been as cold with women as he’s been with other business owners.

Series 2: The Billionaire Bad Boy Club

Nicholai Grimm is the 28-year-old billionaire CEO of Grimm Defense & Technology.

Natasha Greenwell is the 23-year-old college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

One fateful night out with her roommate to a supposed fundraiser has Natasha in Nicholai’s sights.

Nicholai isn’t a man who takes no for an answer but that’s a word Natasha uses often.

In the dark world of BDSM, Nicholai tries to steer the beautiful woman into an agreement with him…

Series 3: Star Series

Aussie rocker and billionaire, Kip Dixon, has been wrestling with the idea of being a rock star while finding a woman to settle down with. The match is won as he decides there is no room for a relationship for him anytime soon. The future is about work and some play as he can find company for his bed with the snap of his fingers after all. That is until a pretty, little, country girl catches his eye and she can’t seem to stand him. From the get go Peyton Reed is anything but impressed with the rock star...

Series 4: Lucky Series

Pinks and oranges fill the sky as the sun sets behind my parent’s home. The mailbox has become my enemy, but I check it anyway. The last letter from the IRS took millions from me. I close my eyes and hope there’s nothing else from them in the box shaped like a large mouth bass.

My father was a novice fisherman, but you wouldn’t know that by the amount of fishing paraphernalia he accumulated in his lifetime. My mother was not a very good cook, but she had enough cookbooks to stock an aisle in Barnes and Nobles...

Series 5:The Dark Season

In an exclusive 1920’s Paris sex club, heartbroken over a lost engagement, Emile makes love to a beautiful woman, Seraphine, only to discover she was murdered hours before. Unable to believe that the most erotic night of his life never happened, he returns to the club on Christmas Eve and finds his dead lover waiting for him. He is overjoyed and pledges to make this mysterious, enigmatic woman his wife…

Preview of Dirty Money

Weston Calloway Handsome thirty-two year old, works hard for his father’s company. Comes from family money and, though he mostly enjoys his work, he isn’t flashy with his money. Down to earth, suave and great with women, he becomes infatuated with Dahlia and desperate to win her over when she rejects him.

Aulora Greene Aullie (like “Ollie”) for short, Aulora is a beautiful, raven-haired art student waiting tables at a sports bar. She’s a smart girl, very cynical with very dry humor, though she’s somewhat introverted. She has a few close friends and a few casual sexual relationships but doesn’t like to get close to people. Born into a rich family, her wealthy father left she and her mother with nothing when she was a teen and she resents the rich and believes money ruins people.


About Michelle Love

Use this link to get two Billionaire Romance series for FREE:

Please join her facebook page to get all updates and the latest news!

If you wish to get in contact, please email at contact@michellesromance.com

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Gay For My Nemesis by Tabatha Austin

Gay For My Nemesis

Sometimes, the man who would lay down his life for you, can be your greatest enemy.

Megalomaniac Dr. Janos Falken built his fearsome reputation from within his secret volcanic island. As the most menacing threat the world has ever seen, the reclusive genius must be stopped before his reign of terror reaches its final plan.

Agency super spy Matthew Rider’s reputation proceeds him. From his body-hugging tuxedos to his take no prisoners attitude, he is a man on a mission to save the world by any means necessary, but nothing in life has prepared him for the likes of Janos.

When men on the opposite sides of justice meet, Matthew discovers there’s more to the infamous doctor than meets the eye. In a world where espionage, egos, and the struggle for power rule, choosing what to believe is only half the battle; resisting mutual undeniable attraction will prove to be far more difficult.

Will the mortal enemies find a future together in the face of insurmountable odds?

Note: This is a high-octane, steamy, stand-alone gay romance that will satisfy readers of hot, spine-tingling spy novels.


About Tabatha Austin

Tabatha Austin is an Texas transplant settling down after finding a city she can finally call home.

She specializes in gay male erotic romance with a sci-fi or paranormal bent.

You can find out more about Tabatha below:

Website: tabathaaustin.com/
E-mail: tabatha@tabathaaustin.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ImTabathaAustin
Pinterest: pinterest.com/writertabatha/
Goodreads: goodreads.com/author/show/7578539.Tabatha_Austin

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Find You in Paris (A Darcy Brothers Romance) by Alix Nichols

Find You in Paris

If there's one man that fledgling art photographer Diane Petit really, really, actively hates, it's fragrance mogul Sebastian Darcy who stole her father's company--and wrecked the man's health in the process.

But the arrogant SOB had better brace himself because Diane has vowed revenge.

And revenge she will have.

More from Alix Nichols

Each La Bohème and Darcy Brothers book is a no-cliffhanger standalone that follows a different couple. You don't need to have read the other books in the series, although all of the stories interconnect. Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence:

La Bohème:

You're the One
Winter's Gift
What If It's Love?
Falling for Emma
Under My Skin
Amanda's Guide to Love
The Devil's Own Chloe

About Alix Nichols

Alix Nichols is an unapologetic caffeine addict and a longtime fan of Mr. Darcy, especially in his Colin Firth incarnation. She is a Kindle Scout and Dante Rossetti Award winning author of critically acclaimed romantic comedies.

