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Ash (The Dogs of War) by Meg Jackson

Ash (The Dogs of War)

From bestselling author Meg Jackson...

Ash is the President of the Dogs of War, but he's kept his past a secret from the rest of the town, even those closest to him. His family runs the North Carolina chapter of one of the most powerful motorcycle clubs in the south, The Southern Sons. He was next in line to take control of the club, but after his mother's death he wanted no part of the lifestyle that killed her. Now, he's in the exact position he'd tried to avoid. 

Cyn has finally gotten the courage to return to her hometown. With her sister turning tricks for the Devil's Due and her brother dead at their hands, she knows that she'll never find peace until she makes things right. She plans on getting her sister back from the Devil's Due's clutches, and finding some way to avenge her brother.

Their love, and the tension between the gangs, explode all at once.

Read an excerpt:
“Hold this,” she ordered, disappearing into the bathroom. When she returned, she was holding antibiotic cream. Slathering it onto her fingers, she lifted them to his cheek, where an open wound was leaking blood. Before she could make contact, though, he grabbed her wrist. Grabbed it too damn hard. Her eyes opened wide, fright and lust fighting inside her. The last time he'd grabbed her like that...

“Don't,” he growled, making eye contact with her for the first time. “Don't touch me.”

For a moment, Cyn was shocked into silence.

But only for a moment.


She demanded it, the question not really a question at all. She knew why. And ever since the day before, when he'd held her so damn tight and they'd remembered what had been between them, she couldn't forget.

The energy in his eyes now was equal to the energy he'd pummeled into her when he'd taken her virginity.


His voice, all grit and gravel, trailed off.

“Because you need me,” she hissed, moving her hand to his cut, the pain of the astringent hissing over his bare flesh. He still held her wrist, and now his grip tightened. 
“Yes,” he said, wrenching her hand around her back and lowering his face to hers. “But not in a good way, Cyn. You get it?”

His breath was hot on her face, against her lips, their mouths so close. Their eyes, open to each other, were power lines, everything flowing in between.

She would be his release. His outlet. She would take his rage, turn it into ecstasy.

She would do it because she needed it as much as he did.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A guy writing romance? Guest post by A.L. Awtrey, author of Letting Go


Today I would like to extend a warm welcome to author A.L. Awtrey, who happens to be a male writing romance. Here he talks a bit about what it was like to write this book.

A guy writing romance?

I usually get that response whenever I tell people what I write. I’m not the first guy to write romantic suspense, but it’s interesting to see the different reactions. Some of my buddies gave me a hard time when I announced Letting Go was coming out, but then a few of them read it. One good friend insists it’s just a thriller because he doesn’t like romances.

When I started writing fiction again a few years ago, I tried to write a story that had been simmering in my mind for a decade. My personal reading tastes go toward suspense and speculative fiction, and this story was set in a fantasy world where an empire was on the verge of collapse. I started writing it out, but it just didn’t work very well and I didn’t know why.

I asked for help from some online forums, but getting critiqued was brutal. I was paralyzed between my vision of the story and the advice from more experienced authors. In the end, I wasn’t willing to change the story enough to save it. One forum member suggested I change genres and practice storytelling with other stories I’d be more willing to change.

No one would read my bad fantasy novel, but I quickly discovered that many people would take a chance on stories in the romance and thriller genres. So I began to write scenes and vignettes to practice my storytelling skills in response to writing prompts. Before long, I had a novel length story drafted. Then I started another. Each story helped me focus on different aspects of storytelling.

While I worked on my skills, I began putting together my personal list of storytelling rules. Start with a good hook. Conflict is essential. Characters must feel real. Traditional story structures work. Writing is editing. When I started Letting Go, I knew I wanted to publish it and wrote it for that purpose.

To me, it’s not a romance or even a thriller. Those are artificial categories we invented to market books. Letting Go is a glimpse into the lives of people forming a new family. I wanted the characters to feel like they could live next door, with concerns that connected to our own. When the story was finished and edited, I considered it the best thing I’ve ever written.

So before anyone knocks a guy for writing romance, give the story a chance. The language might be a bit salty in places, because we all let it rip at times. The romantic tension is realistic and while it’s not overly explicit, there is a moment of physical intimacy that is necessary for the characters’ journey. In the end, my hope is that you’ll feel a strong connection to the characters of Alex and Molly. And if you like the story, I’ve got a sequel plotted out for a spring 2017 release.

