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'My Wolf King (Wolf Town Guardians #1)' by Rose Wynters


Wolf Town Guardians - Born to walk this world as both wolf and human, these men take their role as protectors very seriously. Enjoying sensual pleasures as they please, this group of alpha werewolves are the finest when it comes to protecting their hidden settlement. 

Guardians are the masters of self-control, taking pride in their authority and hard, muscled bodies. That all changes at the first scent of their mates. Their control snaps. The mating heat begins. 

This is their story. 

Book One, Wolf Town Guardians

 - King of a large settlement of werewolves in the rural Missouri countryside, Alexander Petrov is stunned when the residents of Nashoba become victims to a series of panther shifter attacks. Desperate to put an end to it before their existence becomes known, his life is changed when he rescues his mated female in an isolated cabin. The panthers believe she knows the location of the Jewel of Adolpha, and they won't stop until they get it back. 

Carole Anne Boswick is horrified to discover the supernatural world is real when a creature that looks like Bigfoot breaks into her home. Rescued at the last moment by a gorgeous and naked male, she decides to throw all caution to the wind and experience the promises his rock-hard body is making. The decadent sensuality she finds in his arms comes at a price, though. Is it one she is willing to pay?

The mating heat is on, and it's more powerful than anything Carole Anne has experienced before. Utilizing the services of the pack's Sheik, Alexander satisfies her body while his guardians fight to keep them safe. Will she submit to her King?

Read an excerpt:
He groaned again, the sound guttural and drawn out. Carol Anne tore her eyes away and slammed her mouth shut, concerned for the man that had tried to save her life. “I’m so sorry,” she said, grabbing his legs gently. “Let me help you lie back so I can check your leg.” 

He lay back quickly and rolled towards her. She bent over and moved her face closer to examine his wound, checking both sides. It didn’t appear as bad as she thought it would, but there didn’t appear to be an exit wound. The bullet was sitting somewhere in his massive thigh, and it would have to come out. 

“I’ll be right back,” she said quickly, hating to leave him. His eyes were squeezed shut, his face wincing in pain. The door was still open, though, and she wanted to check her phone for a signal. Although the window was broken out, Carole Anne didn’t want to leave the door open for that thing to return. 

Since his eyes were shut, she allowed herself one last, wistful look. She was going to have to find him a blanket. The sight of all that male perfection made it difficult for her to think. 

Holding back a sigh, she quickly turned away. He threw his well-muscled arm over his face and groaned again as she took off in the direction of the door. 

An ARe bestselling werewolf paranormal romance book! 

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Author Bio:

I'm a hopeless romantic that enjoys excitement, fun, and the mysteries of life. I have a great love of romance and the supernatural, and I love combining them into romance books that push every boundary in the literary world. After all, shouldn't romance be thrilling, decadent, and especially sensual?

Series by Rose Wynters:

The Endurers (Paranormal Romance)
Territory of the Dead (Zombie Horror)
Wolf Town Guardians (Werewolf Romance)

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