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Fall Together: An Erotic Romance (Pretty Boy #) by Isobel Starling

Fall Together

Two hearts collide on a London rush-hour Tube train. Artist Emily Raven really has no choice in getting up close and personal with model Pieter Bayer when they are pushed together in a crowded train carriage. Their close proximity kindles a conversation, which leads to them discovering they have an acquaintance in common—art director Darien Hollgoode. So when Pieter invites the artist to accompany him to the photo shoot he’s heading to, Emily decides it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up with her roguish old friend Darien, and spend time with her gorgeous new friend, Pieter.

Weeks later, a simple, passionate kiss leads to Pieter and Emily deciding that they want more, and, throwing caution to the wind, they begin a deeply erotic affair.

However, the couple have friends who are not so happy about their blossoming relationship. Pieter’s best-friend Simeon is secretly in love with him, and Emily’s manipulative old friend, Darien, holds an explosive secret to Pieter’s past that will change everything.

Set between Berlin and London, this beautifully life-affirming erotic romance story tells of how two damaged hearts learn to love again, and in loving each other, rediscover themselves.

Please note: This book was previously titled ‘Schonling’ and was re-released under the title ‘Fall Together’ in July 2016.

Also note: There are sexually explicit scenes in this book and strong language throughout. Reader discretion is advised.

About Isobel Starling

Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times.

Born in Germany, I spent most of my twenty-year professional career making art. I relocated to the UK and faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, I started to write and found I loved it more than making art.

My first novel “Fall Together” was a bestseller in the GLBT-Bisexual genre on the ‘All Romance e-books’ site. I have just completed my sixth book and signed French translation rights for the whole Shatterproof Bond M/M series.

My greatest love is writing M/M relationships, and I hope one day to actually finish the fantasy novel that I put ‘to rest’ three years ago.


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Eleni's Journey (The Secrets That Lie Series) by Devin Devonne Trailer and Excerpt

Eleni's Journey

When Eleni’s parents arrange for her to marry a king, they assume she will lead a life fit for a queen. Unfortunately, Eleni soon discovers that beneath her husband’s debonair exterior lies a madman. Desperate to escape her abusive spouse, Eleni flees to the shore where she meets David, the charming and sexy heir to the English throne. Eleni finds comfort, true love, and erotic pleasure in his arms, only to have her cruel husband shatter her newfound hopes and sell her into slavery. Separated by an ocean, Eleni and David must grapple with the twisted betrayal, dark lusts, and shocking murders that have invaded their kingdoms before tragedy destroys their lives forever. Will Eleni ever find happiness again? 

Read an excerpt:
The crew loaded up on new supplies and made repairs after coming through the previous storm, leaving part of the rudder of the ship unusable. The extent of the damage extended their time on the Canary Islands for a week due to repairs. 
Back out at sea, the voyage continued smoothly. The day was clear and blue. The birds were out flying high above the ship, and the dolphins escorted the Lady Fantasy into the depths of the ocean. 
A great day to be at sea. 
David paced up and down the deck, checking his list to make sure his crew were on task with their duties. As he per-formed his inspections, the sky filled with dark clouds turning gray and his ship rolled into a dense cover of fog. The ship shifted course on its own, steering itself into the path of the thick fog. David barked orders for his crew. 
“Get this ship back on course, and watch out for the rocks!” he yelled. 
As soon as the fog appeared, it dissipated, disappearing in-to thin air revealing an island with jagged rocks on the beaches surrounding it. As the ship came into the lagoon, one of the sailors pointed at a figure off into the distance. 
“Captain, over there on the rocks!” 
David circled the surroundings with his binoculars, then towards the direction his crew member was pointing. Standing on the rock formation, was one of the mysterious women the old man on the Canary Islands had mentioned. David dropped his binoculars to his chest. A wave of heat closed over him. 
Her long raven hair hung past her waist. She had a darker olive skin tone, a firm body, and a beautiful smile. She stared in the direction of David and his crew. The woman smiled, then lifted a horn from its resting place on her hip and blew into it. In the distance, small boats appeared out of the fog. Sweat formed on David's brow and his chin quivered. He should have warned his crew. 
Before he was even able to mutter a word, two women popped their heads up from under the waves. They joined the first female in singing the trance-like song.