At the age of six, she released her first rom com. It featured highly creative spelling on a dozen pages stitched together and bound in velvet paper.

Decades later, she still loves the romance genre. Her spelling has improved (somewhat), and her books have made Amazon bestseller lists, climbing as high as #1. She lives in France with her family and their almost-human dog.

**For exclusive content, giveaways and special offers, including a bonus book, subscribe to the monthly newsletter on her author website: www.alixnichols.com.**

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Read an excerpt from Entagle Me - Sydney by Maggie Way


A jilted girl…
A wicked boy…
A forbidden kiss...
A happily ever after?

Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until her fiancé blindsides her with a betrayal so deep it changes everything. Now her life’s gone to hell, and the only way out may be at the hands of the last person she’d have expected to come to her rescue, Tristan Keys—the deliciously sexy player she’s fantasized about her entire life.

Sure he’s arrogant, cocksure, and frustratingly handsome, but he’s also offering exactly what she needs, a fresh start planning destination weddings. First class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it. Yes, it’s just what she needs.

Only there’s one glaring problem: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend. Which means he is completely off-limits. She knows it, he knows it. It’s completely forbidden. Even though she’s always followed all the rules, suddenly Lacey find herself wanting to break them all. Is he worth the risk? Or will he only break her heart—and possibly her bed springs? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s going to involve a lot of suitcase packing, merlot and chocolate.

Read an excerpt:
As I reach for the keys, someone, just a few feet behind, calls out to me. 
“Are you okay?” 
That voice…. it’s smooth and husky, striking a chord. Definitely a male. The mysterious man starts walking towards me but I remain stationary with my back to him. He finally stops beside me, waiting for an answer. 
“I'm fine,” I mutter. I expect him to walk away but instead he leans forward to catch a glimpse of me. 
“No freaking way. Lacey, is that you?” The chuckle that replies is sneering, and I shriek internally because I recognise it. I’ve heard this laugh before…where…how? 
I glance up at him, my mouth ajar at the sight of the broad-shouldered man in bootleg jeans and a rolled up plaid shirt. I have to crane my neck as far as possible to see all of him, he’s really tall. All I see is piercing, coffee brown eyes and short black hair. But that could be because it’s pitch black and I can’t really see him clearly. But that voice is so familiar…it can’t be who I think it is. Because if it is, he looks so different to the last time I saw him – which was almost four years ago. 
“What are the odds, Hansley’s snotty little sister sitting here on the street. How hammered are you?” 
“Trrrrrr…Tristan? Hansley’s friend?” 
“Okay, you’re completely wasted.” 
What the hell is Tristan Keys doing here in Sydney, let alone standing in front of me? He is the last person I expected to see, ever. My brother’s best friend all through high school, he was the most annoying person and I had to deal with him constantly. 
Always one to tease me about my braces, my ‘nerdy’ braids, and my love for collecting 3D jigsaw puzzles and scrapbooking, he always found a way to badger me. Instead of a normal ‘Hi’ or ‘What’s up’ he would instead greet me with ‘Miss Strait-laced’ or ‘Prissy’ and I would reciprocate by poking my tongue out at him. 
Oh yeah, and I had a major MAJOR unrequired crush on him. I would always get so nervous and jittery whenever he came over to our place, which was often. He would always wear this ratty black hoodie and whenever he took it off…wow. Back then he was a lanky and tanned drink of water. But I knew he could never be mine. He was too busy picking up girls that were blonde, busty and well…not me. 
So to see him after all this time is doing something funny to my insides.


About Maggie Way

Maggie Way is your typical city gal who hails from Sydney, Australia. She loves drinking ridiculous amounts of wine, making her own beauty products from scratch, and traveling around the world while munching on cheese and chocolate. She lives with her real-life happily ever after, while fantasizing about all her hot fictional book boyfriends on the side. 

She is also mommy to a little Maltese who may or may not be named after a famous vampire lover. In case you were wondering, no, she will never ever not in a million years write a vampire hero. She prefers her men to be true-to-life even when they just live inside her brain and on the pages of her books.
She writes stories with heat, humor, and lots of heart and is more than happy to say what the rest of us are thinking, and sometimes what we’re not. Wanna connect with Maggie? Either hop the next plane to Sydney, or stop by her website at www.maggiewayauthor.com. Your move.
Join the Maggie Way Reading Club for previews, hot new releases, and other special goodies. When you sign up, you get a free copy of the sexy romance short STRICTLY UNPROFESSIONAL! Sign up at

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#99cent sale! Mistress Christmas by Lorelei James

Mistress Christmas

All signs point north for Not-So-Saint Nick

After too many mugs of mulled wine, introverted accountant Holly North lets her best friend guilt her into filling in as Mistress Christmas at Sugar Plums, a Christmas-themed strip club. The combination of a velvet mask and a Mrs. Claus-meets-dominatrix costume gives Holly the courage to approach the hot-bodied man across the room who is as lickable as a candy cane.

