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'Holly's Crush: The Trilogy' Bree Dahlia

This is the Holly’s Crush Trilogy containing all three New Adult novellas in the series:

Holly’s Crush
Holly’s Crushed
Holly’s Crushed Out

** Warning! Contains graphic language and explicit sexual content. Adults only! **

Holly’s Crush

Holly Greene is a girl with a plan. She leaves everything behind to make a whole new life, one that does not include her ex-fiancé.
Her goal is to focus on quality alone time, make some friends, and explore her new city. She wants to revel in her youth and freedom. The last thing she needs to think about is another man, especially one with smoky grey eyes and a perfect ass.

When Holly meets her smokin’ hot neighbor, it throws her off course. Constant fantasies are not part of the deal. 

Will she be able to make her body shut-up long enough to do what her head is telling her?

** Warning! This lighthearted 11,000 word novelette contains runaway cucumbers, a trip to the porn shop, false fire alarms, and explicit content. **

Holly’s Crushed

Holly’s hot new neighbor has a problem. He’s starting to get bored with all the sexy, gorgeous women who want in his pants. Either he’s getting sick, or he’s getting too old – what else could it be?
Meanwhile, Holly finds herself becoming even more jealous and neurotic than usual, obsessing about the sexy, gorgeous women (sluts) trying to get in those pants.

She wants to be the one in there.

Between her new friends, Amy (self-proclaimed love psychic), Lexi (self-proclaimed nympho), and her drool-worthy neighbor, Holly knows her new life will be anything but dull.

When she reluctantly agrees to throw a birthday party for Lexi, she assumes everything’s under control. After a surprise guest arrives, Holly soon discovers it’s not. Will she be able to make it through the night without losing it?

** Warning! This lighthearted 13,000 word novelette contains bed-hopping women, vibrators, soaked white t-shirts, and a misunderstanding not very conducive for a HEA ending. **

Holly’s Crushed Out

Holly wants the past to stay in the past. She left her ex-fiancé for a reason, and she doesn’t need him sliming his way back into her life.
And when a double-date spoils and turns Holly into an idiot (her words), she also wants to forget the present.

Oh yeah, she wants her mouth-watering neighbor to ravish her too.
Sometimes you get want you want, and sometimes you don’t.

After an unexpected bit of news, Holly finds herself desperate to find a date for a dreaded upcoming wedding. She ignores the obvious solution to her dilemma, choosing to live in denial instead.
After too many unexplained coincidences, she soon discovers fate has other plans for her.

Will Holly continue to ignore all the signs right in front of her or will she finally get her happy ending?

** Warning! This lighthearted 25,000 word novella contains overindulgences, sucky wedding showers, pompous exes, serendipity, and a night to remember. **

Read an excerpt:
“Hot damn!”

Holly put her tongue back in her mouth and wanted to look away. She wasn’t trying to attract attention to herself, but it was hard not to stare.

He was the embodiment of perfection – if such a thing existed, it would belong to him. The man walking down the hall towards her possessed dark hair – just long enough to run her fingers through - and smoky grey eyes, strong jaw. Rugged. Masculine. And God, those lips…

Never mind the orgasm-inspiring lips; it was his body that made her take pause. Oh Lord, that body. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off every defined muscle; such basic clothing, but on him it looked nothing short of amazing. The vision was forever engraved into her brain – her own personal Etch-a-Sketch drawing.

He was simply…delicious.

Holly stood in front of her apartment door, rooted to the spot, knowing it was late and that she needed to get inside. Instead, she continued to watch as he made his way closer and closer just before turning to the unit directly across from her. He was on his phone and seemed preoccupied; otherwise she would have never given herself the opportunity to gawk so openly. Her body buzzed. This ideal specimen lived here.

Once he was safely inside and out of her sight, she allowed herself to take a deep breath and tried very hard to ignore the sparks flying every which way throughout her system. There was so much electricity; she was convinced her hair looked like a balloon had been rubbed across her head.

“Damn,” Holly muttered again as she went into her apartment. After dropping her keys on the table, she immediately went to pour herself a big glass of wine. She plopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote, ready to watch some mindless TV, but her thoughts kept wandering back to the guy she had just seen. Holly had only been living in her new apartment for a week, and this was the first time she’d ever laid eyes on him, desperately hoping it wouldn’t be the last. Never had there been a man to have such an immediate effect on her before and to say that it confused her was an understatement. She didn’t need lust to derail her now, not after everything she’d been through to get to this place.

A man is the reason I left to make a fresh start, and I certainly don’t need to be thinking of a new one right now.

Holly looked around the space she now called home; it was all hers and nothing could have made her happier. It was far from a palace but based on her satisfaction, it may have well been. She abandoned the remote for some music, hoping it would be more conducive for unwinding, and settled in for the evening. It had been a long day at work and even though it was Friday night, there was nowhere else she’d rather be.

Sipping her wine, she sat back and let her mind drift over everything that had brought her to this point. It felt exhilarating to be starting a whole new life, one that did not include her ex-fiancé Brian. After three years dating, and another three long years living together, she had finally come to the conclusion she just couldn’t do it anymore. They had seemed compatible enough; they rarely argued, so that wasn’t the problem. There was just something about him she couldn’t put her finger on. He was well-liked, generous (to an extent), and God knows he had more money than he knew what to do with. He also could be arrogant at times, and he had this way of making her feel she was not quite good enough without ever saying a word. On top of all that, she didn’t feel any passion with him. When she began having panic attacks over the thought of spending the rest of her life with him, she knew she had to get out. Once the decision was final, and as soon as she was able, she moved out of their place. She didn’t expect a scene from him and that’s exactly what she got. No tearful good-byes or begging her to stay, but he was vain enough to tell her she would never find anyone better than him and that she’d regret her decision sooner rather than later.

She seriously doubted that.

The wine was starting to make her eyes droop, so she placed the half-empty glass on the kitchen counter and went into her bedroom. Holly lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. She was so happy, so full of possibilities that came with having a brand new job, living in a brand new city, having a brand new life that was all her own. She wanted to savor the experience of being alone for awhile and was definitely not ready to be distracted by another man, no matter how fine his ass looked in those jeans. If only her body would shut-up and do what her mind was telling her, she might be able to follow that plan.

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Author Bio:

Bree Dahlia resides in the Midwest, a place known for its steamy summers and bitterly cold winters.

A fan of the sultry heat, she can be found playing outdoors until the temperature drops. Once the cold hits, she spends her time reading or writing next to the fireplace with a hot drink in her hand.

Specializing in strong spirited women and the hot alpha males who love them, her stories range from lighthearted romances to sizzling erotica, with many shades in between.

Love in real life does not always have a happy ending, but that is what her psyche craves and what is most often reflected in her stories.

Check out what Bree Dahlia has to offer!

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