Letting Go

Despite his wealth, Alex Thompson has been living in fear since his wife died in childbirth. A frivolous wrongful death lawsuit, harassing phone calls, and anonymous threats drive him and his five-year-old twins away from their home in Houston and into the crosshairs of a sniper.

Molly McDill is a struggling single mom who lives next door to Alex and his twins. When she helps them adjust to their new life in the country, she exposes herself and her son to the same threat that followed Alex.

An attempt on his life throws their lives into chaos, inviting more threats, public scrutiny, and Molly's ex-husband back into her life. The tension tests the attraction they feel toward each other as they struggle to keep life normal for their kids.

Alex still doesn't know who wants him dead but suspects his former in-laws. As the threats become a visceral danger, Alex and Molly race to uncover the secret that died with his wife before it costs them everything.

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About A.L. Awtrey

a_l_awtrey_authorAfter working more than twenty years as a technologist and scientist, Anthony started writing fiction again for the first time since college. Developing white paper studies and proposals for years provided a foundation in technical writing, but telling a compelling story was much harder than it appeared.

Four years of practice where he wrote eight novels and dozens of short stories improved his dialog, description, tension, and pacing. With his latest novel, Letting Go, Anthony is ready to release it under his own name. He’s a member of the Central Florida Chapter of the Romance Writers of America and Florida Writers Association.

When he’s not writing, Anthony is the CTO of a technology consultancy and a professional singer.

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Belonging to Him by Lucie Babikian

Belonging to Him

A dark past haunts Bella Valenti and she vows never to open herself to a man again. When she meets billionaire playboy Lorenzo Moretti at a Rome nightclub, she wants nothing more than to escape his magnetism and the vulnerability his presence arouses. Still, the passion between them can’t be denied, and their first date is electric. She knows his reputation -- this will not last. Lorenzo, for his part, finds himself surprisingly intrigued by the puzzle that is Bella. He whisks Bella off to Monaco, where they succumb to their desires. But Bella’s past catches up with her and Lorenzo steps in at the right moment to protect her. He demands to know what happened to her in the past, but Bella, worried he will judge her, at first refuses to tell him. It is only after another night of sensual lovemaking, that they both realize that something deep is happening between them, and Bella takes a chance and opens up. As their love deepens, what neither of them realize is that soon Bella’s dangerous history will no longer remain in the past, and will threaten Bella’s safety, their love, and in the end, both of their lives. Will Lorenzo be able to save her in time? Will they both live through it?

About Lucie Babikian

Lucie Babikian is Armenian, she lived in three different countries in the Middle East and now resides in Jakarta with her husband and three children. She travels all around the world with her family, and she loves it.

Her passion was always for the English language, and once the eBook stores were available worldwide, Lucie had access to so many books, it was then she discovered erotic romance. It became her first choice in picking her reads; and that is when her writing style changed and she was inspired to write her first erotic romance: Belonging To Him. Finding support in her community is very hard, but this was no longer a problem when everything became available online and she was able to share the stories in her head with the world, she became a member of RWA as well. Being free to write what she's passionate about and know that out there, there are people who share her passion is amazing.

twitter @luciebabikian
instagram @luciebauthor
facebook page Lucie Babikian

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Postcard Angel: An Innocent Girl Becomes the World's First Pin-Up by Neil Mach

Postcard Angel

Set in 1917 this sexy novel follows a young woman who is drawn into the world of erotic postcard modeling. At the London photographic studios she discover's her sexuality and becomes the sweetheart of the trenches. She also uncovers shady deals, deceitful characters and a world filled with danger.

About Neil Mach

Neil Mach was born and raised in Surrey, England.

With a career spanning 30 years working in the public sector and more recently as a popular music journalist, Neil is a reliable guide to what is going on in the music business. As an author he concentrates on comedy + literary humor. Neil enjoys telling his stories from the heart. Light & cheerful tales often focused on relationships, loyalty & duty.

He lives with his wife Sue and their blue cat Leo in a small bungalow on the river bank near Windsor Castle.

He has two daughters, Tanna and Perdie.

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FREE 11/16 Bait Boxed Set by Colleen Charles

Bait (Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Discover this #1 HOT alpha billionaire romance with #1 bonus book included for FREE for a limited time!