“You must not listen to them! Turn away from them, do not listen to their songs. They will lure you to their shores!” David screamed frantically. 
His words did not help. Two members of his crew slipped off their pants and shoes and dived overboard. The women riding the waves in the water clutched their shirts and led them back to the shore. A third sailor bent over the side of the ship. He reached his hand out to one of the remaining women. She took his hand, yanking him into the water. 
Without warning, the ship shifted to the left. One of the sailors had cut the anchor restraints dropping it into the bay, diving into the water after one of the women signaled to him. The ship lodged itself up on the rocks with nowhere to go. Raven heads appeared at the top of the deck, and their bodies followed after. The ship had been boarded. The women continued to sing their hypnotizing songs luring more of the sail-ors to follow them back to the island. 
David dodged around in horror; most of the men had been taken. When the women had their fill of sailors to leave with them, their songs quieted, and they retreated from the ship leaving David with a handful of men.

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About Devin Devonne

Devin Devonne was born in Chicago Ill, relocating to California with her mother when she was five years old. Assimilating in the southern California life she grew up loving the beach and warm weather. She has always been a hopeless romantic and can be found watching old musicals such as Brigadoon, Seven brides for seven brothers, South Pacific and many others.

Raised in culture she found herself loving all aspects of the arts. She is an accomplished musician, cook, writer and seamstress (loves vintage clothing).

Social Media:

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Read an excerpt from Eleni's Journey (The Secrets That Lie Series) by Devin Devonne

Eleni's Journey

When Eleni’s parents arrange for her to marry a king, they assume she will lead a life fit for a queen. Unfortunately, Eleni soon discovers that beneath her husband’s debonair exterior lies a madman. Desperate to escape her abusive spouse, Eleni flees to the shore where she meets David, the charming and sexy heir to the English throne. Eleni finds comfort, true love, and erotic pleasure in his arms, only to have her cruel husband shatter her newfound hopes and sell her into slavery. Separated by an ocean, Eleni and David must grapple with the twisted betrayal, dark lusts, and shocking murders that have invaded their kingdoms before tragedy destroys their lives forever. Will Eleni ever find happiness again?

Read an excerpt:

Eleni prayed the baby would be the answer to please Arkamun and stop the further beatings she would have to endure. 
Not long her pregnancy was confirmed. Eleni sought out Arkamun to share the fantastic news. Eleni arrived at Arkamun’s private chambers. She knocked three times before entering. 
“Arkamun, are you in here?” Eleni called out, entering the room. She did not have to walk far before seeing her husband sitting on the chaise in the corner; a servant girl straddled on top of him riding his erect rod. 
Eleni had heard the rumors of her husband with other women, but it was the first time she saw another woman with Arkamun. She noticed he was much gentler with the servant girl than he was with her. She felt like she was going to vomit and diverted her eyes from seeing anything further. 
Arkamun gawked at Eleni furiously for being interrupted. “What do you want?” he screamed, pushing the girl off him. He treaded across the room to his wife. “I told you not to come here if I did not send for you.” 
Eleni took a step backward towards the door. Her eyes met his narrowing eyes that bored into her. “I thought I would share the news with you; we are having a baby. I was excited. I believed you would have wanted to know.” 
Arkamun smirked, jutting his chin. “I told you never to come here unless I summoned you. A baby indeed, we shall see.” 
Eleni tried to evade Arkamun’s grasp, but he blocked her from moving with his mass. 
Arkamun grasped Eleni by her neck and dragged her out into the hall. “Stay out of my chamber room and do as you are told,” he hissed. Releasing his grasp, he flung her, sending her flying down the staircase. 
Queen Meseret found Eleni bloodied at the bottom of the stairs. She called to the servants to have her taken to her chamber room. Bandaged and bruised, Eleni remained uncon-scious for a week. Slowly Eleni regained her strength and opened her eyes. Her thoughts raced while she tried to piece together what happened. 
“You were in an accident,” Queen Meseret muttered, tak-ing Eleni’s hand in hers, and squeezing it gently. Eleni tried to sit up in bed, an overwhelming amount of pain prevented her from doing so. 
“Eleni, please relax. You should not be moving around; you need to rest.” 
Eleni looked down at her stomach. The swelling was gone. “The baby?” Eleni sobbed. “What happened to my baby?” 
Queen Meseret stroked Eleni’s forehead to relax her. “The baby is gone, Eleni. As I explained before, you were in an accident. You had a fall.” 
Eleni remembered what had happened. Why would Queen Meseret continue to overlook what her son continued to do to her? What was she trying to hide?

