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Get to know Vi Keeland, author of 'Made For You'

Give a warm welcome to author Vi Keeland! Get to know more about her and her book 'Made For You.' Feel free to leave her any questions or comments, as well as entering the giveaway!

What was the inspiration behind 'Made for You'?
I was inspired by a friend who called off her wedding a few months before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. She was set to marry a nice guy… on paper he was a catch and a half. But it wasn’t right in her heart. It took a lot to back out and wait for the one that made her heart speed up. She recently found him.
Which character spoke to you the most during the writing process?
I think I bonded most with Sienna during the writing process…because she was so familiar to me. While my best friend was always the inspiration behind the character from the beginning, I found myself bringing more of my friend’s sassy but truthful personality to the character than I originally planned.
Which scene is your favorite?
As a writer, I enjoyed writing the scenes between Sienna and Syd most. My favorite one to write was the one where Syd is trying to wake up Sienna on the bus and they end up jumping on the bed. But as a reader, when I went back and read the book after it was done, my favorite scene was actually the one where Syd and Jack discover how much fun they could have with an ipad thousands of miles apart
Please tell us about your other published works.
The first book I published was First Thing I See. It’s a story about Kennedy, who becomes emotionally unavailable after her suffers a tragedy as a teen, and Hope, who is trying to rebuild her life away from her emotionally scarring step mother. After that, I published the two books in the Cole series. I’m also finishing up with something a little different now.
On what other projects are you working?
I hope to publish a book I just finished, Worth the Fight, on October 1st. It’s pretty different from the first three I published. Gone are the wealthy businessmen from my first three stories and now I’ve moved onto MMA fighters. Big muscles and tattoos…yummy! It’s also a bit different for me because I wrote it in the alternating POV of both characters.
How do you get into the mood to write erotica?
For me, this question would be more appropriately asked, does writing erotica get you in the mood? Yes! I have a big leather oversized chair in my bedroom where I do a lot of my writing. I think being in the room helps my imagination ease into the scene and it feels more natural. Also, it’s convenient when it gets you in the mood
Does your career as a lawyer ever influence what you write?
Not at all. Oddly, nothing in my day life really spills over into my writing life. I keep them very separate and I’m a very different person in both places. Although, perhaps the boredom from my day job influences my desire for some writing fun at night…so I guess that’s a distant connection of the two.
What compelled you to finally write and publish?
Forty is only a few years away for me…I think I just decided it was time to go for it. I remember reading my first review….I cried…I was so excited someone actually read it and liked what I wrote. I think I was hooked from that moment on!
How do you make yourself stand out in this competitive genre?
I try to make my stories romance first, erotica second. A lot of the genre is filled with angst and heavier sexual content, so I’m hoping mine find a good niche that want the blend of romance and smut I like to write!
Do you prefer to read books within the genre you write, or do you prefer to branch out, instead?
I’m a lifelong romance reader, so I do tend to stick to romance and probably only venture out of the genre once or twice a year. I spend so much time reading serious material in my day job, I need the escape.
What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?
I’m short! I tend to wear heels a lot so people are sometime surprised when they catch me barefoot. I’m just shy of five foot one. But I make it up in boobs and mouth
Anything else you would like to add?
Yes! To anyone reading this. Did you ever toy with the idea of writing? DO IT! I wasted too many years thinking about it and not doing it! It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever done and my only regret is that I didn’t start twenty years ago. Don’t waste any more time…go for it! Do what you love too, not just what pays the bills.
Thank you so much for your time!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I was born and raised in New York. I've been told more than once that I have a New York accent. It is pronounced cawfee, not coffee, right? I am one of six children, and come from a happy, albeit dysfunctional, family of "steps, halves, ours, theirs and his" children. I have three children, two girls and a boy. My son is the oldest and is a godsend. The girls, well, they are tweens and make me drink too much wine on occasion.

I am a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night! I actually consider myself a romance author, but my books definitely have steam in them, so I guess I am technically a romance-erotica author. I am also a HUGE reader and love Sylvia Day, Kristen Ashely, and EL James.

After years of thinking about writing my own book, I finally took the leap in 2012. I published my first book, First Thing I See, in January 2013, and was thrilled at the overwhelming success! Belong to You was published on April 4, 2013, and climbed its way to number 9 in the Amazon Erotica Best Seller's list in its first five days! The sequel to Belong to You is due out on July 1st, 2013.


Twitter: @vikeeland

Book Like pages:

Made For You
by Vi Keeland



Sequel to Belong to You

Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise. It was only supposed to be a fling. But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again. Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after. But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams. Can their love survive long distance? Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd. And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful. Can the two find a way through to forever?


Read an excerpt:
Jack shifted, easing my back onto the bed, and lifted his body over me, his forearms on either side of my head, absorbing the weight of his body. The room was dark, but my eyes had adjusted and I could see the light in his eyes above me. “Do you, Syd?” He pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear as he spoke tenderly.

I think I do. You don’t want men looking at me. I get it. You don’t even notice the way that women look at you when you walk by. I get the urge to smack them when I see them taking more than a peek. So I can’t imagine that I would be happy if you were on a thirty foot display, perhaps with these sinful abs showing.” I rubbed my handed across his hard abdominal muscles.

Jack was quiet for a moment before he spoke. “It’s more than that, Syd. Yes, the thought of men looking at your beautiful face and body up there makes me want to stay outside the coliseum and hurt every man that takes more than a friendly look, but it’s not just that.”

Jack’s eyes searched mine, looking for something before he continued. “You’re mine Syd. And I don’t want to share. Not a picture, not a smile, not a touch. All of it is mine. Only mine. You were made for me. That sexy mouth belongs to only me. I wake up every morning craving that body that wiggles beneath me. That body that surrenders as soon as it’s filled with me. It’s mine and I need it so bad it physically hurts when I reach over on the bed and find your warm body isn’t there. So, yeah, I’m not happy about the picture. But it’s the rest of it that’s killing me.”

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  1. I think I'm in love - with this cover. Talk about getting my attention right from the start. I enjoyed the interview thank you. (My Mother is just 5 feet, so you'd be the giant in that room.)


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  6. Sounds like a nice fav scene

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