Detective Nick West is working undercover to find the sexy vixen who supposedly robbed his buddy at Sugar Plums. His interest in the pole dancers vanishes faster than a flying sleigh upon his introduction to Mistress Christmas—a leggy brunette with smoky eyes and a lush mouth that begs for hours beneath the mistletoe.

One lap dance and their attraction flares hotter than a fireplace on a cold winter evening. And Nick is only too happy to oblige when Holly blurts out her secret Christmas wish…a night filled with sweet and dirty carnal pleasures that will land them both on the naughty list.

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Read an excerpt:
Holly took her time sauntering across the room to the horseshoe-shaped bar, smiling, flirting, acting like she knew what the hell she was doing. 
Time dragged on, and after fifteen excruciating minutes, she needed a booster shot of liquid courage. She’d barely curled her fingers around the brass bar rail when warm breath tickled the damp skin below her ear. “Buy you a drink, Mistress Christmas?” 
A chill trickled down her spine upon hearing the sexy masculine drawl. Holly half-turned. Good thing she held the railing because the man crowding her was the most spectacular male specimen she’d seen since…well, since ever. 
Merry Christmas to her. 
He was big; at least an imposing six-foot-three, and his body appeared to have been crafted out of solid muscle. His golden hair brushed the collar of his plaid western shirt, which stretched across his shoulders nearly as broad as the bar top. Laugh lines creased the corners of his hazel eyes, as well as the corners of his captivating lips. Lips that were curved into a big ol’ shit-eating grin. 
Oh mama. That lethal smile could prove to be her downfall. 
“Did I pass your inspection, darlin’?” 
“With flying colors.” So much for acting cool and professional. She regrouped and smiled cheekily. “I believe you mentioned something about buying me a drink?” 
“Absolutely. What’s your pleasure?” 
You. “I’m in the mood for peppermint schnapps.” 
“A taste of sweet and sticky coming right up.” 
He scooted close enough she could differentiate the varying shades of gold, blond and brown in his wavy hair. And the scent of him was intoxicating—clean linen and hot man. 
When he reached across the bar, the inside of his thick wrist grazed the bared skin below her ribcage. The electric shock of the simple contact nearly buckled her knees. A little gasp of surprise escaped before she could stop it. 
His frown was there and gone as he paid the bartender and slid two shot glasses within reach.
When Holly faced him fully, his gaze focused on hers with an intensity that caused her eyelashes to tingle. As she attempted to gulp down her shot, he placed his warm, rough-skinned hand atop hers, stilling the motion. 
“Ah ah ah. Not before we toast.” 
“To what?” 
“Come now, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve made a toast in here.” 
How wrong he was. Holly racked her brain for a clever phrase. “How about…to Christmas wishes coming true?” Heaven help her, this man appeared to be everything she’d ever wished for. 
“Don’t you think that’s a little vague, Mistress Christmas?” 
Lord. His sexy voice was as dangerous as his sexy smirk. She managed, “Do you have a specific wish in mind? 
His burning gaze raked her from the tips of her pointed ears to the tips of her pointed nipples. “I’ve got a very explicit wish. Would you like to hear it?” 
Her body vibrated as if he’d whispered very explicit across every inch of her passion-soaked skin. “Maybe you should tell me your name before we start sharing wishes and dreams.” 
“Hmm. Are you anything like your namesake, Saint Nick?” 
“Not even close, darlin’. I’ll offer no apologies that I’ve always been more sinner than saint material.” 
“You do have that devilish look about you, Not-So-Saint Nick.” 
Nick stared at her mouth, virtually growling, “I like the way my name sounds tumbling from your sweet lips.” 
Playing with fire, Holly. 
But she wasn’t brainy Holly North, shy accountant. She was bold Mistress Christmas, embodiment of sexual fantasies. And she’d milk that persona, live the dream of being the object of men’s physical desire, if only for a single night. 
Holly lifted the glass to her mouth and ran her tongue around the rim, licking at the thick liquid clinging to the edge. The man’s gaze darkened; another thrill zipped through her. “Where’d you learn to talk so sweet?” 
“Does that make you a real cowboy?” 
“Yep. Born and bred, dust on my boots, sage in my blood, dyed-in-the-wool gen-u-wine, native Wyoming hell-raiser.” He raised his glass to hers. “You impressed?” 
“So let’s toast to overcoming first impressions.” 
Weird toast, but she smiled. “I’ll drink to that.” 
They chinked their glasses and knocked back the schnapps. 
Holly welcomed the sweet fire flowing down her throat and slammed the empty glass on the bar with a heartfelt, “Ah.” 
She automatically started to decline, but her inner vixen cooed, “Why not?” 
“Coming right up.” Nick signaled the bartender. 
The next shot boosted Holly’s confidence. “Tell me, Nick, if you’re really a cowboy, where’s your hat?” 
“Same place as my horse—at home in Wyoming.” 
“Do you live there?” 
“Nope. I’m riding a steel horse in Denver these days. What about you?” 
“No hat or horse,” she hedged playfully. “Not that it matters because I don’t know the first thing about riding.” 
A twinkle brightened his eyes. “Really?” 
She cautioned, “Before you ask, no, I don’t want to save a horse and ride a cowboy.” 
Nick’s you-caught-me-with-naughty-thoughts grin made her stomach cartwheel as fast as Wyoming tumbleweeds. 
“I’d be more than willing to show you a few secret cowboy tricks once you mounted up.” 
“I’ll just bet you could,” she murmured. 
“I’ll just bet you were born to ride. You’d look amazing on top. Your thighs clamped tight, your back arched just so, your head held high as you find the natural rhythm of moving on a powerful body. This gorgeous mane”—he twirled a section around his index finger—”trailing between your shoulder blades as you buck bareback. Every part of you bouncing as you’re pushing faster and harder, until you explode from the sheer joy of the ultimate ride.” 
Holly didn’t dare look away from the sexual challenge in Nick’s eyes, but she couldn’t keep the heat from rising in her cheeks, nor from hearing her mother’s warning: If you keep playing with matches, child, you’re gonna get burned. 
A mischievous grin tilted his mouth as he leaned forward. “You’re awful quiet all of a sudden, darlin’. You okay?” 
Smug man. If she were going up in flames, she’d drag Nick right along with her. “Oh, I was just thinking.” 
“Something you oughta remember, cowboy. Not all women mount up the same or crave that type of wild ride. See, you’re all about fast, furious, pulse-pounding action. I imagined a slower, sweeter pace for the first go-round. Taking time to learn the subtle signals before handing over the reins. Not rushing headlong to the glorious end, all hot and sweaty and tired.” Holly bit her lip, as if deep in thought. A little buzz fizzed in her blood when Nick’s gaze zoomed to her mouth. 
“I’d prefer drawing out the excitement. Gliding along with abandon. Building the pace one step at a time until that moment you dig your heels in and break free, reveling in the rush of an unbridled, unbound, rigorous ride.” 
Nick just blinked at her and then he swallowed hard. 
Hah. “You’re awful quiet all of a sudden, darlin’,” she teased. “You okay?” 
“You’re good at that.” 
Holly cocked her head saucily. “Good at what, cowboy?” 
“Reminding me you’re a professional.”


About Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author of erotic westerns in the Rough Riders series and the Blacktop Cowboys series, erotic romance in the Mastered series, contemporary romance in the Need You series, and the New Adult Rough Riders Legacy series, as well as several standalone novels and novellas. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota--yes, by choice--with her husband, and Copper, their crazy corgi who has made life more interesting during these first empty nest years...

Connect with Lorelei:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoreleiJamesAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loreleijames
Website: http://loreleijames.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loreleijamesauthor/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/loreleijamesstreetteam/
Subscribe for Text Messages: http://loreleijames.com/text-messages/
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gNMZtZ
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/541293.Lorelei_James

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Preview the Wicked Good Witches Bundle by Starla Silver

Wicked Good Witches

Wicked Good Witches- First in a Suspenseful Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Saga- A Classic Tale of Family, Duty, Magic, and Love in a Thrilling New Supernatural World. (Demon Isle Witches Uncut, for Readers Over 18 due to strong language and adult content. Please Read this Series in Order Starting with Book 1)

The Howard Witches, three siblings charged with protecting The Demon Isle…
Charlie, the werewolf.
Michael, the empath and death reader.
Melinda, living under self-inflicted house arrest. Her gift: prophetic dreams of people about to die.

Their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Charming, ridiculously handsome, and walking a dangerous line between sinking into darkness and living in the light. In constant temptation to declare his love for the one woman that could be his undoing.

The story begins with an unsolved murder. One that will change, everything…

Come stalk the streets of The Demon Isle… you’ll go up against witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, shapeshifters, ghosts, mermaids, faeries and a host of other devious supernatural creatures waiting to wreak havoc on The Demon Isle. Where fans of the paranormal come to vacation and immerse themselves in fantasy. Where magic comes to life, mysteries abound, and you might just find yourself laughing, crying, and most definitely, falling in love.

In Book One:

Melinda Howard is the Demon Isle’s weird girl... the one that’s been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years. Why? No one knows the truth except her family. A long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, along with their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield.

Another reason Melinda doesn’t mind her self-inflicted imprisonment. She gets to spend her days with the charming vampire, who also happens to be her best friend. Only now, she’s spending her night’s with him too. He just doesn't know it…

Any other girl would enjoy the nightly thrill of a sexy vampire invading her dreams. But not Melinda as her dreams have a tendency to come true. Although typically, they don’t include the handsome vampire she’s crushing on, but rather horrifying visions of people about to die.

But she cannot stay under self-inflicted house arrest forever. And if her brothers or William get their choice in the matter, Melinda will be out of the house partying with her friends, giving her affections to a human, not a vampire, and digging into her role as a witch.

A role her eldest brother Charlie lives for, and a role her second brother Michael, would rather live without. Nevertheless, when duty calls, usually from the local sheriff needing help with some tourist who’s gotten themselves into supernatural trouble, life screeches to a stop, and duty takes over.