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About Devin Devonne

Devin Devonne was born in Chicago Ill, relocating to California with her mother when she was five years old. Assimilating in the southern California life she grew up loving the beach and warm weather. She has always been a hopeless romantic and can be found watching old musicals such as Brigadoon, Seven brides for seven brothers, South Pacific and many others.

Raised in culture she found herself loving all aspects of the arts. She is an accomplished musician, cook, writer and seamstress (loves vintage clothing).

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Prison Blade: The Abduction of Abigail Averies by Niki Hebert McQuilling

Prison Blade

As a deputy for the Sheldon Parish sheriff’s office, Abigail Averies transports prisoners throughout Louisiana. From the smallest offense to the most violent criminals, Abigail sees and hears a lot. But nothing compares to the pain and torture she once experienced as the wife of Erik Benton. Although she somehow managed to escape his abuse two years ago, Abigail still peers around every corner and through every shadow, expecting him to grab her and force her back into his hell. Now immersed in a new life in Noir Belle, Louisiana, Abigail suspects nothing when she is told she has another prisoner to transport. But when she realizes the prisoner is her husband pretending to be an inmate, Abigail is propelled back into a nightmare where she must live at the mercy of an evil man. Abigail fights endless days of mental, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her abductor until her saving grace arrives. Now only one question remains: Is her captor really who she thinks he is? In this erotic thriller, a sheriff deputy embarks on a courageous journey to survive after a deranged prisoner abducts her.

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About Niki Hebert McQuilling

I'm from South Louisiana. I've been in law enforcement for nearly 12 years. I love wine and chocolate while I read or write.

Portalz Graphic Novels and CGI Animated Romantic Fantasy Web Series


You're a fan of romantic fantasy. You often imagine the scenes playing out in your head. Portalz gives you a new way of having this experience with its CGI romantic fantasy series, based on the graphic novels.

"Portalz" centers around a soft spoken young spellcrafter named Aaron, who is majoring in Psi Majik at a major university. Things get complicated when he falls in love with the new campus counsellor, Isabella, whom he meets after his Pulse Tech ceases to work. Isabella and Aaron soon embark on a forbidden romance, but their picture perfect love is threatened by dark, deadly secrets.

Check out the graphic novels:

The Portalz is experiencing a Rebirth with fresh new perspective, artwork and feel. In Vol 1, Impetuous, we meet Aaron Crawford, a kind hearted, soft spoken and likable young man from a well to do family. Although he doesn't mind his father helping financially, he works at his friend Devon's garage to take care of his necessities while attending a prestigious Mage University. Currently undergrad, he suddenly finds his magic hard to control and can't even "turn his tome", a simple spell that changes the color of magic books to the spellcaster's primary pulse hue. Enter the new counsellor, Isabella Krawford, a sexy brunette who hones in on Aaron's issues and tries to help him overcome these new challenges. Instantly smitten, Aaron endeavors to break out of his shell and win Isabella's heart. Aaron begins to pursue her against his better judgment, she is after all, the counsellor of the University he is attending -- or so he thinks. Turns out Isabella is really Camia Octavius, a Triad Templar Guardian who was sent there to gather intel on him to see if he is a deadly wizard known as The Covalent. In centuries past, Covalents would obtain unnaturally strong magic which corrupted into a dark energy known as the entropy pulse. Via their madness and power, most became responsible for bringing about near extinction level destruction via science and technology. Things get a tad bit complicated however, when the deadly assassin returns her feelings for Aaron and finds herself lured into a romance that could be her undoing and put the world at risk.

