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'The Plastic Face (The Solomon Sister)' by JESSie NW Christmas Sale!

The bar is set high, the load hard to carry. Paralyzed at the chore of being a good example for her younger siblings, Jessica cringes at her sordid life. On the surface her strength, success and wisdom are always aglow, but she knows what lies beneath it all. Will they still love and respect her once they know the truth? Can she count on their support through the upcoming trauma? Life is beautiful because they care for each other, until… there is always that “UNTIL”!

About the author:

A precocious child from birth, who rolled over at three months, walked at seven months, talked at 11 months; graduated with honors from high school at 16 and always knew what she did and did not want, whether she got it or not. It is no wonder that JESSie, who is an avid reader and pacesetter, began her writing career while in a mid-life crisis. Although she earned an AA in Fashion Design and a BA in Business Administration concentrating in Computer Technology, she has always made her own way, not asking anyone else to endorse her choices, but ever ready to be an endorser and supporter of others. You can follow her in real life through one of these venues:

JESSie's Desk



Facebook Jessie NW



As the first born of three girls, JESSie has exampled independence, compassion, teamwork, sportsmanship, and citizenship to her siblings and friends. She has not always been a saint, but she has sought to become one in the last few years; and although her works intertwine bits of sensual, suggestive encounters it is her way of debriefing her thoughts during this spiritual transition.

JESSie has vocationally tried her hand at many things, which include, but is not limited to Head Hunting; Telecommunications, Project Management, Program Management and finally a Supervisor for Homeland Security, yet none has equaled the enjoyment and sense of fulfillment writing brings. She is generous to a fault, subtle, energetic, pointed, deep thinking, funny, sarcastic, and a lover of games. All of which is seen in her writing style and her approach to characters' development. Her wit and charm will entice you to read further into the adventures, which envelope her characters and will seduce your senses and challenge your intelligence. You will not readily put down any of her books but will rather develop a taste for the sensuous, delightful and sublime.

She is a name to be remembered, a force with which to be reckoned, a new kid on the block with stories that will move you for a lifetime!

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'The Other Woman' by Eve Rabi

Genre: Women’s Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Thrillers, chic lit

Question: A seductress steals your husband, rips apart your family and shatters your dreams. You:
a) Wish them luck and walk away with your head held high (because that’s what society expects you to do)?
b) Quietly seethe but accept that there is just nothing you can do about it (because it easier for everyone if you do)?
c) Dig up dirt on the b1tch (because someone like her would undoubtedly have dirt), use it to sabotage their relationship, then sit back with a glass of Pinot Grigio and a smile and watch the show?
Answer: C.
Oh, totally C.


Meet Scarlett Smyth. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a rocking body and has an above average IQ. She brags that she can ensnare any husband or taken male, and …she often does. She also is ambitious and has a penchant for anything expensive. 

When the shrewd and ambitious temptress lays eyes on Bradley Murdoch, she believes she has found her dream man and a ticket to the high life she’s entitled to. There are just two problems:
1) Bradley is married to Rival. Happily at that.
2) They have children. Adorable little girls.
Do those facts deter Scarlett in any way? No, not at all. She is determined to steal Bradley, smoothly replace Rival in his life and show him how to really live life. 

In a calculating move, the seductress (she is so good at seduction, she is even penning a book on it) befriends the quiet and unassuming Rival and seduces Bradley. 

There’s more: To expedite things, Scarlett engineers a way to wipe Rival out of the picture and sends her away on a “vacation”. 

But Scarlett may have underestimated her opponent. When Rival realizes the extent of the betrayal, she decides, even though she lacks Scarlett’s genius IQ, not to turn the other cheek. In fact, she is determined to win back her husband, believing that he is a good man who is simply mistaking lust for love. She believes that someone like Scarlett has to have skeletons in her cupboards and she begins to snoop around. 

What Rival doesn’t understand is: no one crosses Scarlett and gets away with it. 

As a result, the betrayed wife and the other woman collide and results in this romantic, suspense-filled thriller.

Available on Amazon

“I could not put this book down, I finished it at 2:30 in the morning and I had to get up for work @ 6:30. However, it was worth every yawn. Read it and you will see why.” 
“This book seriously needs to be read! It will captivate you, suck you in and chew you up.”

“I waited for this book and it was so worth the wait. Nothing like I have ever read before. It was a riveting story of love and lust.”

"The Other Woman captivated me. Rabi really comes into her own as a writer of entertaining and stinging dialogue, not to mention the scintillating love scenes. This has just the right balance of wit, action, drama, revenge, and lust.”

“I never left my seat, from start until finish. I kept looking at the percentage amount left to read, and feeling disappointed it was soon to be over...I just wanted it to go on forever.”

Eve Rabi Bio:

Eve Rabi is the author of 26 romantic crime novels. She lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South Africa. If you enjoy contemporary romance laced with crime, nail-biting high dramas with exciting twists and turns, angsty stories that leave you speechless, then you will enjoy Eve Rabi's books. When you pick up an Eve Rabi book, be prepared to gasp with shock, laugh out loud and to cry your eyes out while falling in love. To quote an Amazon reviewer, “Eve Rabi is not afraid to go there. I like that in an author.”

