Friday, November 28, 2014

'Blame It on the Leather Pants (A Christmas Story)' by Aubrey Lee


Kevin’s crush is his best friend, Sydney, who’s drowning her sorrows in tears and video games over her latest boyfriend fiasco. Kevin wants out of the friend zone and into Sydney’s heart. His crazy roommate, Dane has a plan—a bad boy makeover for Kevin and a crash course in man rules! Desperate to win Sydney, Kevin reluctantly agrees, never imagining leather jeans, spiked hair and eye-liner would give a whole new meaning to manhood!

Join the hilarious adventures of Dane, Sydney and Kevin as Kevin turns into a babe magnet that attracts every woman but Sydney!

Enjoy Blame It on the Leather Pants—it’s one of the best and funniest reads of the year!

Aubrey Lee Bio

New York native, Aubrey Lee, is the new kid on the Romance Writing block. Growing up as a shy chica, she spent many days daydreaming and doodling in notebooks – often in class.

Aubrey attended college in California. After graduation, she landed a job in the Corporate America. She began writing poems and short stories in her spare time.

As she gained more confidence in her writing ability, she decided to come out of the literary closet with her first Romantic Comedy novella – Blame It on The Alcohol. You can keep up with Aubrey at

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