As Isabella reels from the revelation of her unexpected, improbable pregnancy, the covalent hunt heats up, with Aaron the Triads most likely suspect!

Issa believes she is falling prey to an immortal madness called Black Out and fears for her sanity as well as her unborn twins. Kuan meets up with Sasha to rekindle a romance that began when he was her Sensei.

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Crimson and Violet (A Vampire Romance) by Vanta Black Free July 22-24

Crimson and Violet

Violet Shaw's ordinary shift at The Tavern turns into an extraordinary nightmare soon after she spots a handsome, blue-eyed stranger lurking in the shadows. Forced to fight for her life, she unwittingly sparks a war between covens she had no idea existed.

Now under the protection of her charming stranger, Violet's about to receive a serious education in battle, betrayal, love and eternity.
FREE July 22-24

About Vanta Black:

VANTA BLACK: aspiring ghost, lover of anti-heroes, & keeper of the cliffhanger-free zone.

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Hypnollection 3: A Bimbotastic Bundle of Mind Control Erotica by Will B. Gunn

Hypnollection 3: A Bimbotastic Bundle of Mind Control Erotica

Leap Day Bimbos:
On leap day, there are no rules. 

Whether you're a studious college coed, or an esteemed (and busty) doctor at a prestigious hospital. On leap day, you can let go of your inhibitions and become the brainless, obedient bimbo slut you never knew you wanted to be.

At least until you saw that funny, but oh so convincing online video.
Just ask nineteen year old Riley and Dr. Pamela Naughton. If their lips and tongues aren't too busy slurping and licking, they might provide a barely legible, dimwitted response. The only one their silly little bimbo minds can muster.

A Merry Half Naked Christmas:
A naughty tradition in Lucy's city ensures everyone ends up having a merry, warm, and satisfying Christmas. Women are required to walk around the snowy streets with their bottom half exposed, encouraging them to seek the tender warmth of the city's kind gentlemen.

Ever since coach Marx took over the women's volleyball team, the players developed a somewhat ditzy, bubbly attitude. Most of the students and teachers seem to enjoy the transformation, and so they don't ask too many questions.

Kayla's best friend, Megan, joined the volleyball team at the beginning of their freshman year. When Kayla noticed a change in her friend's behavior, not to mention a significant increase to her bust size, she decided to investigate.

Reprogrammed – Function Override:

Emma always thought that every person had their function in the world. Their own role to play. 

She just never realized how easy it was to reprogram someone, and give them a brand new function. Thanks to Vivian's rash actions, Emma was about to find out. She will become a brand new person, with brand new goals. Goals that perfectly fit the strict specifications of her new masters. 

This is the story of a gorgeous genius and her journey towards a brand new life of submission and servitude.

The Funtouchables:
Officer Dana and state prosecutor Jayne will not be swayed by bribes or extortion. They have nothing in their past that could be considered dirty, anyway. They are the picture of honesty, integrity, and vigilance. They're not even trying to hide the personal, intimate nature of their relationship.

They are untouchable to almost anyone, except for Mr Patrick Hadley, a wealthy inventor and industrialist. He has his own way of dealing with meddling cops and lawyers, one that will introduce Dana and Jayne to a world of pure bliss.

