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'Land Lover' by Ryleigh Renee


Philip Michaels has one task. Travel from Texas to Minneapolis and purchase land his father wants for a company expansion. A task that should be simple. However, upon meeting the land owner, Randall Pierce, his task becomes more difficult.

Randall Pierce is a woman working in her former fiancĂ©’s family company. His death five years earlier just prior to their wedding has her focusing all her time and energy on the job. She doesn’t like the feelings a stranger invokes in her when they meet. The last thing she wants is to fall in love again.

As the feelings Philip and Randi have for one another grow, the purchase of her land becomes more challenging. This lack of success is uncharacteristic for Philip when he’s on a mission for his father. Not seeing results, Philip’s father enters the picture and sets off a myriad of events for this couple. Justin Michaels is a man used to getting what he wants and Randi is giving him a run for his money as Philip loses control of this business deal gone bad while still having strong feelings for her.

Can this couple get past brutal business tactics and family secrets and find each other again? Is what they see the real picture of what’s going on? Or can these two get past hurt and anger and find love?

Read an excerpt:

Randi had been pouring over files for hours. The entire office was dark as all the staff had left for the weekend. Her eyes burned from exhaustion. She leaned back in her chair and rested her eyes.

She screamed at the sudden movement of her chair being spun around. She opened her eyes to find Philip with his hands on the arms of her chair, his face very close to hers. “Philip!”

“Why, Randall?” he angrily whispered. She tried to get up, but he wasn’t about to move. “Why?” he repeated.

“Philip, please.”

His breathing was heavy from his anger. He took in a deep breath before standing and allowing her out of the chair.

She rose and made her way to the front of the desk. When she turned to face him, she found he had followed and was right there. “Philip!” her hand went to his chest to keep him at bay. “What are you doing here?”

With every step she took back, he matched it with one forward. “Why? Why did you have to take the Cooper account from Justin?”

“Is that what this is all about?” she tried lightly.

“I’m waiting for an answer Randall,” his face was so close to hers. Her body was pinned at the front of her desk with no where else to go.

“Look, I saw an opportunity for Kingston and I took it.”

“Kingston?” he spat. “Or yourself?”

Her hands on the desk were the only thing keeping her from falling back. “What’s it to you?”

“Do you have any idea how angry you’ve made my father?”

“Am I supposed to care?” she returned.

“If I were you, I’d care very much!”

“He doesn’t scare me!” she lifted her chin in defiance.

“He should!” he shouted in return.

“Look, business is business.”

“Randall, this isn’t business,” his voice calmer.

“Then what is it?” her dark eyes gazing into his looking for answers.

“I need you to please lay low for a while,” he softly pleaded.

Her confusion read all over her face. “You what?”

“If you work with me, I can resolve this.”

“Work with you? Are you crazy?”

“You have to trust me.”

“Trust you?” she shouted. “No, that isn’t even a remote possibility.”

“Please,” his whisper pleaded.

She closed her eyes at the feel of his breath on her face. His hand rose to cup the nape of her neck. When he drew her close, her hands rose to his chest to push him away. “He’ll hurt you. I can’t let him do that,” his words soft whispers against her lips.

It felt like forever since he’d tasted her kiss. He hadn’t realized until he felt the softness of her hair in his hands how much he missed her.

Her quick intake of breath before his mouth came down on hers was involuntary. Her mind raced as she tried pushing him away. His other hand rose to join the first as they tangled in her long tresses. Her resolve slipping away uncontrollably as his tantalizing kisses continued. She slid her hands up his chest to encircle his neck and then tangle in his locks as well. Holding him close. Her soft coos and moans exciting him, turning his kisses hungry.

She was breathless when he finally lifted his lips from hers. “Philip,” she huskily called his name as he began seductive kisses at her throat and neck. When his lips returned to hers, the hunger in both of them was great. His hand softly caressing her neck, knowing how sensitive she was to his touch. She opened her eyes when their lips parted, gazing deeply into his bright blue gaze. “Business is business,” he whispered.

Anger rose in her like a volcanic eruption. She pushed him back with all her might. Standing before him, her hand came sharply across his cheek.

His hand rose to the sting in his cheek. “Father’s right, you are feisty.”

About the author:

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. The fantasy worlds authors created where love is found were worlds to get lost in. At twenty, I hand wrote the first draft of Land Lover. I wanted to write a love story with twists and turns and not be restricted to the few number of pages causing the lovers to fall in love instantaneously. Love grows. Attraction can be felt in an instant, but love flourishes with time. Philip Michaels and Randall Pierce are characters that became friends to me. However, after rejection letters from Harlequin and Silhouette, the hand-written novel was tucked away until almost 20 years later. Reading and editing the manuscript was like finding long-lost friends. Attempting to make the dream come true, I self-published a hard copy of Land Lover in 2008. Friends who bought and read this debut novel told me they enjoyed it and it’s a good read. Many requested I write a story for Philip’s brother, a secondary character in Land Lover (which seemed an impossibility at the time).

A few more years passed, and the desire to write and share these stores is still strong. Now Land Lover is again self-published as an eBook with a new cover that truly fits the storyline. And more stories have been written for characters creating not a single novel, but creating the Michaels Legacy. It is my hope readers will not only enjoy Philip and Randi’s story, but those that will follow.

I hope you enjoy my debut novel and will enjoy future books I am working on getting out there in eBook format.

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