Monday, June 23, 2014

'The King's Chronicles' by Mark Blackard






The King’s Chronicles: how to escape the wrath of American women and live like a king

Discover the philosophy of Kingdom Rule and how the author and a few dedicated followers live their lives as kings. It all began with an epiphany and a disdain for the way men are treated by American women. If you’re ready to get rid of that ungrateful, lazy bitch you’re married to, along with her sense of entitlement, then read on.

The No-Bullshit Divorce Handbook for American Men

and words of caution

Most of this book was written while I was under the influence of rum—plain and simple. Realize that up front. If it wasn’t rum, it was beer or occasionally Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The majority of the words were typed out on my laptop as I sat in some sleazy bar in the back alleys of Southeast Asia or the Philippines. With less than reputable women simultaneously rubbing my back and feeding me mangoes, it’s the perfect environment to be creative, I can assure you.
Therefore, some of the grammar and sentence structure might not be in line with what you would consider good literary prose. The tone is colloquial because that’s the only way I know how to write and talk. If you’re searching for pure literary genius, you’ve definitely got the wrong book. I suggest Hemingway, instead.
For my female friends in America: I realize you may disown me after reading this text. I am prepared for that. However, the culture has to be challenged. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, just enjoy the stories.
With those disclaimers out of the way, let me get to some more important information about this work of art. This book contains graphic and profane language, detailed references to sex, pornography, fornication, drunkenness, adultery, and what most conservatives consider overall bad behavior. Reader discretion is strongly advised. In other words, you don’t want your daughter reading this book. If you have a son, buy two copies and have him memorize the words.

My name is Mark Blackard but everyone outside of the United States calls me Marcos. I like to travel, drink beer, chase women, write, and do charity work.
I just published my second book called The King’s Chronicles: how to escape the wrath of American women and live like a king. It’s my philosophy on how to deal with the vixens in the U.S. and their evil ways. How in the hell did I come up with the genius contained within the text? Well first of all, I wrote the book while drunk on rum. For some reason, rum inspires my creative side. Also, I’ve got three divorces to my credit and more ex-girlfriends than I can count. I learned all of my lessons about American women the hard way.
A few friends and I decided to publish some of our experiences so that the younger generation of American men can learn from our mistakes. I wrote the book for my fellow man but women can benefit from the philosophy as well. No, I don’t have all the answers but the book will invoke thought.

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