All they have to do is abandon their moral code and vigilant pursuit of justice, and devote themselves to submission and blind obedience. Thanks to Mr. Hadley's device, letting go of all those unimportant things is as simple as breathing.

About Will B. Gunn

The author formerly known as Amoxirakuzan ;).

Since before I had sexual thoughts, I always liked mind control role playing. So, of course, when I reached puberty and started having sexual fantasies, they were heavily infused with mind control.

I always had such stories in my head, that I used for *ahem* private appointments of the solo kind. But I was never very public about my fetish. Until I found the burgeoning community of mind control and hypnosis erotica, and realized I was hardly alone.

I'm not sure why, but I decided I should try writing these stories. A month later, my first book was published.

That was over two years ago, and I am still just as motivated to write many more stories. I've had my ups and downs in my short writing career, and I do hope to succeed under my brand new name, just as much as I did with my previous one.

For anything you wish to discuss, drop me a message on

Please take your time to write reviews, they will help me both mentally and financially.I always welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Help me make my author page a paradise to anyone who's into MC and hypnosis erotica :).

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Mace (A Stepbrother Romance) by Claire Donovan

Mace (A Stepbrother Romance)

The death of her father and the collapse of his fortune forces innocent pre-med student Alyssa Carlyle into the erotic world of high class escorting. She soon discovers her mysterious boss is also her estranged and provocative stepbrother Mace. Neither can deny their shameless desire and steamy passion, but can they develop the trust and commitment needed to escape the dark world they've entered?

Read an excerpt:
PROLOGUE - Alyssa 
IT’S JUST THE TWO OF us in his office. In all my life I've never felt such charged tension with a man and I know we're not fooling around anymore. A hush falls over the room and an unmistakable heat is rising in the narrow slip of space between us; any spark could set us off. He's standing right in front of my face while I sit unmoving in the interview chair, staring at an obvious outline swelling inside his pants leg. If I do anything at all, it's the same as throwing my life away. I’m breathing heavily, a little damp and silky from his provocation. 
I don’t know what takes over me, but I suddenly start unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. I’m angry, I’m aroused, and I’m damn sure not going to chicken out this time. I know I’m not in the same universe as him when it comes to sexual experience, but I get the general idea of what to do. My heart is racing and I feel a heady moment of satisfaction when a flicker of shock registers in his eyes. This is about to get real between us. 
"I want something more, Boss," I tell him. Mace has never backed down or backed off from any challenge and I know he won't try to stop me. "If this is only way to a better life, then I’ll do it." 
I come off the chair and kneel in front of him, looking directly up into his eyes. He releases a held breath and I feel his tense body relax. I can tell he likes watching me but his silence makes me nervous and my cheeks redden. I smile and ask him if he's enjoying what I'm doing. His eyes burn brightly with lust and pleasure. 
He pulls my hair back over my shoulder and takes it up in both his hands. I hear him moaning my name, 'Alyssa', as his fingers begin unzipping my dress. My top falls away and his hands cup my breasts beneath my black bra. The sensation of his rough fingers caressing my nipples makes me light-headed. The molten heat of my intense passion surprises me, sweeping aside any of my last regrets. I can't help giving him whatever he wants. 
My one hope is that he'll come to realize he desires me only for himself, before he callously auctions my virginity away to a wealthy stranger.

About Claire Donovan

My name is Claire Donovan. I'm an bestselling author and a Romance Writers of America author. If you read and like my work, please introduce me to your friends and other avid readers who are looking for something new and exciting, because I will always deliver new and exciting! There will be unexpected twists and surprising turns in everything I write, because that's how I roll. :) I write steamy contemporary romances about resourceful, passionate heroines and the scorching hot alpha male heroes who must always surrender to their irresistible charms. MMA fighters, surfers, and adventurous men of all types make my knees buckle and my head swim. I am a graduate of Indiana University and currently live near Raleigh, NC. I write full-time and enjoy time with my husband, friends, family, my horse, and my two miniature dachshunds.