Such is the case when the sheriff needs help with a four-year-old murder investigation; one she fears has a supernatural cause. To assist her in the case, she calls upon the skills of The Howard Witches.

However, what they learn might be more than any of them can deal with, or accept. Worse yet, they fear what this discovery will do to Melinda as it returns them all to the core of her self-imprisonment.

And back to the lives, she could not save...

Buy links:
Amazon / iTunes / Barnes & Noble

Read an excerpt:

Wicked Good Witches Chapter One
Content Warning: For Readers Over 18

Melinda Howard poured a potion into a small glass vial. She used a funnel, not trusting her unsteady fingers. It was her first time making this particular potion and if the results were anything less than perfect, the consequences would be fatal to the vampire standing in her kitchen.
He was across the room. A good fifteen feet away, but she’d have sworn he was hovering just inches behind her, watching her every move. Movements that suddenly became heavy and awkward. A sudden self-awareness creeping across her skin she’d never worried about before. At least not in front of the vampire.
Darn it all! She chastised herself silently. Keep it together, you’re almost done.
She exhaled, letting out a surge of hot breath, shuddering as an electrified pulse fired down her spine at the thought of him watching her. The pulse had the effect of pulling her skin too tight and made her fidget as if her body wasn’t the right size and shape it should be.
Her heart quickened, her fingers quivering as she removed the funnel, the vial nearly filled. Just one final step to complete the potion. She shoved her chin-length chestnut bangs behind her ear, grabbing an already filled dropper and added the contents within to the vial.
The mixture sizzled, a small plume of steam erupting from the vial before the clear liquid inside turned to deep red. Melinda smiled, relieved by the outcome. She let the buildup of nervousness escape with her next breath, corked the vial, turned, and tossed it to the vampire.
It went high, threatening to fly over his head and crash into a wall. He deftly jumped into the air, caught it, and landed without a sound.
“Good catch, William,” Melinda said, winking playfully.
The vampire threw Melinda a stern smirk before drinking the contents of the vial.
“Like you’d miss,” she added, rolling her eyes at him. She averted her gaze, unable to linger in his for long.
“I never miss,” William replied matter-of-factly. The vampire straightened his black pullover, the dark color only further accentuating the paleness of his neck and face.
“Did it work?” Melinda asked, venturing a fleeting look in his direction.
“It tastes correct.” He paused, savoring the warm sensation the potion gave him as it forced its way through his veins like the blood that no longer willingly pumped its way through his body. “I do believe you did perfect, Melinda. Well done.”
She curtsied, nodding in appreciation to her one vampire audience, hurriedly turning away again to avoid making eye contact.
His gaze narrowed in a questioning manner. “Are you okay this morning?”
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He noticed. I so suck at acting. “Um, yes,” she answered too hesitantly. She cleared her throat. “I’m fine. Why do you ask?”
“You seem on edge.”
On edge? Really? You have no idea, her thoughts exclaimed loudly. She wished she could tell him the truth- that her edginess was completely his fault.
Melinda had dreamt about William the night before. A dream that while in the middle of, painted her the image of a goddess adored by a vampire. But once awakened from, left her restless with skin far too tight, achy, and needy. And now, normal daily actions she’d never given a second thought to turned clunky and awkward, sitting at the forefront of her thoughts while in William’s presence.
Was he watching her, right now? What did she look like through his eyes?
She’d had a crush on him for years, but she’d never dreamt of him, not like this. Not like these last few weeks. She’d awakened to a pleasant sting trailing across her skin, where cool fingers had traced the curves of her back, where lips had caressed her, tasted her. Where fangs had... her hand involuntarily slid up to her neck, a heated stammering of her heart causing her to catch her breath. She might as well have been living out the dream right here in the kitchen for goodness’ sake!
“There it is again,” the vampire noted, disrupting her lust-filled memory. “I’ve never heard your heart flutter like that before. Are you ill?” He stepped closer, concerned.
Stupid super vampire hearing! Melinda held her breath for a second, blood racing to keep up with her stammering heart. “I’m fine. Promise. I was just nervous about making the potion, and was recalling my dream from last night.” This was a partial truth. There had been a second dream. A much less pleasant dream, one she had shared with him. Her skin flushed and gaze lowered.
“Very well,” he conceded with a narrow stare. She was holding back on him, something she never did until recently. What had changed? What was she hiding? Why did she not feel at ease enough to confide in him, as always?
Melinda refused eye contact, keeping herself busy and her gaze downward. And if she chewed her bottom lip any harder she might draw blood. She shivered, though it was a warm summer day. That flutter returned, blood rushing through her veins in an attempt to keep up with her erratically beating heart. It got stronger the longer his eyes lingered on her movements.
What was she hiding from him?
He cast his gaze across the room looking at nothing in particular, focusing on the pulse of her blood, a sound he was familiar with. This flutter though. It was… different. Strangely enticing. Although he could not ascertain why. Somehow, each flutter called out to him, almost reaching out across the room to him, jolting him with electric sparks of… of what? And why did it matter?