Stalk Eve Rabi and follow her blog for four free books:

#99cent sale! 'My Hot Vacation: Four Steamy Escapes' by Cora West


Make a steamy escape...

with this short story collection featuring women traveling to hot locales, finding surprises and unexpected awakenings.

The stories:

My Pirate

Sexy pirates in modern-day Miami? When Nicole's pleasure cruise is taken over by hungry, lusty buccaneers, she's confused and a little afraid... until she notices that her best friend seems to be in on the game. Will she play along when the pirates force her into the role of wench and expect her to satisfy their every need?

Our Anniversary

Victoria is celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary in Maui when her husband proposes they explore their hidden fantasies. She's shocked when he tells her he wants to see her with another man. She admits that she sometimes fantasizes about being an exhibitionist. Add in one sexy, skimpy white dress and a few Mai Tais, and who knows what will happen…

My Colleague

Lindsay is only in Las Vegas because of work obligations. To her, the city is fake and annoying, and when she meets her new colleague, Janson, she immediately thinks the same of him. But when he invites her to his room for a decadent dinner, she can't ignore the spark of attraction she's feeling. When things heat up and Janson suggests a game of strip poker, will Lindsay succumb to his charms?

My Christmas Surprise

Her coldest Christmas ever is about to turn blazing hot. Shannon's holiday season is going from bad to worse. Her marriage has broken up ... her kids are spending Christmas with her ex ... and bad weather and flight delays have botched a beach getaway with her best friend.

She's all alone ... except for the sexy man she just met on the plane.

As a newly single mom, Shannon isn't looking for love, or even a fling--but Mike has other ideas. Will she do the sensible thing and tell him goodbye ... or will she let him melt her reserve, along with every inch of her body?

Each story in this collection stands alone, with no cliffhangers, and happy endings for all. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature themes and explicit content.

Read an excerpt:

An excerpt from
My Christmas Surprise
by Cora West

We took the elevator, still laughing and talking, and I caught myself smiling at other guests. I was amazed at how my mood had completely turned around from the bleak outlook I’d had this morning.
At my room, Mike stayed just inside the doorway while I put the cookies on the dresser and changed my shoes. When I said I was ready to go, he didn’t turn to leave. 
I tried to reach for the door handle but he was standing still, blocking my way, and he was looking toward the ceiling. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m looking at the mistletoe,” he said.
“What?” I was right next to him, and I looked up to see what he was seeing. “There’s no—“ Just as I started to speak my confusion, I felt his arm wrap around me, and that same wave of comfort that I’d felt in the lobby washed over me again. I knew I’d decided I only wanted to be friends with him, but why did this feel so right? 
He was looking down at me, waiting for me to look back at him. “Can we pretend there’s mistletoe?” he asked in a husky voice that made me forget all about the beach.
I hadn’t kissed anyone romantically since my husband, and I hadn't thought I'd been missing it. But being in Mike's embrace felt so right and his sexy smile was so inviting. Suddenly any reservations I may have had earlier were nowhere to be seen. 
I looked deep into his eyes — they were more gold than green today — and without answering I stretched up and brought my lips to his. He returned my kiss immediately, but he was so gentle. His lips were soft and warm and perfect, and I felt those tingly first kiss thrills that I didn’t expect and wouldn’t have even imagined I’d ever have again. The excitement of having just met him and of not knowing what would happen next made me feel things I remembered feeling when I’d first dated Jason, and it was such a lovely surprise to experience those sensations again, after so many years.
Mike’s arm tightened around my waist and he tenderly rubbed my back as our kiss lengthened. He wrapped his other arm around me and I brought my hands up to his face, eager to touch him and wanting desperately to stay connected to him.
As our kiss deepened I felt his tongue brush mine and a broad swell of desire took me by surprise. It was then that I fully realized that I wanted him. I wanted more than this kiss.
As if sensing my thoughts, Mike turned me so that my back was against the door and he held me there, his body pressing into mine as we explored each other, hands running through hair, fingers touching faces, cheeks, lips.
Our breathing became ragged and heat raced from my belly down between my legs, where I was now wholly aware of Mike’s pelvis pressed up against mine. I felt his desire and I moaned against his mouth.
“We’re not going for a walk, are we?” he said as he laid a line of kisses down the side of my neck.
I let my head fall to the side, feeling his mouth light my skin on fire, then I pushed away from the door and pulled him back into the room. “No, but you’re still going to get some exercise.”
I saw the smile in his eyes as he went in for another kiss, and we half stepped, half stumbled, bodies joined together, as we made our way toward my bed.
My blankets were in disarray from the pity wallowing I’d done this morning, just a few hours ago. I couldn’t believe I was returning now and bringing a man with me to this bed, with feelings a million miles away from pity.
Desire and disbelief were leading my emotions, and when I looked at Mike as we stood right next to the bed as if standing together on the top of a cliff deciding whether to jump, I saw those same things reflected on his face.
He pulled away, just a small amount. “It feels important for me to tell you that I didn’t come over here with this in mind,” he said. “I want this, but only if you want this.”
This was my chance to come to my senses, to return to my plan of not leading him on, but I was too far gone.
“I want this,” I said, and I pulled us down together, off the cliff and into the beautiful unknown.


