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So, you think you want to be a writer? by Ella Adamian, author of 'His Name Is Kilian'

So you think you want to be a writer

Starting Out As a Writer – 5 Things You Should Know

1. People might hate your book.

And many of them will be vocal about it. Many will hate the storyline. Or the characters. Or your writing style. Or the lack of it. And many will miss the point. But you can’t sit near each of your readers and explain to them what you meant or what your characters meant. Try to write as good as possible, treat your readers with respect, and remember that you are not your book. If a reader didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

2. People might love your book.

You might think it’s the best thing that can happen to a writer. Readers loved your book. Yay! They send you emails and ask about the sequel. And you feel yourself the happiest writer in the world. Then your blood runs cold. Can you do that again? Will you be able to write something as good? Will your muse stay with you till the end? Your readers have certain expectations now, what if they will be disappointed. What if they want the ending you hadn’t planned? How are you going to deal with the pressure, with the fear of failing?

3. You might be stoned and bullied.

Internet has let the bullies loose. The World Wide Web is teemed with all the types of bullies (and psychos). Many will use insults you didn’t know existed, will stone the book that took you months to write and cost you $$ (considering your book is well edited and has a good cover). You might feel devastated. You love constructive criticism, but you hadn’t signed up for internet abuse. These people aren’t called trolls for no reason. And remember that the trolls should not be fed.

4. You won’t get away with things that famous authors get away with.

Why? Because you’re not famous. Or maybe because you’re labeled as an indie author. Or because someone wasn’t in the mood today. Or just because. Stephen King has an orgy scene involving six 12-year-olds in one of his books. Do you think you’ll get away with something like that? I highly doubt it.

5. You will be terrified from the amount of competition.

80.000 new books are published on Amazon every month. And the old ones don’t go anywhere. There might come a day when there will be more books than readers. What do you plan doing then?

And tonight, after you write down 5000 words, then go to bed and prepare to sleep, think about this: do you still want to be a writer?

If your answer is YES, then welcome to the family! :))

His Name Is Killian

Erotic Romance
Date Published:
November 25, 2014

Killian Stone paints harpies.

Killian Stone is not into vanilla sex.

Killian Stone suffers from mood swings.

Killian Stone has done something very bad.

The day the painter approaches her on the bridge and asks her to pose for him is the beginning of a lust Melissa won’t be able to bridle. When Killian Stone offers her a month of submission, she’s already too captivated to turn him down. His unhinged sexuality lets her explore her own dark fantasies, but his anger outbursts are scary and devastating. As the time goes by, Melissa realizes there’s something more than just irritability and anger. He has done something which doesn’t let him rest.

Read an excerpt:
Killian didn’t say more but ran after Melissa. She had almost reached the exit. When she saw the already familiar erotic images over the walls, she rushed forward, stumbled upon the iron door, told the guard to open it, and threw herself out of the building. The yellow light of the street pole hurt her eyes after they had been too long in the dark. She looked up, as if searching for solace in the dark skies, and at last took a deep breath of the cold air.

“Melissa!” she heard his voice behind. She didn’t turn. Instead, she took a step, but her legs were losing their strength, and she felt weak in the knees.

“Baby.” He was close now, and she turned around and pushed him in the chest.

“Damn it! What the hell was all that for? What for?”

Laughing, Killian tried to envelop his arms around her, but she shrank back.

“Come here.” He made another attempt to hug her and met resistance again. “Come, stop it. Let me hug you, and you’ll calm down.”

“Leave me!” she yelled louder as Killian forced his arms around her. “Leave me, you…pervert.”

“Baby, sweet thing, little angel, I’m sorry if it scared you,” Killian muttered, pressing her to his chest and rubbing her back. “I didn’t think you were so impressionable. Those were just S and M games in a BDSM dungeon.”

“You said it was a museum!” she cried out, trying to get out of his grip. Killian held her tighter, and her efforts became more vigorous.

“Calm down,” he said, feeling her tears on his neck.

“Why would you do that to me?”

“Calm down.”

“Let me go! I can’t stand you!” She pushed him harder, but the steel arms weren’t letting her free. The claustrophobic feeling was back again, and Lessi pushed him with all her force. At last he loosened his grip but didn’t let her slip through his hands and kept her at an arm’s length by her shoulders.

“Calm down, nothing bad has happened,” he said as she again tried to get out of his arms.

“Here, hit me.” Killian cupped her hands in his and balled her palms into fists. “Hit me, and you’ll feel better,” he said, hitting her hands against his chest.

Melissa tried to pull her hands back, but he tightened his grip and once again hit himself with her fists. “Do it! You’re so mad with me. Hit me and you’ll feel better.”

“Stop it.”

“Hit me!”


About Ella Adamian

Ella Adamian lives in a small country named Armenia and writes in English. She also hides her identity, so that the local law enforcement bodies won’t fine or detain her for her explicit erotic novel “His Name is Killian.” Currently she’s working on the sequel of her first book.

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