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'You Won't Know If You Don't Try' by Linda Davis #FREE for a limited time!

Book Description:

Online encounters seem so cliche, but everyone is doing it. After losing her new job before it started, she needed to find a way to make money, fast. Never in a million years did she think she would respond to an ad online, and actually meet the person face-to-face.

What started off as a way to pay her bills, in a somewhat innocent way, is turning out to be a little bit more complicated. She knows that he needs to be off-limits, but why does he make her heart flutter and her pulse race? Do you know?

Read an excerpt:
The title of the ad read, “Male Dom seeks female sub.” She had read some other ads where people used the same sort of terminology, but when she read through the ads themselves, she just got a funny feeling in her gut. If she had learned anything in her lifetime, it was to always trust her gut - it never led her astray. Some of these other ads wanted pictures, they sounded very aggressive, desperate almost. None of them sounded like anything she wanted to be associated with. But this particular ad had a different tone than the others. Even the title alone felt different. She felt like she had read a thousand of these ads today, and between everyone wanting her to be in a porn, start in the escort business, give naked massages to strangers, and have her toes sucked and worshipped, she figured there was no harm in reading one more of these things. So, she took a deep breath and another sip of the drink she had poured herself, and clicked on the ad.

It read as follows, “Experienced Dom seeking a female submissive to train. Beginners and novices welcome. More important than experience, is the right mindset, a good attitude, and a willingness to obey. You will be paid in cash for your training. If this type of arrangement is one you’ve been looking for, then say hello via email and send me your info, photo, and tell me a little bit about yourself.”

She paused and took a couple big sips of her drink.

The ad had three dollar signs next to the compensation heading. It also said that you would be paid in cash for your training. There was no mention of sex, or anything illegal. This guy also said that he is experienced. Sure, people can write whatever they want in an ad, but she didn’t have a bad feeling about this one the way she had had about the last 500 she read. He did ask for a picture, but that didn’t seem completely unreasonable. She could just send one with clothes on, nothing crazy. No one knows her around here anyways, so the chances of her sending a picture to someone she knows are pretty damned slim. She could at least email a response to the ad and find out more - that’s more than she did for any of the others.

She needed a way to make some money to pay her bills that were coming due, and she was starting to run out of options, and being in a porn was pretty much Plan Z. Besides, she didn’t have big fake tits and look like she came off of the shelf at the sex shop. She had a nice body, took care of herself, was cute, but was still a little bit shy and thought it was weird when guys called her sexy. She always just saw herself as the girl next door, but with a much more open mind, even if sometimes she needed a bit of a kick in the pants to try something that seemed a little more wild than her usual fare.

After downing the rest of her drink, she decided there was no harm in responding to this ad and finding out more about what this guy was looking for. Hell, maybe he would see her picture and not be interested, maybe he would be a fake and never write back, who knows, she just figured there was no harm in responding and getting more information. She just wasn’t going to give away her cell phone number or regular email address in this first email, but she decided it would be okay to send one picture.

Her response read, “Hi, I read your ad online and was wondering if you could tell me more about what you are looking for. I would fall into the ‘novice’ category, so I am not entirely sure how all of this works. To be honest, I don’t think I have been looking for an arrangement like the one you are proposing, simply because I didn’t really know they existed until today. I have been curious about the BDSM world for some time now, and I believe I would fall in the submissive category - I haven’t really got the urge to boss people around, I am good at following orders, and I love to please. Your ad is the only one that I have responded to on here because all of the others felt very sleazy. I have attached a photo, but I would prefer to wait until a second email before I send you my regular email address and phone number, just for safety reasons, and to make sure you’re not some wacko. I hope you can understand that. I am interested in learning more though. It’s like my grandma always told me, “You won’t know if you don’t try.” I look forward to your response. Regards, E.”

With that, she figured she had better turn off the computer and call it a night before she ended up getting herself into some prostitution ring without knowing what was going on. She probably finished her drink a little too fast because the computer screen was starting to shift, but after potentially agreeing to be someone’s lapdog, for money, maybe it’s for the best that she put herself to bed before she gets into any more trouble. Especially since those guys looking to buy women's used panties were starting to sound like they might be kind of fun. Bedtime was definitely in order!

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Author Bio:

Linda Davis - (1979 - ) Linda was born in Long Beach, California where she lived throughout her childhood. Linda left California for Chicago attending the University of Chicago for undergraduate work. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, Hugh Davis and her three Children. Linda has always been a writer, writing plays during her time at college. Linda wrote three plays while pursing her undergraduate degree. Her plays were known for her sexual themes and edgy characters. Linda enjoys writing erotic romance because it transport her to a world very different from the world she lives in. Linda loves creating character that are so free in expressing her sexuality. She hopes that her audience becomes transport to this world by reading her stories.

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