Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'A Life Worth Saving (The Manor Park Series)' by Alexandrine Lewis


When Laura meets sexy footballer Shawn in her first year of uni, she thinks her life is about to change for the better. Maybe that’s true, although the addition of a baby isn’t what she has in mind. With the help of her old pal Harry, can she decide whether her own life is a life worth saving?

Fans of the British TV hit Pramface will love A LIFE WORTH SAVING.

Note: this is a British novel, not written in American English
“A classic love story!” ~Sam G., Amazon reviewer 
“Five stars” ~Vanessa, Amazon reviewer

Read an excerpt:
That night as she dressed, she collected her long sable hair into a neat ponytail at the top of her head. She applied a bit of Sheer Cover mineral make up, to appear natural while looking her best. To her lips she added a swipe of cherry lips gloss, smacked them together and smiled. Just in case there was a kiss, she thought. Then she pulled on a pink halter top that left just a hint of cleavage exposed. Next it was her New Look skinny jeans and pink plimsolls. All this effort was meant to make her look good while maintaining the appearance of someone who had not tried at all. 
Finally, the coup de grace, dinner had gone on an hour before he was due. The scent of the food would still be there when Shawn arrived. He would know from the scent that she could cook but since he would not taste it, he would have no idea how good a cook she was unless he kept dating her. That done she went to check on her mother to let her know she was expecting company.

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About the author:

Alexandrine Lewis is a devoted mother of three, residing in London with her family. From childhood she has enjoyed writing poetry, and short stories. She graduated to writing books in her late teens but never got the heart to have them published.

She has dabbled in children's books, fiction and biographies. However, she found herself drawn to her favourite past time - romance novels. Inspired by writers such as Johanna Lindsey, Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas she finally took up the challenge to pen her first book.

She is currently working on book two of The Manor Park series.

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