Because all things Melinda Howard mattered. That’s why. And if she was ill, he needed to know. His ears tuned into her heart, his eyes closing, his mind sinking into each beat. Each pulse of blood.
Unconsciously, he licked his fangs.
What would she taste like?
He sucked in, eyes opening in disgust. A scowl engraving on his face.
This reaction displeased him immensely. It was not normal, appropriate, or acceptable behavior. Not for him.
It was too bad he needed to have a blood-empty stomach before drinking the potion. He’d have to wait thirty minutes before partaking of his typical breakfast of warmed, week-old animal blood. It hardly sounded appetizing compared to the lovely blood-filled creature standing just out of reach.
“William,” he barely heard Melinda call out. “Would you put this away for me? I can’t reach.” She outstretched her arm, holding a jar filled with herbs. She lifted her head when he did not reply, the jar slipping through fingers suddenly unable to maintain their grip.
William caught the jar with ease and spun around to put it away, too late to hide his mistake. He might have controlled his fangs and kept his distance, but his eyes had turned a ravenous black. Normally, being around humans was tolerable. He’d had hundreds of years of practice. This morning, however, was particularly difficult. Melinda’s blood had always smelled appealing. But this morning it was practically calling out to him. Drink me. I’m yours.
His hungry black eyes were something Melinda had witnessed before. She didn’t understand why it startled her so badly this time. Perhaps it was that she’d never been alone with him before when it had happened. She’d never had super sexed up dreams about him before, either.
Embarrassed by her reaction, she grabbed a few potion supplies and busied herself putting them away. She took a glance and noticed William’s typical emerald greens had replaced the greedy black.
God, I love his eyes. At forever thirty-one, the vampire’s smooth boyish face could not hide the old soul staring back at her. She let out an exasperated breath, wishing to forget every detail of all her William dreams. They would never come true anyway.
William was a vampire. She was a human. A witch, but still human. And William had a strict no-dating-humans policy.
As she cleaned up the potion-making mess, a young man entered the kitchen, at the same time running his gel covered hands through his spiky hair. He quickly regretted that choice thinking instead he needed to plug his nose. “Potion time again,” he realized, rinsing his fingers off in the sink.
“Good morning, Michael,” said the vampire to the young man, who was Melinda’s twenty-three-year-old brother. “The taste is as loathsome as the smell.” William made a face that said, be glad you’re not the one drinking it.
Michael was about to reply when a voice startled them from the hallway, behind them. “Good thing the potion’s worth the price, then.”
“Charlie!” Melinda raced past Michael and jumped into her eldest brother’s flannel covered arms. 
Charlie twirled his sister in a circle, hugging her fiercely. He was not just older than she and Michael, but much larger, too. A broad shouldered, rugged man of twenty-six.
“Hiya, Kiddo.”
“God, you reek!” she choked out sarcastically. “More so than the potion, and that’s not an easy feat!”
“That’s what happens when you take a three day fishing trip,” Charlie said, letting her slide back down to the floor. I had to come home before the full moon.” His words really meaning, if it wasn’t rising soon, I’d still be gone.
“Yeah, of course you would. It’s just nice to have you back in the house again.”
“Which just proves my point that you’re still not getting out enough, Sis.”
“Don’t start with me again about that. I’m getting out plenty. Remember that date I went on, like, a month ago...” her voice trailed off at the end, as she recalled the date had actually been over two months previous.
“My point exactly.” Charlie poked her side, affectionately.
Melinda had tried to forget that last date. It ended badly. Not that it had started all that great. But she’d given in and slept with the guy; he proceeded to finish, call her something along the lines of adorable and got dressed. She was pretty sure when he said adorable, he meant chubby. Which she wasn’t. Or maybe he’d meant, you gave it a good try. An A, for effort.
And yeah, she’d eaten too much during their date, but that was mostly because he never shut the hell up and gave her a chance to speak. So yes, her pooch was a little bigger than it might have been normally. But it was the way he’d spoken his goodbye, which happened just minutes after they’d finished. Like he’d done her some charitable favor by sleeping with her.
She’d left that part out when telling her brothers how the date went. The guy was a Jerkwad. Sex with the Jerkwad was empty. Meaningless. A complete waste of time. It hadn’t been satisfying in the least. But he’d gotten what he wanted. And she guessed, technically speaking, so did she. There was no longer the title virgin dangling over her head. Something that seemed important at the time, now, after her first time, not so much.
Of course, if her brothers or William had found out how badly things went, they’d probably have killed the guy. Or at the very least, injured him severely.
Charlie grabbed a mug of coffee and nodded toward his brother Michael, who refused to return the gesture. Charlie had hoped to avoid another argument so soon after arriving home.
As it turned out, Michael didn’t feel like arguing either. Meeting Emily for coffee,” he explained, promptly leaving.
Charlie shook his head, disappointed.
“Give him time,” the vampire advised kindly.
“Why does he have to be so damn stubborn?”
Melinda snorted. “Um, gee. Maybe because he’s a Howard.”
“Exactly. He is a Howard, and like it or not we have a responsibility to uphold.
“Michael gets that, Charlie,” Melinda cut him off before his rant continued. “He’s just not as accepting of his fate as we are,” she added dramatically. “He sort of has a point though. I mean, why should he be forced to spend his life protecting the Isle, just because he’s a Howard?”
