Monday, November 18, 2013

'Wolf Creek Enforcer (Texas Pack #2)' by Jo Ellen


Anything can happen on the highway.

When Ian hits the road to find his mate, he isn't expecting to find her in the free-spirited hitchhiker he picks up in New Mexico. The head enforcer for his pack has a new challenge now, because a dark wizard wants Melanie for her magical abilities, and he'll stop at nothing to get her.

Finding Ian was more than Melanie could have hoped for when she began her journey. The hard part will be telling him of her family's legacy and the task that is hers alone.

Read an excerpt:

“Baby? Come on, wake up. I’ve got you.” 
Ian maneuvered his body to where he could sit on the shelf. He didn’t notice the cold mud against his backside. Holding her in his lap, he ran a finger down her jaw. She was burning up, her face flushed. While her body was pale, her face was not. 
Ian stiffened when he saw the bruising on her cheek. He was going to kill that fucking wizard.  
He had to get her out of there and to a doctor, fast. Something wasn’t right. She could not get this sick from a virus so quickly. Then again, what the hell did he know? He was not a doctor. His mind was swimming. Kill the bastard later, he had to get Melanie to a hospital.Ian howled for Devlin. “Tear this den apart so I can get her out of here.” No way would he take her down into the water.  
While Devlin worked, Ian spoke softly to her. “You have to wake up, Babe. I cannot live without you. Come on, babe, I love you.” He gently kissed her lips.  
“I’m not sleeping beauty,” Melanie growled. Her voice was rough with fatigue. “That’s two, Fluffy.”  
Hearing his pack, he shouted, “Help Devlin tear this den apart, we’re sitting on a shelf above the waterline.”  
The guys made quick work of removing the sticks and debris the beavers had used to build their home. 
Melanie had trouble keeping her eyes open, she felt horrible. Something was wrong, she could feel it throughout her body. This was not the common cold virus or flu. The best description she could come up with was that she felt contaminated. She was so weak she could barely keep her eyes open. 
Feeling the sun on her face, she squinted and saw seven naked men standing in the water. As weak as she was, she could not leave well enough alone. 
“I must be dead, cause I see seven naked men surrounding me. Cool,” with that, she passed out.

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Jo Ellen is the mother of three, two in college and one in high school. Before becoming a stay at home mom, she worked for a publishing company dealing with trademarks. She has always loved books in almost any genre She stays busy with her writing and taking care of her family, which, besides her husband and children, includes a dog, two cats, a bearded dragon, and one koi in the backyard pond. Breast cancer slowed her down somewhat, but now that her chemo and radiation are finished, she is looking forward to getting her writing back on track. Her Wolf Creek series are contemporary romance, supernatural/fantasy books about werewolves, witches, shifters, mates, druids and wizards.

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