Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Amelia's Agenda (A Neighborly Affair #2)' by Linda Davis


David Allen's obsession with Amelia Harding is out of control. Even as he tries to pull away, he begins to see her everywhere. He senses something isn't right with the college student, and as their relationship turns into a risky game of domination and submission, he wonders whether he can really trust her. His feelings become justified as he discovers that Amelia is harboring her own dark secret, and he may be her only hope at salvation. But as David's preoccupation with Amelia continues to grow, he begins to realize that he's willing to risk everything to protect her.

The only question, is she willing to accept his help at all?

Approximate Length 5,800 words (a short story)


David had a full day of teaching at the university beginning the next morning. He brought his lunch out to the student quad as he did most days on campus. He loved looking at the students going by and sees how this small version of a city thrived during the day. As he was finishing his lunch he noticed a tall blonde woman with short hair and a very short skirt she is Amelia’s fiends who accompanied her to David’s class the other day. She is holding hands with a tall man with brown hair and a muscular chest. Amelia’s friend was in fit shape as could be seen by her muscular legs and arms. But she is still feminine and all women. The man is more muscular and probably played football. David looked them with his eyes as the couple walked through campus toward the dorms. Suddenly they stopped and when they thought they were out of sight the man started to kiss the woman passionately and his hands started to explore her body starting with her breasts. 

This sight intrigued David. He wondered if they were on their way back to her dorm or his dorm for some mid-afternoon sex. The voyeur in him could not help himself and he started to get up and move toward the couple with the remains of his lunch in tow. David is very careful not to tag to close to the couple as to tip them off but close enough so he knew where they were going and he would not lose them in the maze of dorm rooms. 

Finally they stopped at a building in the far corner of the campus it was secluded and out of the way a perfect place to meet. The couple went into the building after a moment of fitting a key into the lock. David was at least one building behind them, using the building as cover. He started to think that this was stupid he probably would not be able to see them and there was no way he would be able to get into the dorm building even if he is a professor at the university. Then David saw movement in one of the first floor dorm rooms. He saw that the couple he had been following was in the room. He could not believe his luck it was the perfect dorm room for a voyeur. David looked around, he could not see anyone. The busy campus scene that he has been in the middle of had disappeared as he followed this couple to their dorm room. He slowly approached the dorm building where the couple was housed. David began to stealthily approach the window of the dorm room. David noticed that the window did not have a shade. As he slowly approached the window to look inside he suddenly jumped back. A woman’s buttocks smashed into the window being squeezed by the window. The couple had already started their activities. Of course the couple did not notice David they were busy with each other.

Author Bio

Linda Davis - (1979 - ) Linda was born in Long Beach, California where she lived throughout her childhood. Linda left California for Chicago attending the University of Chicago for undergraduate work. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, Hugh Davis and her three Children. Linda has always been a writer, writing plays during her time at college. Linda wrote three plays while pursing her undergraduate degree. Her plays were known for her sexual themes and edgy characters. Linda enjoys writing erotic romance because it transport her to a world very different from the world she lives in. Linda loves creating character that are so free in expressing her sexuality. She hopes that her audience becomes transport to this world by reading her stories.

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