Friday, May 23, 2014

'Duet Stories Volume 2: The Tempo Builds' by Brownell Landrum


What are soulmates? Are people destined to be together? If so, where does "free will" come into play? Can we mess up our fate?

Delve into these questions and more in DUET stories Volume II: The Tempo Builds.

Like real-life relationships, the story gets more intimate – and compelling – the more the couple gets to know each other better – a lot better. Starting where Volume I left off, Paige and Griffin continue to navigate some very intriguing, mysterious and poignant challenges in their quest to see if they're supposed to be together, in this lifetime and…before.

Rave reviews!
"I laughed and cried! – and laughed and cried!"
"Reading this book helped me understand my wife – and marriage – so much better!" 
"I always wondered what soulmates are, and now I finally 'get it!'" 
"I loved the first book, The Song Begins, but this second volume is even more profoundly beautiful. It truly changed my life!"

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