Cora West lives in the U.S. desert southwest where she half-heartedly fights an addiction to sweet iced coffee. She's been reading short, steamy fiction for all of her adult life, and when she realized she was making up new stories in her head, she decided to start writing them down.




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#99cent #Christmas Sale 'Unlimited 2 (Menage 10 Stories)'


Each book in this menage bundle features women being taken hard and fast by alpha males, billionaires, cops, gym teachers, even movie producers. As couple, threesome or foursome.

These hot men are irresistible and love to get down and dirty. They take what they want, no matter how wrong or taboo it is. Look forward to powerful men who are big in every way.

From actresses, hot wives and secretaries to virgins, this menage collection has it all.

1.Sarah - The Boss's New Secretary
Erotic Office Romance with First Time Spanking and Menage

2. The Producer
Young Actresses Willing To Do Anything To Please The Boss

3. Dirty, dirty Cop
Violating duties as Husband, Stepfather, Partner and Friend

4. A Billion Reasons
Lover or Wife? A Young Woman's Quest Submission - Domination

5. Private Lessons
Sweet Revenge for A Threesome to Riches

6. Friends with Benefits
Sexy time Alone, in Pairs as Threesome and Foursome

7. The Job Interview
Sexy Secretary Office Romance Erotica Interracial Menage

8.Menage Erotica: A Weekend to Remember
Friends with Benefits and Sex in Public with Threesome

9. Changed by Stepdad
Steamy Taboo Erotica First Time Sex Virgin

10.Erotica Step Menage
Taboo Stepdaddy Menage with Virgin and Stepbrother

11.Menage Used
Revenge Threesome with Billionaire MFM Menage


Elle lives in California, close to the southern border and loves to let her mind run wild. Her erotic encounters have helped shape her into the woman she is today. She loves meeting with friends, back yard BBQs, traveling and telling naughty stories.

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'Be Mine This Christmas (Lovers in London)' by Mary Lynn Cooper

Meet Darcey Vaughn--no husband, no children and no proper job, the female version of her generation’s Peter Pan. At thirty, Darcey has a dead end job and her last boyfriend left her for a Russian Barbie doll. But despite her romance and career woes, she’s honest, holds on to an irrepressible spirit and is one very loyal friend.

And things are about to change for Miss Vaughn. Weeks before Christmas, Darcey finds herself caught up in a love triangle of a lifetime involving, not just one but, three handsome gentlemen.

Meet Dimitri, the hot Greek superhero with all the right trimmings. But there’s something elusive about her neighborhood Superman. Is he the one she’s been waiting for? Will he prove that love is better with the boy-next-door? Or perhaps she wasn’t cut to be his Lois Lane?

Then there’s Nicholas, a sexy chef who happens to be second in line to an Earldom. He’s charming and can whip up a mean soufflĂ©, except he has list of girlfriends as long as our heroine’s list of angst. With him showing her attention, can love be on the menu? Or is friendship the only thing they’re having for afternoon tea?

And of course let’s not forget about Nathan, handsome with eyes that peer into your soul. He’s charismatic and a successful executive who spills coffee on Darcey while insulting her at their very first meeting. Will their meet-cute sizzle into a deep romance? Or is theirs an alliance that will lead to a broken heart this Christmas?

With Christmas coming up, and with the help of Santa and mistletoe, find out if Darcey will get her wish. Is she naughty or nice? Will she find herself all grown up with a dream job and the man of her dreams? Who will wrap Darcey in his arms this Christmas and utter the words ‘Be mine this Christmas’?

This book will have you rooting for the right hero while whisking you away to the most romantic places in London. From five-star hotels that serve delicate fashion-inspired afternoon teas to charming soirees in the quaint English countryside, you'll fall in love this Christmas while taking a trip with Darcey around the most artistic and historic city in the world!

Rave reviews!
"A magical Christmas romance that will tickle your heart!"
- Romance Readers of the West Coast 
"Simply delicious!"
- Pink My Romance

Author bio: 

Mary Lynn Cooper was raised in Los Angeles and now calls London her second home. She loves horses, afternoon teas, travelling, funny men and, of course, romance novels.

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#Sale! 'Shifter Romance Aflame Collection' 36 book collection from Melissa F. Hart

36 hot shifter paranormal romance books for one great price. Indulge yourself with stories of werewolf and shifter romance.

