Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'My Heart in Seoul' by Sydney Arrison

LOOKING FOR SENSUAL ROMANCE? Check out Sydney Arrison's new novel "My Heart In Seoul," Published by Front Porch Romance. It’s the book that Emmy award winner Annette Lawless calls a “great find.”

The story revolves around Jasmine Sinclair a successful New York reporter. She finds herself in the middle of a major scandal (the Olivia Pope kind) she's relentlessly pursued by the press and flees the country with her political father.

While visiting Seoul, she's completely intoxicated by her surroundings. Jasmine dares to approach a mysterious and handsome stranger. The encounter leads to an unforgettable, passion filled weekend, but she soon realizes that nothing will quell her yearning to be with the man she loves. Will distance, ambitions and family ties keep them apart or will they find each other again?

Read an excerpt:
"He stared in her eyes for a moment, and then he leaned over and kissed her. As their lips touched, he could feel the sobs in her throat vibrate through him. He felt her tremble when he pulled her closer to him. Her perfume smelled sweet, a delicate fragrance, that reminded him of lying in dew covered grass on a warm summer's night."

Copyright ©2013 Sydney Arrison All Rights Reserved

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