Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Betrayed by an Angel' by Jeanne Donnelly


When an angel appears to tell Shay Deville she can’t marry her fiancé because she will forever alter his destiny, she thinks she is going crazy. Shay learns she was supposed to die seven months ago, but Merrick, her own guardian angel, broke angelic law and saved her. Now she is a woman without a future – or a guardian.

In spite of the angel’s warning Shay refuses to give up her dreams. She hunts down Merrick, her renegade angel, and demands he help her.

Guardian Angel Merrick knows the Heavenly Handbook better than anyone, but when the time came to help Shay Deville cross over, he just couldn’t do it. Now Merrick is stripped of his wings and banished to the earthly realm until he corrects his mistakes and completes the destiny of his charge. But how can Merrick arrange to take Shay’s life when he has fallen in love with her? How can he not?

Will Merrick give up his wings and forever be cast to Earth for the woman he loves? Can a woman without a destiny ever find happiness or true love?

About the author:

Jeanne Donnelly is a New Jersey native and has been writing all her life. A Creative Writing major, she's honed her skills with help from the New Jersey Romance Writers and Liberty State Fiction Writers. Both are great groups that support writers and their dreams.

Betrayed by an Angel came from her belief that we all have a Guardian Angel. What if something interfered with the relationship between the Guardian and his charge? What would life be like if you didn't have a Guardian?

Jeanne is hard at work on her next novel. Find out more about Jeanne Donnelly at or her writing blog;

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