Saturday, November 9, 2013

'Love & Angst: A Collection of Poems and Prose' by LP Lloyd, Jr.

In what at first glance would seem to be contrary to the promotion of his new book, “Love & Angst.” Author LP Lloyd Jr. was informed today that several readers of his collection of love poems and prose have accused him of successfully enticing them into indulging their inner muse.

“It’s incredulous. I mean, it’s got to be a joke,” stated Lloyd when informed of the allegations. "Who knows where this is all coming from. 'Love & Angst' is a collection of raw emotion, that can only emerge within the beauty of a love you can have but once in a lifetime. It’s about the journey… When one has lived, and loved, and lost, and all that exists in between. It has nothing to do with some sordid physical dalliance. It’s beautiful. It’s transcendent. It’s an outpouring straight from a man's heart. There’s nothing devious, salacious or even humorous about it. It’s about how women long to be cherished and know the man they’re with aches for them. It’s a serious literary work. It’s mostly poetry for God’s sake!”

Indeed. Further investigation into the Amazon website where the so called “serious literary work” is offered for sale revealed

Love & Angst” is simply a recounting of the adventures of a hopeless romantic and his attempts to find true love. Told through the poems and prose of interactions with the objects of his desire - Women whose attentions alternatively take him to the dizzying heights of man’s highest emotion – Love - and then drive him to the lowest depths of man’s darkest emotion – Angst.

Previous readers of the book had this to say [Names withheld as they could possibly be victims]

A: “. . .a beautiful piece of work. Perfect timing on a personal level and words that most beings on the planet can associate with. My own heart is healing just by reading it.”

B: “Yes, it tells a story, definitely elicits emotions (Kleenex nearby!), and, I believe, reaches its target audience as stated in the introduction.”

C: “I felt happiness, uncertainty, fear, sadness. I felt desire, both physically and emotionally.”

Evidence suggests, the book is more than just a collection of poems, letters and illustrations. It is a story that relates the hopes and dreams of new beginnings when encountering a new love, the give and take of lovers getting to know each other and the devastating desolation that results when love’s promise falls short and disintegrates. It is unfortunately, a story of hope and disappointment too many of us can relate to. And therein lays the point of “Love & Angst” - expressing these emotions - though they may not be the darkest nor the most sublime of stories. In a world where most get too little positive or too much negative of these feelings to put into their own words, “Love & Angst” much like listening to a popular song, attempts to assist the reader in “living” - or perhaps more accurately “re-living” - the moments.

It would seem that "Love & Angst" is a book for anyone who has ever desired to be the subject of and inspire love poems, love letters and the like but doesn't exist within such an environment. From its pages spring a compelling and emotionally moving story of love and angst, that has a beginning, a middle and an end. So far, no charges have been filed.

Are the accusations accurate? You decide.

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About the author:

LP Lloyd, Jr. is a person who loves to create.

Some things he likes to create:
Short films.
Flavorful foods
Love Stories
Something out of nothing

According to family, friends & associates, LP has been writing and creating since his 1st days in school.

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