Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FREE 10/7-10/11 'A Night to Remember Box Set' by Sylvia Parker

Blurb - 

"Three books for the price of one!

Black Leather Night At The Dungeon

Burnt out from studying, Leslie has hit the breaking point. Had she known that her first year of law school would require so much work, she would have strongly considered becoming a yoga instructor instead.

At the last possible second, she is rescued by her friend Jessica, one of the other girls in her class. Despite being polar opposites, the two girls are great friends. After picking up right away on Leslie's desperation, Jess orders tells her to be ready and dressed to kill in forty five minutes.

But Jessica has a special surprise in store for Leslie - she is taking her to "The Dungeon," an underground S&M club notorious for its wild parties and loose morals. From a small town, Leslie is completely unprepared for the scene she is about to behold.

What will happen on this wild night? Who is the sharply-dressed gentleman who looks more like an executive than a club owner? Will Leslie be able to fight her conflicting desires and hold onto her moral upbringing? Or will she succumb to the stirring deep within her, pushing her into the writhing mass of bodies during black leather night at the dungeon? 

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The Latex Mistress -

The night continues as Leslie and Jessica make their way about The Dungeon, a popular S&M club hidden in downtown LA. After having their minds collectively blown from a sex show not five minutes before, the two college girls watch as a vinyl-wearing masked dominatrix sadistically commands an unknown man to do her bidding.

He is asked to do unspeakable things in front of a growing throng of people, intended for only one purpose: to please... his sadistic mistress.

Handcuffed To The Bed -

After watching in stunned silence the show put on by the Latex Mistress, Jessica and Leslie are in shock. But before long, the mysterious owner of the club invites them for a drink in the VIP room.

Donald seems to have his eye on Leslie and, for her part, she can't seem to keep her eyes off of him either. But after so much stimulation in such a short period of time, she is beginning to wear down. Ever the gentleman, Donald invites her for a free massage by one of the professionals on staff at The Dungeon.

Too weary to turn down a free massage, Leslie accepts. But when she is led to a dark room with an uncomfortable looking metal bed instead of a massage chair, Donald's motives no longer seem as altruistic as they had before. Before she can protest, she is strapped down, helpless as Donald enters the room to find her... Handcuffed To The Bed

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A pervert by nature, Sylvia Parker aims to bring you the best in erotic short fiction. 

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