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The Reunion by Victoria Banks

The Reunion

Following a rather bad breakup, Stell is back in her little town for the holiday. The supposed fun-filled holiday slowly turns into a disaster when she runs into the arrogant and outspoken Randy at a reunion party. The fact that the seemingly one-night stand that they shared slowly metamorphosed into a serious affair seemed not to go down well with more people, rather than one. 

Stell thought she had seen the worst of it all until Randy starts receiving threats messages in all forms. Is Randy safe? Is Stell safe? And above all, who is behind the threats? Is it that a crazy ex or a jealous lover like the Detective thinks or is it simply a prank?

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About Victoria Banks

Victoria Banks is the independent best selling fiction writer having great passion towards romance suspense, thriller and mystery genre.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Review of Come a Little Closer by Chrissy Brown

Welcome to the book blast for Come a Little Closer by Chrissy Brown. This is the second book in her Georgia Boys series. I reviewed the first book, Can't Let Go, earlier this year here. Today I am sharing my thoughts on this book, as well as an excerpt. If you follow the tour, you will get to see more excerpts and reviews. Remember to leave Chrissy comments and questions along the way and get bonus chances to enter the giveaway.

Come a Little Closer

Sophie was the love of my life. Okay, we were twelve the last time I saw her but still. I've tried everything to move on—whiskey, women, weed. Nothing seemed to fill the void. Now, ten years later, she shows up out of the blue. The problem, I'm not the boy she used to know. I have a reputation that could ruin everything. Still, I have to try. Even if nothing happens between us, having Sophie in my life as a friend is better than not having her at all. Come A Little Closer is the second installment in the Georgia Boys Series. It can be read as a standalone novel.

Read an excerpt:
I blush and shake my head. “We should get started on the bedroom.”

Kevin follows behind me, fiddling with his phone. I refill the paint tray and set it on the bedroom floor. Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” starts playing. Kevin comes up behind me, puts his hands on my hips and begins to move them to the music. He presses against my back. My hands fall to my sides, and I tilt my head against his chest.

“This is not helping my walls get painted,” I whine.

“Come on, dance with me.” he pleads.

I turn around and stare into his eyes. It would be so easy to get lost in them but I can’t. I won’t. My hips stop moving, but Kevin’s still dancing. I raise the paintbrush that’s in my hand and slap him in the face with it. Slap sounds violent. It was more like I grazed him with cream colored paint while my hand slowly moved in front of his face. Kevin stops dancing. His jaw hangs open.

“Game on babe.”

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**My thoughts**
When we met Kevin in the first book in this series, I had a feeling that there was some reason why he was such a man whore. In this book, we get a bit of insight into that. Basically, he had met his safe person, Sophie, when they were kids. After she moved away, he was having a hard time replacing her in his heart and basically just didn't know how to let his feelings for anyone show. He also had a rough time with losing his mother and in dealing with his dad and stepmother. So I get it. It doesn't mean I agree with his choices, but I get it.

Sophie reappears in his life when they are adults. Kevin is suddenly hit with a dose of reality that she is what he has been looking for all along. She realizes that she really did have a crush on him all those years ago and it has never quite gone away. Yet she is understandably wary of him, given his current reputation. 

The two of them dance around intimacy and crossing the friend line for a very long time. They have a great chemistry and attachment to each other and you would hope that they could eventually make it as a couple. I found myself torn between rooting for them to make it and hoping that Sophie would try to keep him more in the friend zone, because after all of these years of sticking it into anything that moves, Kevin isn't going to be able to change overnight. And I have been in this situation before.

I really like Sophie and completely understand her character. I do also somewhat like Kevin, and have known many guys like him. But he really has some horrible moments that make it hard to maintain a lot of affection for him. I don't know that I would be able to forgive him so easily in their situation. And yet I also kind of understand why.

This was a really quick read for me, as it is somewhat short. I wanted it to be a bit longer so that we could really see how a situation between Sophie and Kevin really developed, instead of it being such a quick thing at the end. There's such a jump between the ending of the story and the epilogue. Having that fleshed out more would have made me like this one a bit more.

There is also an allusion to a sort of cliffhanger that clues you into what is going to happen in the next book in the series, which I do hope to read at some point. It doesn't detract from this story at all, though I had a split second of "Why is this being dropped in here right now?"

This book is definitely a standalone book, so it isn't necessary to have read the first book. As always in these situations, you do end up with a greater appreciation for the story as a whole when you read all of the standalone components together. 

About Chrissy Brown

Chrissy Brown lives in Fort Myers, Fl with her hubby, two beautiful girls, one dog who loves to cuddle and another dog who pees on everything. She enjoys going to hockey games, reading romance novels and having “Netflix and Chill” nights.

She’s addicted to everything related to the amazing emotion of love, and has been referred to as a "hopeless romantic" which she took as a compliment. It may not have been and she’s okay with that.

Her Georgia Boys Series is New Adult romance that has three novels published in 2018. She has a young adult romance standalone in the works as well as an erotic New Adult standalone started. She’s a busy writer, but she loves it.

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Rescued By a Mountain Man by Marin Black

Welcome to the blurb blitz tour for Rescued by a Mountain Man by Marin Black! Please enjoy an excerpt before you download your copy. Follow the tour to get even more of them. And be sure to leave the author questions and comments along the way and get bonus chances to enter the giveaway!

Rescued by a Mountain Man

Desperate for an escape, Jae Copeland takes a solo kayaking trip into the lush wilderness of the Smoky Mountains. When she ends up stranded and soggy, she makes camp and hopes to avoid dangerous, wild animals. She should have been more worried about dangerous, wild humans, but she's both alarmed and thrilled when Hanson Sykes, a fellow kayaker, happens upon her. He's an experienced mountain man…and sexy as hell.

The sparks between them light up the uninhabited darkness, because survival in the mountains isn't his only talent. He knows exactly how to touch her in ways that make her burn.

Read an excerpt:
"You look like a mountain nymph who took a dip in the stream with that blonde hair all wild and your"—he swallowed—"clothes all plastered to your skin. Stunning."

He caressed my hair, running his hand through the strands just over my ear.
My breath caught again, my heart picking up speed. I didn't feel stunning—stunningly stupid maybe—standing half-naked and wet in his jacket, my hair drying into a long, frizzy mangle. I let out a nervous laugh. "What could possibly be stunning?"

"Your lips. You have luscious lips. They're pouty, almost swollen, like you've been kissed." He ran one finger lightly over my bottom lip, a touch so feathery it tickled. "I want to kiss you, Jae. I know that's crazy."

My lips parted, and a half-sigh came out. I wrapped my fingers around his wrist, felt the tendons in his arm strung tight. I deserved one kiss, didn't I? After surviving my near-drowning, I deserved a man as delicious looking as him kissing me senseless in the starlight. "Kiss me, Hanson."

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About Marin Black

Marin has the mountains in her blood, heart, and soul. Her favorite romances would include an untamed setting (maybe an Irish ruin), a historical love affair (especially if there’s a ghost), or just a bad boy with a good heart.

She loves to spend time with her son, hike, travel to wild and remote places, read, and camp in insanely crowded campgrounds—so she can burn all the food, keep the neighbors up all night with her campfire, and dream about what her characters will do next. At home, she loves to create new characters and their worlds, and is a freelance editor too.




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