Sexy East Coast playboy, Nolan Banks, is disturbing my perfectly buttoned-up life. He sleeps with celebrities, jets around the globe and thumbs his nose at the tabloids.

And every time he gets drunk and photographed with some random harlot claiming she's pregnant with his love child, I get the call.

Clean it up, Charlie.

Nolan's mess.

You see, I'm Charlene de Monaco, Nolan's corporate attorney.

Then he went and did it. Something so outrageous his daddy can't buy him out of it. I can't even lawyer him out of it. His only hope for redemption is pretending to straighten up and fly right. To act like he's in love with one woman. Committed. Monogamous.

It's a solid strategy.

Except for one fatal flaw.

He picks me.

This alpha billionaire romance is intended for mature readers 18+. 

Always FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Colleen Charles Bio

Two truths, one lie is one of my favorite games. It's so much fun! No really ... let's play. I'll go first:

1) I once sang the national anthem for college basketball.

2) I've been hit on by Bill Cosby.

3) My horse won an Arabian National Championship.

I answer all e-mails personally so contact me at the address below and we'll see if you're right ;). Then, you can test my skills.

In the meantime, I'll be writing stories with sassy, curvy heroines and swoon worthy bad-boy book boyfriends who have an a**hole edge and hearts of gold. I might sprinkle in some romantic comedy along the way. By my side will be my fur posse and a Starbucks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, enjoying and recommending the steamy romance stories stories that I write. When you share my work with others, it's so rewarding. Your word of mouth is my very best friend ... that, and your reviews. There is nothing more important to me than all of you.

I love to hear from my readers and answer all communications personally. You can find me at: - FREE FULL-LENGTH EXCLUSIVE NOVEL for new subscribers

Colleen Charles is the #1 author of thirteen #1 best selling steamy romance books on Amazon. She specializes in ice hockey romance, second chance romance and curvy girl romance. Her books feature alpha male bad-boys, are written in a series and are not intended for readers under 18.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chasing Their Losses by Lucia Sinn FREE 11/12-11/13

Chasing Their Losses

At 31, Cara Mackenzie is back home after a divorce, beginning a new career as nutrition director of Sycamore hospital, and in a blossoming romance with the ruggedly handsome Dr. John Drakos. Then her wealthy former lover asks her to help his diabetic child, and she’s drawn into a dangerous web of dirty secrets and missing children.

Despite her misgivings, Cara soon finds herself pulled back into Tony Cabella’s life. But a lunch date with his children turns into a nightmare when Tony’s stepson vanishes, and his new wife holds Cara responsible. As the mystery surrounding the boy’s kidnapping heightens, unanswered questions point toward a conspiracy. Who shot Tony when he and Cara met in secret, and why is he refusing to call the police? Why didn’t John Drakos tell Cara he’d followed her to the restaurant that fateful day? Cara’s suspicions send her on a perilous journey that will nearly destroy her.

CHASING THEIR LOSSES is a shocking, keep-you-up-all-night thriller about the haunting power of first love. As tragic events spin out of control, the heart thumping suspense builds, with twists and turns that take you from the lush farmland and sparkling waterfalls of Indiana to the vast, lawless sand dunes and nude beaches of South Padre Island, Texas.

About Lucia Sinn

Lucia Sinn was the Director of Nutrition Services at an acute care hospital for over twenty years. Her short stories have appeared in "The Journal of Kentucky Studies," and "Talking River" literary journals. Lucia published her first novel, Take The Money; Romantic Suspense in Costa Rica, in 2014. She and her husband live in a century old farmhouse in Indiana, and spend winters on South Padre Island, Texas.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Zombies Don't Cry by Matthew Pierce

Zombies Don't Cry

Ray is the head of the Zombies, one of the most notorious biker gangs in California. As they head out to the woods for a night of drugs and sex, he gets high enough to be coerced by his occult loving girlfriend to commit suicide...after she assures them they will return as a members of the undead. In his drug haze, they follow a satanic ritual and achieve success...much to the dismay of their fellow bikers...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Slow Burn by Jolene Wolfe FREE 11/5-11/9

Slow Burn

When Caitlyn's job leads her to the local fire station, she is propelled into a world of action and adrenaline. Not to mention, the irresistible firefighter, Dash. Choosing between a dream job and a devastatingly handsome firefighter leads her down a path of no return.
FREE 11.5 - 11.9

*Can also be read as a stand alone novel.*
**Warning: contains graphic sexual content**