Thursday, May 14, 2015

'Lord of the Bears' by Jess Hayek


Does size matter?

Bigger is better. Bears are bigger. Bears are better.

Logan is a bear-shifter with a heart as big as his body and he's searching for a new mate.

Jenny wasn't expecting much when she finished work at the diner. Just another sad and lonely night alone in her cheap apartment. She definitely wasn't expecting Logan, a rich and handsome wanderer with the body of a god to be waiting for her outside.

As things heat up in Logan's cabin, can Jenny resist giving herself completely to this seductive man with a supernatural secret?

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About the author:

Jess Hayek is a lover, a dreamer, and a writer from Los Angeles, California. She invites you to join her in paranormal passion and red-hot romance. Warning: Stories may be addictive! Enjoy, and please let her know your thoughts. More books coming soon!

No cliffhangers and always a happy-for-now ending. Forever free to read with Kindle Unlimited. Stories are intended for mature readers.

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