“We don’t get to make that choice, Melinda.” Charlie stated it with finality. He glanced at the vampire, searching for approval, but William’s face showed no sign of his true feelings on the matter. Charlie had not thought it possible, but the vampire appeared distracted. When William didn’t answer he changed the subject.
“Thanks for making the potion for me, Sis. I left for my trip so fast I completely forgot about it.”
“No worries. You’ve had a lot on your mind. Besides, I’d do just about anything for My William.” She decided the best way to move past last night’s dream was to treat William as she always did.
The vampire breathed out testily. “Melinda, you must stop calling me that. It is not right. Not only am I nearly four-hundred-years-old, but until quite recently I was your legal guardian. Must I keep reminding you of this?”
“William,” she retorted innocently. “I’m twenty-one and you’re the only man I can flirt with in this testosterone filled house. Besides, you make it so easy. Have you looked at yourself lately? That’s right, you can’t. So I must take it upon myself to remind you how handsome a vampire you are.”
Yes, she thought. Ridiculously handsome. No, he was beyond handsome now, especially after last night. He’d gone straight from handsome vampire she had a crush on to forbidden fanged hotty in a matter of a single dream. She tapped her fingers on the counter as if this movement would somehow drown out the racing heartbeats thudding against her chest.
Apparently, forgetting about the dream was not going to be easy. And admitting how desperately she wanted the dream to be real, and knowing it could never happen, left her balancing on a precarious edge of never-going-to-have-this-itch-satisfied-ness.
And the truth was, William did have a reflection. But it wasn’t one his own eyes could see. A side effect of the potion he’d just downed. It made looking into glass, difficult. Things had a fuzzy appearance. One bad side effect that was worth the freedom the potion gave him.
William noted the change in her heart rhythms again but ignored it, tossing Charlie a look that pleaded for his agreement in the matter of her affections.
Maybe, Melinda, you would be better off saving your attention for someone your own age,” Charlie said, backing up the vampire. “And not to bring it back up again, but perhaps if you got out of the house more often…”
“Charlie, you’ve scared off all the guys I’ve dated!” Except for Jerkwad, which she’d done herself apparently, by just being her. And there had only been two other guys she’d dated before him. Three whole guys, twenty-one years old. So beyond pathetic. Melinda tensed. She had chosen Jerkwad, to give herself to. She was never going to forgive herself for that choice. But she hadn’t wanted to carry the label virgin anymore. How stupid that label seemed now. She still felt like a virgin. At least she hadn’t told Jerkwad, not that the fact redeemed her decision at all.
She pictured seeing Jerkwad’s face if she’d told him he was her first. Ugh. Thank God I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut. If not my legs.
She put her stubborn gaze back on. “Charlie, between you, Michael, and William, drilling my dates with questions no normal human would comprehend, it’s no wonder they never call back for second dates.” She lashed out, preferring to believe it was them and not her, driving her dates away. But how could it not be her? She just wasn’t dating material. Or perhaps the other two had just wanted what she’d given Jerkwad, and when she didn’t put out…
Dating sucks.
But she’d blame it on her brothers, just the same.
Charlie patted her shoulder. “I’m just looking out for you, Kiddo.”
“Well, you can’t have it both ways, she argued hotly. “If I leave the house and start dating more, you have to accept the guys I go out with. No more scaring them away.”
“Okay. You’re right. Why don’t you go out now? I can clean up this mess.”
Melinda shook her head, a hesitant tingle creeping into her gut, dousing the heat that the William dream had collected there. Talking about leaving was easy, but actually leaving the house was a much scarier thought. And going out with another guy she didn’t know well… disaster waiting to happen.
“I made the mess, I’ll clean it up. Besides, it’s sort of a badge of honor, first time making the potion for My William and all. I just hope I got it right.”
Charlie threw her a look that said, you’re making excuses, but let it slide as William dramatically rushed to the front kitchen window. He tore off his pullover revealing his chiseled hairless chest and flung open the curtains, the bright morning sunlight flooding the room, exposing him to potentially fatal rays.
Both Melinda and Charlie stood wide-eyed, waiting to smell smoke, or see flames erupt. Instead, William’s mouth turned into the slightest of smiles. 
“You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Melinda shouted. “What if the potion hadn’t worked?”
“There is only one way to find out if the potion did work.”
“But you could have tested it on a finger, not your entire body!” she protested.
“I have complete faith in you, Melinda. William pulled his shirt back over his head.
She made a face, knowing he was just trying to prove a point, by agreeing with Charlie. She was a bright, beautiful, and talented young woman who needed to find a life outside of the Howard Mansion. But they were the only ones who had such thoughts. A life outside the mansion was unpredictable, and too often laced with trouble. And only made Melinda wish she was safely locked in her bedroom. A hot bath, a glass of wine, and endless daydreaming was all she needed.
And dang it! William had just been standing in the kitchen, shirtless. And she’d been too stunned by his attempt at burning himself that she hadn’t even enjoyed his magnificently chiseled perfection. She shivered at the thought of his cold skin pressing against her own. The heat started pooling again.