Broken Wheel Wolves: Boxed Set (The Complete Collection, Books 1-6)

Wolf Problem
Vanishing in Plain Sight
Luck of the Irish
Cry Wolf
Lost and Not Found
Means, Motive and Opportunity

Phases of Passion: Boxed Set (The Complete Collection, Book 1-6)

New Moon
Crescent Moon
Full Moon
New Beginning
Birth Right
Let's Make a Pack

Wolf Tainted Union: The Complete Collection – 6-Book Bundle (Books 1-6)

By the Light of the Moon
The Witching Hour
A Brewing Storm
Forgotten Faces Ignite New Places
The Battle for Blood

Willow Run: Boxed Set (Books 1-6)

Welcome to the Kingdom
About Face
Catch as Catch Can
Life Lessons
Party Animals
Time to Change
Hunting Hearts: Boxed Set (The Complete Collection, Books 1-6)

The Book of Unbound Chains
Dreams of a Restless Sleep
The Wolf Released
My Only Safe Place
To Soar with Eagles
Love at the End of the World

Lynxar Series: Boxed Set (Books 14-19)

Eye of the Beholder
Scars of my Past
Glory in Victory
The Storm to Come
World at War
A Heart that Beats Only for You


Adults 18+ Only

Author Bio:

I started writing romance fiction since I was 16 years old. I'm now a published writer thanks to the wonderful world of ebooks.

I live in Canada and I love the winter months. As you can see, I wrote several books related to the winter holidays.

I'm not represented by an agent and I'm a proud indie. I have learned how to create websites and edit images, design book covers, etc. All my books and what you see on this website I have created myself.

I'm currently a certified accountant but my dream is to be a full-time independent writer of hot erotic romance books.

Please visit my website:

'Stripped (Travesty Book 2)' by Piper Lawson

"I've been in New York four weeks. I'm behind on the spring line, days from homeless, and getting sued by the only person in the whole damn city who's seen me naked."

Ava Cameron has stars in her eyes. When the feisty designer moves to NYC after graduation with her best friend, things are finally clicking into place.

But now their brand new label, Travesty, is under attack. The man leading the charge is the hottest hookup Ava ever had. One she never wanted to see again...

Nate Townsend might be from the right schools, the right neighborhood and the right family. But under the surface, his scars run deep.

When the society prince and the loud designer come face to face on a case that could decide Ava's future, sparks fly. Nate's not about to let Ava forget she's the only person who knows his secrets. And Ava's walking the line between getting Travesty back on track and being dragged into the gutter by one stubborn young lawyer planning to take her down.

If Nate Townsend didn't make the gutter look so damn good...

Stripped is a standalone with an HEA. If you wanna read Travesty, the reading order is: 

1. Schooled
2. Stripped 

This book has some seriously steamy scenes and F-bombs. It's intended for mature audiences. Alright, I warned ya!

Read an excerpt:
I stretched forward an inch, breathing him in, then carefully touched my mouth to the corner of his. Any doubt about whether I was crossing a line evaporated as I felt his morning stubble under my lips. I’d crossed the line all right. Ran over it, naked, carrying flaming batons. 
Guiltily, I tried to pull back.

The fingers at my hip slid further under the waistband of my pants, holding me in place.

We weren’t just close, I realized too late. We were really close. My nipples were tight from rubbing against his chest through the thin Tshirt. The hardness of his body made me intimately aware of the softness of mine. His strong thigh slung over my hip held me down. At least he wasn’t— 
“Did you just kiss me?” Nate’s voice was a sleepy groan.

Oh shit.

Why couldn’t I resist doing something impulsive for once? 
“I—” I cleared my throat. “I didn’t know you were awake.”

His lashes raised enough that I saw slivers of blue beneath them. “I wasn’t. Some things are worth waking up for.” Nate muttered something I couldn’t understand, but didn’t release his hold. The hand on my lower back kept me against him, and the tighter he held me, the more I wanted to squirm. Squirming just made me rub against him more. It was torture. 
Before I could say another word, think about what I could’ve or should’ve or would’ve done, I was on my back.

The air was squeezed from my lungs as Nate’s body pressed into me. I felt each part in turn. His hands pinning my wrists above my head. His chest resting squarely on mine. His hips and the awareness between his legs.

“What the hell, Nate?” My heart thumped wildly in my chest. 
“Don’t tease me, Ava. If you’re going to kiss me, do it right. If you’re not …” He trailed off. His thumb stroked my wrist without releasing my hands. He must’ve felt my pulse explode. 
His gaze moved between my eyes and my mouth. A dare.

I wanted his mouth on mine. There was no question. But … 
I bit my lip.

He groaned. The sound went straight to my core, where I was already wet from pressing against him. “Every inch of you is telling me to take you right here,” he muttered. “The couch may not remember what we did here last year, but I sure as hell can’t get it out of my head.” 
There wasn’t enough oxygen in the room. There wasn’t enough oxygen on the planet for the way he was making me feel with his mouth and his hands and his … Nate-ness.

“I should go,” I managed. As if saying the words could make me move toward the door. 
“Don’t.” His hoarse voice was a command and a plea. 
Before I could raise myself up, Nate’s mouth crashed onto mine.