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Guardian Bears: Karl by Leslie Chase

Guardian Bears: Karl

She’s destined to be his … but is he destined to destroy her?

A dangerous hunt ...

Polar bear shifter Karl Werner is on the trail of a “werewolf” -- a wolf shifter who’s lost control of their animal. Since shifters who reach that point can’t be rehabilitated, his grim task is to execute whoever it is before they can expose shifters’ existence to the wider world.

The job takes him to Mayfair, a town on the edge of the desert. The climate makes his bear miserable … but when he finds his fated mate, it generates a whole different kind of heat. If only the curvy, green-eyed brunette weren’t so standoffish.

A terrifying suspicion ...
Allison Lewis has never responded to a man the way she does to Karl. The ex-Special Forces man is huge and muscled and fills her with longing -- but the reason why he’s come to Mayfair chills her to the bone.

The nightmares she’s been having all point to one horrifying conclusion: that she’s the “monster” he’s hunting. How can she trust the man who’s been sent to kill her … let alone give in to the fire between them?

An agonizing dilemma
When Karl realizes the truth, Allison runs away -- but she’s got human hunters after her. Karl has to find her before they do, and then accomplish what’s never been done: teach an out-of-control shifter how to unite with her wolf. Can he pull off the impossible ... or will he be forced to destroy his mate?

***Guardian Bears: Karl is a steamy standalone, full-length bear shifter romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.***

About Leslie Chase

I love writing, and especially enjoy writing sexy paranormal romance. It lets my imagination run free and my ideas come to life! When I'm not writing, I'm busy thinking about what to write next or researching it - yes, damn it, looking at castles and swords counts as research.

If you enjoy my books, please let me know with a review. Reviews are really important and I appreciate every one!


Twitter: @lchasewrites

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Heartthrob Fantasy by Jocelyn Bringas

Heartthrob Fantasy

Viola Pyle was fresh out of college working at her dream job when Nixon Raines, the heartthrob from bestselling boy band Verified Paradise, got her fired. She didn’t think she would ever see Nixon again until a chance meeting reunited them.

For Nixon, Viola was just another woman he’d use for his own pleasure. She was convenient and always ready for him whenever he wanted her.

Viola knows it’s wrong to be used but she can’t resist Nixon and his delicious body whenever he comes to her bed.

The nature of their arrangement changes after Nixon gets into a car accident. He suffers a brain injury that causes him to have amnesia. He then transforms into the kind gentleman she always fantasized about.

Is Viola's heartthrob fantasy permanent or will Nixon slip back to his old habits?

Read the first five chapters here.

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About Jocelyn Bringas

Jocelyn Bringas has been featured in various erotica anthologies. Some of her works include "Shady Ways" published in Alison Tyler's "C is for Coeds," "Pink is the Enemy" in Rachel Kramer Bussel's "Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission," and "Drawing Reality" in Zane's New York Times Bestselling "Caramel Flava."

An Unknown Love: Secrets & Romance by Adom Sample

An Unknown Love

Emotional rollercoaster… 

Jasmine was just your average businesswoman running a successful cosmetics company until a letter arrived at her doorstep that changed everything she thought was real. A man, unknown, has fallen in love with her wit and beauty. With each letter comes a passionate tranquility forcing her to face emotions she thought were long dead. With rumors abound of her husband's infidelity she finds herself drifting away from him and into the arms of her secret admirer.

Thus, her routine becomes work, an evening with a husband who ignores her and then out to the beachfront where another letter awaits her. But that routine lay in shambles when a flirtatious young tycoon known as Mr. Teel enters her life and shows her true romance, yet keeping his distance out of respect for her marriage. As the stakes rise, she must unravel the mystery of her secret admirer, discover the truth of her husband's adultery, and find out what secrets Mr. Teel is hiding. What will she discover and whom will she choose?

A passionate tale of love, secrets, lies, sex, and betrayal. 

