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Do you have an itchy one-click finger? I know that I do. I also love to read so much that I have multiple devices to do so. That way, when one's battery dies, I have another one ready to go. I also have a choice for reading inside or outside, plus reading children's books vs. young adult or adult books. I haven't yet bought a Kindle with my own money, nor have I paid cash for an ebook in a long time. How?

I enter a lot of giveaways. You can find the current giveaways for this blog under the tab above. I also do a lot of points sites. Many of these require little effort on my part. (Also note that there are other gift cards available on these sites, as well as a PayPal option!) Free free to join me by signing up with my links below! I get referral bonuses when you use my links. On some of these sites, if you use a referral code when you sign up, you will also get bonus points!

The original and the best site of them all. Win by doing your regular searches, watching videos, shopping, playing games, and so much more. With the mobile TV apps, I can earn a minimum 100 points a day. Just 450 SBs gets you a $5 gift card. Sign up here.
Perk is fun, because you can run PerkTV on up to five different devices at once. I run mine on a free phone that I got from Boost Mobile. You can also do searches and other tasks. Once you hit 5000 points, you can redeem for a $5 GC. Join through the link here.

Bing is fast and easy. All you have to do is search a topic. I always click on related searches until my daily limit is reached. You can get points both on your PC and on your mobile device. Once you hit Gold status, you can earn a $5 GC each month. It only takes a few minutes out of your day to do your daily tasks and adds up quickly. Join through the link here.

This site has one of the lowest redemption thresholds, with only 300 ZBs needed for a $3 Amazon GC. It's very similar to Swagbucks, in that you win by completing offers, watching TV, doing searches, and more. I can have some really big days here, just from clicking on videos. Join through my link here.

I do mostly just videos on InstaGC. There are also CPCs, where you get points to visit a website. They have a program you can download to your computer, called Sandboxie, that is supposed to protect your computer against malware, should you decide to do the download offers. People rack up crazy amounts of points here. Live chat between members and admins provides lots of useful information. The best part is as soon as you click on the redeem button, you are given your Amazon code. Only 100 points are needed for a $1 card. These also add up quickly! Join me here!

Earn points by searching, watching videos and TV and completing offers. My friends end up playing a lot of games, as well. Join me here.

Just like the others, you can win by completing offers, performing tasks, watching videos, and doing searches. Lately, I spend most of my time watching their videos. You can watch up to 3000 a day, which is enough for a $5 GC. Join me here.
Download apps and use them for a minimum amount of time to earn points toward all kinds of gift cards and PayPal. I also do these on my extra Boost phone. It supposedly can take a day or two for points to credit, but we have been lucky so far. Get someone to sign up under you and earn half of their points! Visit from your phone and then use referral code G8DZEK to earn some bonus points for yourself!

Earn mPoints from apps that you are probably already using. I stumbled upon this via my Weather Channel app and then Bills Mobile added it. I use both of these regularly, anyway. Now I can earn mPoints by playing Wheel of Fortune on my Kindle Fire! Many more are available. You also earn points by watching videos, taking one-question surveys, daily tweets, and checking into places. No referral code here. Just visit to see which apps you want to use!

How is there time for all of these?
You will have to play with each of the sites to see which ones work best for you. Only you can know what kind of time you can devote to each site and what you are comfortable doing for points. Each person is going to have a different experience. Some sites that are super profitable for my friends aren't quite as good for me, and vice versa. The sites also can go through phases. I will say that over the years, Swagbucks has been the best for me, but the others have also gone through their own bursts. Try the ones you like and happy point earning! Let me know how you're doing!

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