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'Vampire Cadet' by Nicole Hofbrauhaus


One of the Army’s best and brightest

Sergeant Major Shannon is a soldier who has single-handedly captured numerous terrorists. There hasn’t been anyone that she wasn’t able to track down – until now.

Ra’ad Khan is one the most cunning and ruthless villains Shannon has ever faced, and he plans to set off a bomb larger and more destructive than any other before. Shannon is running out of time to catch him before he kills thousands of innocents.

This time, Shannon might have met her match

R’ad Khan is frustratingly always three steps ahead of her, never leaving behind enough clues for her to trap him in a corner. He moves incredibly fast, possesses great strength, and can hear people coming from a great distance away.

Almost like a vampire, almost like Shannon

Shannon is not just one of the most effective undercover agents in the Army – she’s also a five hundred and twenty-seven year old vampire who lives by moving and never letting herself get attached to any one place or person. But this time, in this paranormal action adventure, she needs the help of an assistant. One who is smart, strong, and, above all else able to live up to her high standards.

He isn’t your usual tough, muscle-bound soldier

Staff Sergeant Bryce is an unlikely choice. In fact, he’s more likely to be found in front of a computer than a gym. Bryce consistantly comes in last during physical examinations. He’s almost given up on ever fitting in with the rest of the Army when he’s assigned to assist Shannon, a badass seductress with a huge and terrible secret. She awakens something new in him, and slowly with her help Bryce becomes the partner she not only wants to catch Ra’ad, but the alpha male she needs. Before Shannon can detach herself, she’s sucked into a whirlwind military romance with the last person she needs to be involved with – an assistant that wants to become a vampire, just like her.

Together, Bryce and Shannon must team up and become vampire hunters in order to chase down Ra’ad Khan before he can hurt thousands of others.

Vampire Cadet is a military erotica that follows the story of Shannon and Bryce as they embark on a paranormal action adventure, learning how to balance their work lives and their army romance. In this military erotica, Shannon gets more than she ever imagined – a military romance.

But can Shannon and Bryce protect their newly awakened army romance – or will Ra’ad Khan be too great of an enemy?

Read an excerpt:
Slowly, with care, she put her hand over his chest where his heart beat wildly. The thump-thump of the capricious organ was delightful. The blood that pounded through that fragile piece of flesh was burning with heat. She kissed his soft lips, and her tongue thrust inside to taste his familiar, sweet mouth. She simply couldn’t have enough of him. 
His fingers glided down to her butt, squeezed the flesh, and he pressed his body against hers. The forest was silent, save for the two of them as they stood locked in an embrace. When she left him, she would miss him. He was an amazing, smart and intelligent man who had given her the greatest win of her career. 
But it was nearly time to say goodbye.
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About the author:

Nicole Hofbrauhaus is a voracious viewer of serial television series, consumed entirely by Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Veevo, and on and on. She watches them endlessly, like an invalid inpatient confined to the reclining end of the couch- with a glass of wine and some bread and cheese on a table nearby. She often wonders why all refrigerators have two giant drawers for vegetables, but only a single tiny one for cheese.

A long time ago she was a punk rocker, dressed all in black, with tattoos and body piercings. But now she likes to relax in fleecy pajama pants and take in all the television she missed in the past ten years or so. She admits it's a form of gluttony, but watching television is calorie-free!

She's also covered in cats. Having cats is therapeutic.

She's also found that if you shout at someone in German, they'll pretty much do whatever you want.

Email her at

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