Sunday, August 4, 2013

'Ruined! (A Scandalous Historical Romance)' by Andreya Stuart


A ruined woman, two powerful men . . .

Elizabeth Beckenham, a strong-willed, passionate young woman with no future except to serve as companion to her cousin in her uncle’s house.

Adam Black, a wealthy, handsome rogue, born on the wrong side of the blanket, determined to buy his way into the peerage by marrying a title.

David, Earl of Leicester, a wealthy aristocrat at the top of ton, entirely unrestrained by the conventions that govern those less fortunate.

Three strong characters, a single raging romance . . .

She could feel him looking at her back, felt him caress her with his eyes. She turned to face him, heart pounding. Light and shadow painted him a living god before her very eyes. Perfect.
Utterly perfect.
He studied her, shook his head slowly in defeat. “You are making a mistake,” he said as he approached. “I am cruel, and I am demanding, and I have never wanted a mistress.”
She nodded, hearing the words like music. He could talk forever, he could say anything he wanted, as long as she could stand here and look at him.
“You are costing me my soul…if I have one.” He was standing before her, his breath stirring her hair. He lifted a finger to caress a breast, watching as it sharpened into an aching point. He lowered his head, brushed his tongue across the nipple, then drew it into his mouth.
She gasped, her hands coming to his head, whether to stop him or draw him closer she did not know.
He lifted his head, brought his lips to hers, accepted her surrender as she molded her body to his.

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Author Bio: 

Andreya Stuart has been writing historical romances since 2006. She says, “As a young woman, I read Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Jamaica Inn, classic tales of true love and dire consequences. In becoming an author I strive to create stories just as memorable and just as true to life. In Ruined! I introduce Elizabeth Beckenham, born into affluence and suddenly impoverished by the death of her father. Raised with the expectation she’d be free to marry a man she loved, she now finds herself facing a future of servitude and abuse in her uncle’s house, life on the streets, or the unthinkable…becoming the mistress of a man of means. The decisions Elizabeth makes, the challenges she faces, the intelligent, demanding and passionate men she loves, will transport you to a time and place you’ll never forget."

For a while I ran a Dark Romance yahoo group that had 500+ very active authors/readers who shared my interest in "not-light romance". In 2007/2008 I stepped away from fiction to work on business matters. I made the books available for download and 20K+ have read them over the years. I'm re-releasing them on Kindle now, and I finally have the freedom to write more. 

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