Monday, May 19, 2014

'Duet Stories Volume III: A Chorus of Voices'

DUET Stories Volume III: A Chorus of Voices

NEW Sequel/Prequel to Fifty Shades!

Were Ana and Christian destined to be together?
Have they known each other before?
What happens after “happily ever after?”

A new book explores these mysteries…and more.

It’s four years later and Ana and Christian meet Paige and Griffin. The connection between the two couples sparks a flood of memories from a mystical and enlightening past…

A shared past…

…nearly four hundred years ago.

Re-experience their first kiss…and mutual attraction.

Re-explore one of the most sensual and erotic couples in fictional history…

But instead of being Ana and Christian, they’re Katarina and Maks.

And instead of being in Seattle in the 21st century, they’re in the Ottoman Empire in the 1600s.

Still, many of the lessons and challenges…
…of life and love…
of power and sacrifice…
of forbidden desire…
Are the same.

Now you’ll learn…
Why Christian was afraid of being touched.
Why he needed control.
Why he chose…yes chose…to be born to a crack whore.
And why Ana was the salvation he’d needed to break through the bondages of a tormented past.

Why they were born again to be together.

Why they wanted another chance at love…

And you’ll meet and fall in love with Paige and Griffin. A couple performing their own celestial duet.

Together they explore the dynamics of soulmates, passion and purpose.

DUET Stories…A Chorus of Voices…

A new book in the DUET stories series.

by Brownell Landrum

Hear what others are saying:

“Exciting!”“Thought-provoking!”“Well-written!”“Amazing!”“Intriguing!”“A page-turner!”“I read it twice – and plan to read it again!”“Adds another – more meaningful – dimension to Ana and Christian’s story!”“I loved the twist at the end! And make sure to read the Epilogue! Really incredible!”“A great book for couples to read together!”“It’s like the Celestine Prophesy for relationships!”

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DUET stories: 

Lose yourself in the fiction…find yourself in the truth.

Read an excerpt:


Today Paige and I meet with our editing team at Grey Publishing to put together everyone’s Ottoman Empire stories. Even Christian has been cooperative, though secretive. Each of us has kept our stories mostly to ourselves since we’ve been writing. We figured it would turn out more authentic that way, though our poor editor has her work cut out for her.

Once the process is out of our hands, and Paige and Griffin’s other books are in final editing, I turn back to my other favorite jobs: being a mother and wife and hostess to our friends.

Griffin and Paige give Christian his wish and work fulltime in various Grey Enterprises Holdings pursuits. I admire how they can work so well together, yet they’re both independent.

Me? I still can’t imagine working for my husband. It’s one of those ongoing arguments that’ll never get solved. At least not to his satisfaction.

Over the ensuing several days, while they’re working, I spend as much time with the kids as possible. As I watch them, I consider the “nature vs. nurture” debate and realize there may be another element that influences character and behavior.

Reading about Paige and Griffin’s alter egos, and my memories from my own, I see the parallels in our characters “now” versus “then.” The situations are worlds as well as centuries apart, yet there are so many similarities in both temperament and life lessons. It’s quite fascinating and awe-inspiring, yet also feels so…right.

“Mommy?” Phoebe poses as she scooches in with me in my reading chair.

“Yes, sweet girl?”

“I’m glad I chose you and Daddy.”

You chose us? I started to ask. Instead I reply, “Me, too. Really glad.”

Then I wonder… “Anything you want to tell me?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. Many things. Just later, okay?”

“Okay, Sweetie. Whenever you’re ready. Do you want me to read you a story?”

“No, Mommy. I want to write one.”


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