His tongue pressed at the seam of my lips and they opened for him, wantonly. 
Yes. As much as I was terrified to admit it, this was what I wanted. Not stolen, half-asleep kisses. This. Him on me, over me, showing me. 
It felt like he was desperate to prove this was what we both needed. He lowered himself to one elbow, releasing my wrists so his hand slid down to fist in my hair. He tugged on the strands, tilting my head back to give him better access. 
I was drowning in an ocean of sensation. My resistance was burned away by his touch, and my fingers crept under his Tshirt. A whimper escaped me. Nate nipped at my bottom lip, sending shockwaves through my skin. I grazed my nails across his lower back, which made him flex his hips into me.

Nate dragged his hungry mouth down, running hot kisses along my jaw and up to my ear. Catching my earlobe in his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. Sucking it. I arched against him on a moan they probably heard in Brooklyn. 
Somehow it felt better than last year. Because I knew him now, or thought I did. And I wanted to let him in. Let him everywhere.

Author bio

I love reading and writing stories about sassy, sexy, smart girls and the guys who fall hard for them. My main household expenditures include books, shoes, and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. Coffee = life (and I’ll defend it accordingly, especially when cornered). I have two business degrees, neither of which I’ve managed to turn into a fashion label (boo).

Home is Canada plus sunny winter escapes. Feel free to stalk me @piperjlawson,, or write to me at piperjlawson(at) Hearing from you would make my day (for real – I’m not just saying that.)!

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#Sale! 'The Complete Holiday Romance Collection' 18 books by Melissa F. Hart

Contains six full trilogies (18 books) of erotic holiday romance.


You Can’t Have But One Man
Buried In the Snow - Volume 1
Winter or Spring - Volume 2
The Decision - Volume 3

Smokey Mountains trilogy
Lost in the Woods - Volume 1
New Year Wish - Volume 2
Be Mine - Volume 3

Deceitful Appearances
Holiday Interlude - Volume 1
Getting Over Him - Volume 2
Returning Home - Volume 3

Season of desire
A Husband for Christmas - Volume 1
New Year Surprise - Volume 2
Winter Passion - Volume 3 

A Big Country Lodge Story
Out of Bounds - Volume 1
Strictly Business - Volume 2
Unfriendly Rivalry - Volume 3

When Naughty Becomes So Nice
Christmas Choices - Volume 1
Wrapped Up with Ribbons - Volume 2
A Fresh New Year - Volume 3

Author Bio:

I started writing romance fiction since I was 16 years old. I'm now a published writer thanks to the wonderful world of ebooks.

I live in Canada and I love the winter months. As you can see, I wrote several books related to the winter holidays.

I'm not represented by an agent and I'm a proud indie. I have learned how to create websites and edit images, design book covers, etc. All my books and what you see on this website I have created myself.

I'm currently a certified accountant but my dream is to be a full-time independent writer of hot erotic romance books.

Please visit my website:

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'His Heart For Her' by Amanda Svenson

His HEART For Her -

A Billionaire Erotic Novels, Billionaire Pregnancy Romance, Billionaire Marriage
"........He could even smell the scent of her perfume as he walked closer to her.  
Hudson took step after step trying to get closer to her, but she kept getting farther away.  
It was the same every damn time. The same nightmare had followed him for years........"

About the author:

Amanda Svenson is a freelance writer, romance novels and children's ebook author. She writes for many online publications. Her latest books are "The Haunted House" - Kids Mystery Book and "His Heart For Her" - Erotic and Mystery Romance about love, passion and feelings.

Visit her on Amazon.

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#99cents! 'A Paris Christmas' by Cynthia Gail

a paris christmas banner

AParisChristmas Billionaire Nicholas Adrien Rousseau works seven days a week. He lives on a schedule, doesn’t like surprises, plans his days, and outlines his goals. Until an irresistible blonde slides into the backseat of his Mercedes, mistaking him for the driver of the car service provided by his company, Bridal Bliss.

Bella Rose is late for the airport. The opportunity to turn Creative Couture into an International marketing firm is a dream come true, but if she doesn’t catch the last flight home to the states, she’ll miss Christmas Eve with her family.

Two strangers with an attraction that could melt an iceberg, are stranded in the heart of Paris, the city of light and love. When Bella throws caution to the wind, deciding to accept the spontaneity life has thrown her and enjoy the journey, she never imagines it will lead to the man of her dreams. Adrien realizes too late that by hiding his identity, he could lose the one woman who loves the man and not the money.

Buy on Amazon for $.99


About the author:

My husband and I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with our three dogs. When I'm not working or writing, I can be found with family and friends. I love to bake in the winter, grill in the summer, and on occasion, I sneak away from everyone and curl up with a good book.




Goodreads - Amazon Author Central

Enter to win 2 ebook copies of Winter’s Magic and book #1 in the Music City Hearts series 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

'Snowflakes Exes & Ohs' by Melanie James

With two men vying for her affection, Abbie's heart is torn between the two. One has always been there for her, no matter what. The other left when she needed him the most.

Buy links
Amazon / iTunes / Kobo

Bestselling author, Melanie James spent 14 years as an IT systems administrator before tiring of the hustle and bustle of the technology world. She's doing what she loves, by writing steamy paranormal, contemporary, and romantic comedy books. Melanie has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Leadership and Development, with a minor in Women's Studies. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Adult Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Melanie is married to a wonderful man who supports her dreams and goals. She has two children, three step-children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and an adorable grand-baby.

