Monday, May 25, 2015

'Stepbrother Magic (Wonders of a Witch Book 1)' by Jessica Bryant


In the faraway, mysterious land of Naguar, matters are governed with an iron fist and none suffer this steely wrath worse than the Witches. Humans born with various magical abilities - abilities whose use is strictly forbidden, on punishment of death - the Witches are regarded as monsters, born of sin. Over the centuries, these "monsters" had been hunted to near extinction or so it appeared that way by the Inquisition.

Slaughter reigned until the humans prevailed and established their fanatic, ruling dynasty; though the Inquisition's hunt goes on. And so, the Witches must live in utter secrecy, among the human population, hiding their abilities for fear of execution.

Isabel and her Stepbrother Kannis are forced to hide more secret than one.

Read an excerpt:
Stifling a loud moan, I finished my “bath”. Though, as I stepped out, wrapping myself in a light robe, I felt unfulfilled. The waters had gone cold but there was still a smoldering heat within me. 
Entering my room, I let my robe fall to the floor wantonly and turned to examine myself in the mirror. But then, I noticed the door ajar, and before I could react, through the crack I saw Kannis looking up from his book, right into my room. 
His mouth hung open as his eyes poured over my naked form. I was about to retrieve my robe when I paused. Kannis stood, seemingly readying himself to close our adjoining door. He was hesitating for far too long, however, for his body to deny what I knew he wanted. The events in the forest had shown me that he needed a push. I sauntered over and pushed the door wide open. Then, turning around, I bent over to retrieve my robe, and was a long time retrieving it, just to make sure my Stepbrother was adequately enticed.

Bio -

Jessica Bryant is a passionate writer, reader, traveler, and lets her imagination run wild on the pages. Bryant loves to write stories which captivate her readers and leave them with a burning desire for more.

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