Wednesday, January 21, 2015

'A Missing Piece' by Jayna F. McKenzie

Burning lust, one confident woman and two men who enjoy one another's bodies as much as hers!

Series Description:

Patrick is a complex person, more sensitive than most men and yet dripping with an insatiable sexual appetite. Rachel is a fiercely independent woman who knows what she wants both in the bedroom and out.

While their relationship is solid, they both hunger for more, a missing piece that will fill the gap that they both sense in their lives. When Patrick meets a gorgeous new guy at work, Cosa, he practically melts with desire. His chiseled features, laid back attitude and sexually open nature would be a perfect fit for the role that Patrick and Rachel have been looking to fill.

However, not at all is as simple as it seems at first, since Cosa has some secrets that could throw a wrench into their plans. Now the three of them must fight for the raw, animal passion that they feel for one another despite betrayals, public embarrassment and even mortal danger.

Please be advised that this book contains explicit descriptions of bisexual encounters between 2 men and a woman.

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For a long time, my romantic life was as plain as possible, no spice or unpredictability. That all changed when my marriage blew up in a way that sent me reeling, seeking some form of identity as all the people and places that I thought I knew went away for good. I eventually sought catharsis in the arms of a fantastic guy, the one who eventually led me into the sort of experimentation that inspires my current writing.

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