Sign up for news and updates from Melanie. All you have to do is copy the link below and paste it into your browser!

Ways to follow Melanie on Social Media

Visit Melanie's webpage to find the latest information on books, merchandise, and giveaways!

Get a full listing of her books on Amazon!

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Read an excerpt from the #FREE read 'Her Heart for the Asking' by Lisa Mondello


Promises made...secrets kept...

Mandy Morgan swore she’d never step foot in Texas again after Beau Gentry left her for life on the rodeo circuit eight years before. He once promised he'd love her forever. But he'd abandoned their love for the rodeo and she hadn't seen him since. Now she's back in Texas. Her uncle’s heart is failing and Mandy has to convince him that surgery will save his life. She never dreamed the first thing she’d see when she stepped off the plane would be her biggest nightmare...the one man she’d never stopped loving.

Beau Gentry had the fever for two things: the rodeo and Mandy Morgan. But for Beau, loving Mandy was complicated by his father’s vendetta against her uncle and a promise he'd made to an old friend. Hank Promise, Mandy's uncle, was more like a father to Beau than his old man had been. The hardest thing Beau had ever done was leave Mandy behind for the rodeo. He can still see the bitterness and hurt on her face. It has killed him all these years to think Mandy had forgotten him...maybe even in the arms of another man. But now they’re both back in Texas, and Beau's going to do all he can to win back her love.

Read an excerpt:

