Friday, November 29, 2013

'Conflict of Intimacy' by I. Kendrick


Death row inmate Naomi Pratton accepted her fate of being executed by lethal injection. However, in the last few days of her life she did not expect to fall for a man that would reveal the biggest surprise of her life.

Read an excerpt:
Naomi heard the echo of the door slamming down from the hallway of solitary confinement. She quickly stood up from the bed and faced the mirror. Notwithstanding her unpolished appearance she was still a gorgeous woman in her early 30s. She tied her long brown hair into a bun. Still gazing at the mirror, she focused into her deep light brown eyes and glided her hand down her cheek. The simultaneous sounds of footsteps and dangling keys were approaching closer to her cell. When the lock unclicked she scrambled towards the door. A correction officer stood in the doorway of Naomi's cell holding a tray of food.
"Hello Naomi! It's going to be a good lunch today, pork chops and string beans and for dessert applesauce." The correction officer handed Naomi the tray.
Naomi looked at the food and walked over to the sink to set the tray down. She slowly walked back toward the correction officer until he towered over her and she gently clutched his cock and balls with one hand. "Let's have a change of menu, I'm not in the mood for pork chops and string beans. Today I want one big beef sausage and two supple potatoes." She stood on her toes so her mouth could reach his ear. "And for dessert I want vanilla cream pudding."
The correction officer was nervously flattered by Naomi's aggressive seduction. He jerked himself away from her grip. "I can't lose my job and reputation for having sex with a convicted murderer; it wouldn't matter how good of a lay you are."
"Officer Quinn, I'm going to be put to death in five days! Why are you so scared? Afraid you're going to get me pregnant! For me, your dick is the last dick on Earth!" Naomi took off her hideous orange prison garb unveiling her slender figure, "I will make it worth the risk."
Officer Quinn stepped back outside the cell door and looked down the hallway. He strode back inside the cell and quietly closed the door.

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