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'Cat Walk Diaries Book III - Ruby' by Sofia Mansfield


Cat Walk Diaries – Book 3 – Ruby

The Cat Walk Agency hires models--only the most beautiful women are chosen. But there is another darker and clandestine side-line business at this modeling agency. A few special women are hired for a short time by ‘men-of-means.’ The cost is high—it might be even higher for the women who are thus employed.

Each of the women uses an alias. This is the story of the model Ruby. Her name stands for her beautiful bright red hair.

Ruby has a very serious, secret problem. When she goes on an assignment, her client, Richie, suddenly understands some truths about Ruby that will change both of their lives forever.

This erotic novelette is not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen years.

Read an excerpt:

1 - Ruby
One tiny pinprick can devastate a life. Or add life. I dumped the box of condoms on my bed and started tearing the individual wrappers off each one. Damn. These things were old. There were tiny cracks I could see in the rubber on a few of them when I held them up to the light.
I checked the bottom of the box. Out of date. Furious, I picked up a handful and threw them across my bedroom.
They say redheads have tempers to match their flaming hair. I frowned, shaking my head. There was nothing I could do. I could just envision what would happen if I went to the drugstore to tell them they sold old, out of date condoms and ruined my life. It would be impossible to sue them. The date was clearly marked on the box. Whoops, we made a mistake.
I plopped down on the bed, right on top of the defective items that caused so much agony, and sobbed hard for a few minutes. Then I picked up my phone,
“Madeline, I have a crisis. I really need to speak to you.”
I felt a little better as I got in my car and gunned it, spreading rubber and speeding toward the Cat Walk Agency. Even with the exhilaration of driving like the demons from hell were on my tail, I knew couldn’t outrun this problem.
I breathed deeply and tried to think. The doctor could almost pinpoint the date of conception, so I could whittle down the potential fathers. I knew which one I hoped for. Then I chastised myself. This was not at all what I wanted. Plus, I could never tell him anyway, even if it was him. It had to be a secret forever. I had crucial decisions to make right away. Time was running out.
If I could be sure it was him, though, I would have the baby; but there was no way of finding out before the baby was born. And how could I ask him to take a paternity test, anyway? Awkward and impossible. It had to be a secret, whatever I chose to do. I would never know who the actual father was if I decided to go to term.
When I walked into the Cat Walk Agency, the receptionist took one look at my red, puffy eyes and said, “Madeline’s expecting you. Go on in, Ruby.”
I gave a couple of polite knocks and entered Madeline’s private office.
“You’re having a bad day, Ruby?” Madeline asked when she looked at me. She gestured for me to sit down.
I sat down across from her, nodded, and felt myself tearing up again. I whispered, “I’m pregnant.”
“You’re sure?”
“The rabbit died when I peed on the pink strip. So I went to the doctor. It’s confirmed.”
“No one asked you to go bareback, did they?” Madeline asked sternly. The clients all knew that using protection was mandatory for the women who worked at The Cat Walk Agency.
I shook my head. “It’s my fault. I bought condoms that were out of date. I didn’t know, didn’t check the date on the box.”
Madeline nodded with sympathy, “Never assume.”
We both knew the old saying—it makes an ass out of you and me.
“Accidents happen,” she continued. “It actually happened to one of my models a couple of years ago.”
“What did she do?” I asked.
She shook her head and sighed. “It doesn’t matter, Ruby. What matters is what’s right for you.”
“I don’t like either option.”
Madeline took a key out of her purse and unlocked her bottom desk drawer. She pulled out her appointment book. Inside was her secret code for the clients and the date for each man’s appointment. Next to the client’s name was the initials for his date. “How far along are you? Can you pinpoint the date of conception? And would it matter if you were sure about who the father is?”
She was flipping through the book, so I said, “I know who the potential sperm donors are. I’m almost exactly two months along in the pregnancy. There are two men. It’s either George or Alex.”
I felt a little guilty because there was one other possibility; another man who was a client of the agency. I couldn’t name him. It had been an off-the-books, spur of the moment thing. Something that just happened. I couldn’t tell Madeline about it.
“What about Donald?” Madeline asked, flipping the pages back and forth, studying her book.
I shook my head. “He just wants baby-talk and to be paddled. Then he watches me parade around in lingerie. He has a thing about germs, so…no touching, nothing intimate”
Madeline gave me a wide-eyed look, as though surprised. “Would you object to either of the men you believe could be the father—to actually being the father?”
I shook my head and smiled. “Both are highly intelligent. One is prematurely bald and one isn’t very tall, but I wouldn’t object on that basis. And I’d never tell, anyway.”
“Do you wish to continue working, whatever you decide?”
I nodded. “If I had the baby, I would have to be off work for several months. If I terminate, I’d probably need only a few days off.”
“I’d hate to lose you, Ruby, but it’s your decision to make. If you have a child, you may decide you no longer want to work at the Cat Walk Agency. Don’t worry if you need to be off for a few months. You’ll always have your job here. You’re the favorite of many of our clients.”

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Sofia Mansfield is a pseudonym because I write in different genres.

Having read quite a few recently published erotic romance novels, I have been noticing a trend: most depict women who are degraded, hurt or mistreated. In this series of books I want to blast that hurtful theme right out of the water.

Erotic romance can be fun and imaginative, involving women who choose a lifestyle that makes them a good income while doing something that is enjoyable.

This is fantasy erotic romance with some suspense. The stories involve several models, their relationships, and the men who love them. The women are all gorgeous, and the men who are their clients and lovers enjoy their company as well as have erotic experiences with them.

I hope all the readers will enjoy the Cat Walk Diaries series of novelettes.

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