"What are you doing here?" Mandy Morgan asked, dropping her too-heavy overnight case on the sun-roasted tarmac. After a grueling forty-eight hour work stint and a five-hour flight from Philadelphia, she stood wilting under the brutal Texas sun, facing her biggest nightmare.
Beau Gentry.
She groaned inwardly, drinking Beau in with her eyes as if she hadn't had a drop of water in months. Eight years was more like it. If she were eight years smarter, she would be moving her aching feet as fast as she could in the opposite direction. But all she could do was stare at eyes so bright they rivaled the blazing sun. At lips so kissable she'd spent the better part of her adult life trying to wipe the memory clean from her mind.
She had expected Beau would have aged some. When she allowed herself to think about him at all, she reminded herself. The faint lines etched in the corners of his sleepy gray-blue eyes gave a hint of maturity, but most probably caused by long days in the cruel sun.
She fought the urge to take a closer look at his ruggedly handsome features, but failed. How could he have gotten better looking after being abused by every bronc-busting horse on the rodeo circuit? His angular jaw, strong and determined, was shaded with beard growth that was probably a day old, maybe more. Mandy suspected if Beau grew a full beard, it would grow in thick and be the smooth texture of his almost black head of hair. She forced aside past memories that gave her such knowledge with renewed irritation.
The man didn't even have the decency to have a crooked nose. What should have been bent and awkward from being broken a few too many times was instead long and straight, shaped perfectly between high cheek bones most women would swoon over, or kill to have themselves. But on Beau Gentry, it was just one thousand percent robust cowboy.
Damn him.
"I'm your ride out to the Double T," Beau said, gripping the edge of his white straw cowboy hat and tipping it in a cordial gesture.
She ground the heels of her low pumps into the soft tar to contain her growing irritation. Did he think she was an idiot? "No way."
"'Fraid so," he said, his expression slightly askew.
"Hank didn't mention anything about you coming to get me when I spoke to him on the phone."
"I suspect he thought you would have found some excuse not to come if you knew I was picking you up."
"He would have been right. Why didn't one of the hands come get me?"
Settling his hand at the base of his neck, Beau replied, "You're looking at him. As of three weeks ago I am one of the ranch hands at the Double T."
What?! Mandy fought the urge to keep her surprise from showing, but immediately failed. Beau Gentry was the son of her uncle's biggest rival. It hadn't stopped her from falling head over heels for the man on those long, lazy summers she came down to the ranch to visit her aunt and uncle. Of course, back then, rodeo was all Beau cared about, not his father's spread. Not her, she remembered painfully.
He was going to go PRCA and be a world champion. It was his dream and all he ever talked about. He was good enough to do it, too, Mandy thought wryly. So good, he hadn't given her a second glance when he rode out of Texas without her eight years ago on the heels of a golden sunset.
Her chuckle was almost hysterical. "You really expect me to leave this airport with you?"
"That was the plan," he said smiling, his gray eyes seeing more of her than she wanted him to see. He held his ground. He had to know how difficult it was to see him after all this time. It didn't matter that he didn't share her unrest. He could have at least had the decency to think about her feelings. But then he hadn't thought about her feelings eight years ago when he broke her heart, so it didn't seem he was any more incline to do so now.
Beau Gentry might be clueless, but there was no way Mandy was going anywhere with him. No way she'd spend the next two hours bouncing up and down in a hot pickup truck breathing in his scent and wrestling with memories...
Mandy twisted on her heels and surged in the opposite direction. "Forget it," she called over her shoulder.
There had to be a cab going somewhere. Anywhere. A hot, sticky bus would be a lot more inviting than spending the next few hours in inescapable close quarters with Beau.
"Mandy, what are you going to do, walk all the way to the Double T?"
"I'm sorry you were dragged out here like this, Beau. But I'm afraid it was a waste of your time. I...can rent a car."
Behind her, Mandy heard his heavy sigh and the sound of his boots stop short on the tarmac. Defeat? Regret? She wasn't sure, but she was very sure she shouldn't care.
Since Mandy had just come off a forty-eight hour work-marathon and let her cell phone battery run down, she concentrated on finding a payphone.
"It's been a while since you've been around. The car rental service went belly up here two years ago. About the closest thing you could do to get away from me right now is to take a cab to the bus depot. And I'll just have to pick you up when you get to Steerage Rock anyway."
She stopped walking when she reached the pay phone just outside the small terminal, angling back to see where Beau was standing. The airport was small enough not to have gates. All passengers exited the plane on the tarmac. She glanced past the booth to the boarded up window near the entrance to the small building that housed the air tower, the terminal and a small restaurant-a fast food diner of sorts. The peeled paint of the weather-beaten banner didn't hide the letters of a rental car company that indeed had gone out of business.
She blew out an exasperated breath of frustration in the already hot Texas heat. She wasn't ready to give up. Right now, a bus looked as if it might be a possibility, since the last orange taxi just pulled out of the parking lot with one of the passengers who'd been on the same flight she'd taken. She remembered seeing a bus depot not far from here when Uncle Hank used to pick her up. It wouldn't take her all the way to the Double T, but close enough not to put Uncle Hank or Aunt Corrine out when she called and asked for a ride.
She was being ridiculous. Part of her knew that, accept her behavior as being childish. But part of her rationalized it as necessary. She knew all too well the dangers of being with Beau Gentry. It had taken Mandy too long to get over him and she wasn't about to let anything allow the man to seep into her heart again.
"I can manage," she said resolutely.
"I suspect you could. You seem to have done fine for yourself, judging by the fancy clothes you're wearing and that designer luggage."
With a fistful of quarters in her palm, she swung around, cradling the phone in her other hand. Leveling him with a warning stare, she said tightly, "I don't think you're in a position to judge me after what you did."
His face showed a momentary flash of regret. "That was a long time ago, Mandy."
She gripped the quarters in her hand, felt her pulse hammer in her wrist. "I have a long memory."
Turning her attention back to the task at hand, Mandy decided the phone book was useless. What was the company name on the side of that yellow cab? It had been eight years since she'd been in Texas. Eight years was a long time for a county to change. Who could she possibly call if her one and only ally in Texas sent the one man she swore she'd never lay eyes on again?
Defeated, she dropped the out of date phonebook, and chided herself for not charging her cell phone before she left for the airport. She had most of her numbers on speed dial and couldn't even recall the number for the Double T. It would teach her to let her cell phone battery run down again, leaving her unprepared.
"Tell me, Beau. Why did you come here? Someone else could have easily come for me. Why did it have to be you?"
His gray-blue eyes lost some of their luster and grew solemn. There was a time long ago when she thought she could stare at those eyes and be lost in them for hours. You still could, she realized with sudden regret.
Not a good sign.