The affairs of the heart are always daunting, and love always make us do crazy things. Even if those crazy things are justified.

Find more from Adom Sample on Amazon.

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Piper Dreams (The Dreams Trilogy) Amelie S. Duncan

Piper Dreams

She needs an adventure.
He's looking for an escape.
Together, they just might find what they both need.

Journalist hopeful, Piper Rowe is searching for a story--the perfect lead to get her a coveted spot on a prestigious journalism team. Running into a cross-country biker group just might be the serendipitous happening she needs.

The only problem?

The sexy and protective gatekeeper, Brody Whitehurst doesn't want her tagging along, refusing to let her document the trip. But after a threatening altercation riles him, Brody relents, suddenly feeling the need to protect Piper. As Piper and Brody begin their quest to realize their dreams, they discover running is never the answer. Can two people, one with a broken past, one with an uncertain future, find what they're looking for on the open road?

FREE on Amazon

About Amelie S. Duncan

Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances with a dark edge. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.

Find out more about her books by going to her website at

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Baked Boxed Set by Colleen Charles FREE for a limited time!



Want a bite?

One sensual bakery
Two misguided hearts.
One taste of passion.


He's perfection--chiseled and sculpted.
A creation of beauty--that I'd like to taste.
A small morsel of sensual desire.
But a man like Gabe Moreno
Can have any woman he wants,
Not a woman like me.

At least that's what I thought--
What I believed.
But I was wrong.
I had no idea what he was really after
What he really wanted.


She's perfection--soft, curvy, and delectable.
A creation of beauty--that I'd like to explore.
One taste and I can't get enough.
But a woman like Allegra Wilson
Deserves so much more than
A man like me.

At least that's what I thought--
What I believed.
But I was wrong.
I had no idea how she could change me.
How she could make me into so much more.

Available on Amazon
FREE for a limited time!

Colleen Charles Bio

From Award Winning #1 Romance Author Colleen Charles:

After 26 years in Corporate leadership at a Fortune 500, I discovered people within the organization lacked integrity. I'd always known deep in my soul that I was trying to fit a square peg in to a round hole since I'm the typical creative type. I miss my staff but I don't miss the corporate world. It's been said that the Universe will let you know if something isn't right for you. The first time, it will hit you with a pebble. Then a brick. Then a boulder. Let's just say that I got flattened. When my fifteen pound toy dog, Nigel, was threatened, I knew it was time to say goodbye.

It's sad but true.

Here's what I found within the first thirty days of being free. Writing stories from my heart that readers love means more to me than working myself in to an early grave for people who only care about their bottom line.

My heart has never been more full and my soul has never been more satisfied.

I've never worked so hard in my life but it doesn't even feel like work. It's worth it. All of it. Because it's about the joy that's found within the journey. The highs and the lows because I get to write stories for all of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, enjoying and recommending the stories that I write. When you share my work with others, it's so rewarding. Your word of mouth is my very best friend ... that, and your reviews. There is nothing more important to me than all of you.

I love to hear from my readers and answer all communications personally.

My BBW Geek Wedding by Leslie Hunter

My BBW Geek Wedding

Will Claire and Alan's engagement crash and burn before they can make it to the altar?

Claire is better with math than people... which makes her even more thankful for Alan. He's a man that loves his geeky girl with curves in all the right places.

When an accident jeopardizes Alan’s baseball career, he feels like a burden instead of a partner. His fiance is under more pressure than ever. Can Claire persuade Alan she’s serious about getting married, and heal his injury?

Or will she lose the only man she’s ever wanted?

About Leslie Hunter

Leslie Hunter is a typical country girl living on a island in the middle of the Pacific.

She's a part-time travel agent who sends people into their fantasy both in real-life and in her books.

When she's not in front of her keyboard, she enjoys surfing the waves of the North Shore, visiting other islands, and laying on a beach with a rum drink in hand as the ocean waves come in and out.

You can find out more about Leslie at