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'An Angel for Alex' by Inga Lykke


Alex Burnham is a successful businessman in London's cutthroat business district, yet he feels restless and unfulfilled. Help arrives from an unexpected source when an angel falls into his lap. Literally.

Sofia has pissed off her brother, archangel Gabriel, one time too many, and is grounded. On earth. With a stranger. Who has a hangover.

It is not an ideal beginning, but Sofia and Alex make the most of it, soon giving in to an attraction so strong and a passion to hot, it sets their world on fire.

Divine, or at least angelic intervention threw them together, but demonic forces are already working to tear them apart. Between a fiendish father, an angry Archangel, a sword-wielding Seraphim and the geographical disadvantage of living on different planes of existence, they have many obstacles to overcome before Alex can claim his Angel.

Warning: This book contains a virgin that doesn't stay virginal for very long and an IT expert with a fondness for pink bottoms. Mild BDSM scenes to keep things spicy. You're welcome.

Read an excerpt:

First time in bed together:
She slipped out of the bed and came to him, unconcerned by her nakedness. He drank in the sight of her, her petite shape as much a contrast to his tall, muscular build as their skin tones.
You said you wanted me naked. He waited until she nodded. Then you can remove my clothes.
She bit her lips and looked him over, as if wondering where to start. He was mesmerised by the sight of her teeth tugging on her lower lip. He wanted to sooth the abused flesh with his tongue but he forced himself to stand still as she reached out, grabbing the hem of his t-shirt, tugging it up across his chest. He lifted his arms but did nothing else to aid her. She strained to reach high enough to pull it free of his arms and the movement caused her breasts to bounce right below his face. He couldnt resist swiping across one nipple with his tongue and watched it harden to a point as the air cooled the wet skin. She jumped when she felt his mouth on her but didnt stop struggling with the t-shirt.
Finally, she managed to free his arms from the fabric and he lowered his hands and waited for her to continue. She looked hungrily at his now naked torso but quickly went back to the task at hand. His pants were loose but his dick pressed hard against the zipper, so when she tried to pull it down, it wouldnt cooperate. In the end she had to ease a hand into his pants, pushing his dick back with the back of it so the zipper had room to move.
Her hand against his flesh almost killed him but he closed his eyes and counted slowly to ten. He refused to come in his pants like a teenager.
While his attention was distracted, Sofia took the opportunity to cheat. Grabbing the waist of his pants and his boxers together she pulled both pieces of clothing down at the same time. The fabric rasped across his painfully erect dick and his moan was not entirely from pleasure. When he looked down though, the momentary discomfort was forgotten. Sofia had forgotten his shoes and now she knelt before him, her head level with his dick, unable to decide how to proceed.
She looked up at him, biting her lower lip and the fantasy from the shower hit him with renewed force. He was only human. He knew she was innocent but he simply couldnt resist. Grabbing the root of his dick, he aimed it toward her face.
Sofia, have you ever eaten a lollipop?
She nodded, a confused expression on her face.
I want you to suck my dick as if it was a lollipop.

About the author:

I always find it difficult to write these things, the characters that live in my head are much easier to describe. So instead I'll just list some random facts about me, and let you draw your own conclusions.

Here we go.

I once accidentally joined a gay choir. A friend of mine knew I was looking for a choir to join so he told me he had heard of one that was looking for sopranos. I showed up for audition, and was met by a room full of gorgeous men. It soon became clear that this was not the jackpot I had hoped... The choir turned out to be a GLBT choir, and I had so much fun with them that it took me six months to "come out" and admit that I wasn't actually gay.

I was once a bouncer for a concert venue during a music festival. Since the bounciest things about me are my breasts, they became known as the Bouncy Boobs of Wrath.

I lived 7 years in Ireland, and I still don't like whisky. I know, I know! The shame, it keeps me up at night.

I was such a daddy's girl grown up, that I got my hunting license in high school. I never actually used it though. Blame Disney, I just couldn't shoot Bambi! I do like to go fishing, though, and I gut the catch myself.

I am currently single, after my last boyfriend decided to go back to his ex after we shared a passionate night together. This would be sad and tragic if THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME THIS HAD HAPPENED! But no, it has happened before. Take it from me, girls, never ask a man what he is thinking when you are basking in afterglow, cause he might just tell you. And it might go along the lines of "I am thinking of calling my ex to see what she is up to."

Yes, really.

In the end, the ex didn't want him back, and neither did I.

If this is my superpower, to turn men back to their exes, I hereby promise to use the power only for good!

I hope that gives you a little glimpse into the complex person that is me.

I will start an author blog soon for those who want to know more. In the meantime, take care and be good. And if you can't be good, be careful.

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  1. I read this, loved it! Very funny, very sexy.


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