Why did William have to be an off limit vampire?
Physically, he was the epitome of perfection, at least in her eyes. Tall. On the thin side but not wiry. A first glance wouldn’t tell you instantly that he was stronger than any human man. That awareness came from the confidence he exuded in every movement he made. The draw of his gaze, the pull of his smile, the very manner in which he carried himself just strutting down the sidewalk. All things, which depending on his mood, either blanketed you in complete security, or emitted predatory threats that warned, I wouldn’t walk down any dark alleys alone, if I were you.
More than all that, Melinda knew him. Trusted him. Hell, he was her best friend. Her confidant. Why couldn’t real life be as easy as her dream life? Or as steamy…
Melinda kept up her stubborn front. “You haven’t tested the potion completely, William. It’s the other function that’s the really tricky part.”
“I will be out taking a stroll if you need me,” the vampire responded tersely.
Melinda spoke quite seriously as he departed. “If anyone suddenly realizes you’re a vampire that has lived in this town for over a hundred years and hasn’t aged, come home at once and I’ll try again.”  
Getting the potion just right was usually Charlie’s job as he was the most practiced at making potions out of the three siblings. But after a heated argument with his brother, Michael, he had abruptly left for a fishing trip and had forgotten to make William’s masking potion. They always kept an emergency vial of it, just in case, but Melinda had wanted to try her hand at making it instead.
As long as made correctly, and taken every three months, the masking potion allowed William not only to walk in the daylight, but allowed him to live freely, leading an almost normal life.
The potion kept people in the town from realizing he did not age. They just knew him as William Wakefield, longtime friend to the Howard family; one of The Demon Isles founding families.
In addition, four years previously, William had temporarily, and unexpectedly, become guardian of the three siblings after their parents had mysteriously disappeared during a hunting trip into White Pines National Park. A place frequented by many tourists on the Isle. Not that the siblings needed a guardian seeing as Charlie was twenty-two at the time. But they had needed William, and he had been their parent’s longest and most trusted friend.
Some locals believed that their parents had befallen some terrible accident, the type usually associated with careless tourists who refused to heed repeated warnings. Like how one misstep on the rocky cliffs might send you plunging to your death, or how fast you could find yourself in trouble when the tide came in and suddenly you’re stuck on the one rock that’s just barely sticking out of the water, or worse, in a cave that now has no exit.
However, a handful of longtime locals were aware of the truth: that hunting meant their parents were searching for The Demon Isle’s magical power source. A source that to this day, had yet to be located; even by the many generations of Howards to have come and gone from the Isle. All the siblings were certain of, is that the search had claimed the lives of their parents, just as it had claimed the lives of numerous Howard Witches before them.
But it was this very power source that the Howard siblings also defended, often putting their own lives on the line to protect. It was what their family had always done: protect the source from being discovered and falling into the wrong hands.
Of equal importance were the incessant attempts by various supernatural beings that came to the Isle in hopes of drawing on that power, or overthrowing the Howards and claiming the Isle for themselves, therefore putting the locals and the tourists in constant danger.
Dangers that newer locals opted to ignore or pass off as strange, but somehow explainable, events. Many, of course, had no problem exploiting the Isle’s mystical draw, now making it a top vacation spot for fans of the supernatural and paranormal. This only complicated the lives of the siblings as these fans often got more trouble than they bargained for.
Charlie offered again to help clean up the kitchen.
“I can handle it,” Melinda said. “You should get unpacked, maybe take a shower.” She wrinkled her nose at his fishy stench.
“I should have been here to help you.” His voice held guilt as he grabbed half-filled vials and dried herbs, returning them to their cupboards. Melinda didn’t argue, she enjoyed her brother’s company.
“For your knowledge,” she explained after a bit, “I did get out while you were away. I went on a patrol with William.”
“That’s not getting out,” her brother argued.
“Is too.”
“We patrol at night. And patrolling is work.”
“Yes, but there’s sometimes still people around.”
“Work is not a life, Melinda. You need friends. You need to get out and have fun. What about the friends you used to go to school with?” Charlie asked. “That guy you went out with a few months ago?
Jerkwad, or guy before Jerkwad. “They’ve all moved away, gone to college,” she claimed quickly. “And what’s wrong with hanging out with my brothers? Or William? And there’s Emily.
Charlie snorted. “When she comes to the house to see Michael. I don’t want to push you, Melinda, but like you said earlier, you’re twenty-one. You should be out on the beach, partying, going on dates, and getting into trouble.” He thought about that for a minute. “Okay, make that partying lightly but you get what I mean.”
“I’m trying, Charlie.”
“I know, Kiddo.” He saw the uneasiness in her eyes. “Just keep taking little steps and even though we give you a hard time, screw us! Go have some fun.”
“Yeah, okay. Fun. It’s my top priority,” she forced, with fake enthusiasm.
Charlie didn’t push it further. Afraid if he did, the only place he’d find his sister is locked in her bedroom.

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