He adjusted his hat in that lazy way he always did. "Because Hank asked me to. That's why."
There was her life in a nutshell. Beau was asked. And Mandy wasn't. Mandy was never asked, she was told. And like the good girl she was raised to be, Mandy always complied.
She thought back to the conversation she'd had with her mother just three days ago with renewed irritation.
"I'm not asking, Mandy," Leandra Morgan had said over the phone.
I'm telling you.
Her mother didn't have to actually say the last part for Mandy to know what she was thinking. It was a given. It followed every request the woman ever made. I'm not asking you to keep your tongue. I'm not asking you to come to your cousin's party. I'm not asking you to apologize to your father. I'm not asking you to work for the family business...or date the son of your father's biggest client. I'm telling you.
Three days ago Mandy had sat in her downtown Philadelphia office on the phone with her mother, impatiently drumming her foot on the lift on her chair. "I am knee deep in this project for Dad, Mom. There's just no way I'm going to be able to get away. I can't make both of you happy at the same time."
"You'll just have to find a way." Leandra's voice came like static over the phone. "Your uncle...isn't himself. It's been a long time since you've visited him in Texas. I think it would do him some good to see you again. I think it's time you go."
A tug of emotion had squeezed her chest. It had been years since she'd visited Uncle Hank and Aunt Corrine at the Double T. She'd never told her mother why she'd stopped her summer visits, and thankfully, her mother had never pushed for a reason. Mandy suspected her mother had just accepted her decision to not make her summer vacation as Mandy asserting adolescent independence, wanting to remain in Philadelphia to enjoy some summer freedom with her friends. She'd never spoken about what happened that last summer. Never confided of her first love. And that was just fine with Mandy. She didn't need to be reminded.
"I'll call Uncle Hank and explain. I can't get away now. He'll understand," she'd said.
"You make it happen, young lady." I'm not asking.
A voice boomed over the outdoor loudspeaker announcing the arrival of another flight. Mandy was immediately pulled back to the present, back to Texas, and the hot tarmac she now stood on, heels sinking into the sun-softened tar.
"We've got a couple of hours ahead of us. I'm going to get something cold to drink for the ride," Beau said, ambling toward the building. Turning back, he asked, "You want something?"
Yeah, I want you to go away. I want to forget the way you broke my heart all those years ago. But she knew that was futile. She'd been a fool to think she'd gotten over him. If eight years and countless dates with very eligible men hadn't exorcised the memory of Beau Gentry from her heart and soul, nothing would.
Mandy glanced at him, defeat sitting just beneath the surface of her composure, and shook her head.
How could he act so normal? How could he be asking her something as simple as whether she wanted a soda when the last time they'd seen each other had been such a sham?
And how dare he be so handsome after a two hour ride in a hot pickup truck? His white tee-shirt stretched taut across his muscled shoulders. She knew first hand just how strong those arms were when they were wrapped around her in a warm embrace. After years of breaking every wild bronc on the circuit, they were sure to be even stronger.
There wasn't an ounce of body fat on the man. His jeans weren't a tight fit, even baggy in a few places where she longed to lazily roam her hand over and on a few occasions long ago had. But on Beau, there was nothing sloppy about it. Just high voltage sex appeal that had her rampant heart doing an acrobatic dance right there on the blazing tarmac.
And he was nonchalantly asking if she wanted a soda.
The door closed behind him as he stepped into the building and Mandy watched through the tinted window while he wandered over to the soda machine in the corner and made his selection. He stood there, his weight shifted lazily to one hip in a never-do-care way.
She tore her gaze away from her torture. Beau Gentry might look like a dream come true from the cover of Modern Cowboy, but she was an utter disaster after her long flight. Suddenly aware she was still wearing yesterday's silk suit, she ran her hands down her skirt in a futile attempt to smooth out the wrinkles. Giving up, she rummaged through her purse for a barrette and a comb. Anything to pull together hair that had become unruly from neglect, heat and the wind. Settling on a hairband and her fingers as a comb, she wrestled her normally-wavy-gone-curly-in-the-heat dusty blonde hair into a pony tail. She hated that it made her look sixteen again. But there wasn't much she could do until she could get back to the ranch and unpack her things.
As Mandy watched Beau walk out into the sunshine with two Root Beers and a bag of chips in his hand, she reasoned she wasn't as vulnerable as she had been then. Letting the likes of Beau Gentry stomp on her heart was something she wouldn't do ever again. She was a woman now. She could do this. She led corporate business meetings. She used her innovative ideas to dazzle prospective clients into spending millions of advertising dollars with her father's firm. She'd just purchased an elegant townhouse in one of the trendiest sections of Philadelphia. All she had to do was pull herself together and she could handle this situation like the professional she was.
"I'm not going," she said, cursing inwardly for sounding like a spoiled child. So much for the corporate executive touch.
Beau's lips curled into a slight grin. He wouldn't win any points if he ticked Mandy off by laughing at the way her chin tilted up in defiance. That hadn't changed much. Or the flash of fire in her deep brown eyes. They still looked as black and contrasted wildly with the natural streaks of blond in her hair. He'd always found that appealing, adorable as all get-out. Already his fingers itched to dig in and let the soft curls of her hair tumble in his hand.
But she had changed. Any fool could see that Mandy Morgan had blossomed into a five star beauty while he'd been out roaming the country these last eight years.
She was still slim as she was at sixteen, but her figure had filled out in all the right places that made a man take notice. The light rock in her hips that had taunted him when she was sixteen had matured into a graceful sway he found hypnotizing. Although she'd chewed off most of her lipstick, he noticed she now wore a slight hint of makeup on her cheeks and eyes, giving her the more exotic look of a woman.
And she still had the power to make his head spin like a lasso chasing a calf. He longed to see her smile again, hear her laugh bubble up from her soul. But given the way things ended between them, and the way she stood before him now with her arms knotted tightly in front of her chest, her jaw set, he knew she wouldn't crack a smile just to spite him.
Lord only knew why Hank insisted he be the one to pick her up at the airport.
"Did you hear me?" she finally said when he didn't answer her.
"Yeah, I did."
Her dark eyes widened slightly. "Oh. Good."
Beau reached down and picked up her leather garment bag, watching as her bewildered eyes followed his movement.
"It doesn't change anything though. Hank asked me to pick you up at the airport and bring you home, and that's what I'm doing if I have to toss you over my shoulder and drop you in the pickup."
Mandy gasped. "You wouldn't dare!"
"Wanna try me?" He couldn't help but smile. She just looked too darlin' getting all hot and flustered. She had to know he wouldn't give up. Not just because she was virtually stuck, and knew it, but because she knew he would never refuse Hank's request.
She sighed and closed her eyes. "You touch me and I'll..."
"Afraid of what you'll do?" His smile widened just thinking. "Or are you afraid of how you'll feel in my arms again?"

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