Monday, January 5, 2015

'Risky Intentions' by S.M.K. Knight


Marcus moves to a small town in search of a new lease of life, he is hoping to find a new job, spark a new flame of romance and enjoy some adventure. He has a gift which ultimately becomes his curse, he is very sexy, handsome and charming, the type that easily stands out and any woman would die for. The problem is there are not a lot of Marcus' in this town and when word gets out about his arrival, it causes a frenzy and almost every woman in town wants a piece of this new stranger. A close group of women get the first shot at wooing him their way. But there are others plotting behind the scenes waiting to strike at the perfect time.

Read an excerpt:
Marcus had a large selection of young and beautiful women to choose from, but one in particular stood out to him the most. Unlike the rest of women in town, this woman had come to the bar alone. At first Marcus assumed she would be meeting a date or friends, but her wardrobe and demeanor suggested otherwise. The lovely brunette was wearing a business suit that hugged her body nicely. Her hair was pinned back in a neat bun, and Marcus couldn’t help but notice that she had very nice assets as she removed and hung the jacket to her suit on the back of her barstool.

Also, unlike the other women in the bar who ordered girly drinks like a Malibu Bay Breeze or cranberry and vodka, this woman ordered a whiskey and coke. Marcus raised an eyebrow at her order, but she only returned it with a smug look. Marcus shrugged, laughing to himself and gave the lovely lady what she ordered. To his amusement she downed it with one gulp. He had mixed the drink strong, but she didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. 
“Barkeep” the woman yelled out, holding up her glass. “My cup seems to have a hole in the bottom, I’m going to need another drink,” she joked, making her best attempt at humor.

Marcus poured her another, taking the order of a patron seated next to her.

“What’s your name?” Marcus asked the woman. 
“Janet!” the woman shouted over the crowd and noise of the jukebox, and then set to work on her drink, dismissing Marcus.

The bar remained packed until about half an hour until closing time and Janet stayed the entire time, ordering drink after drink but seemingly not getting too intoxicated. Marcus kept stealing glances at her from across the bar, and while she pretended not to notice, she most certainly did. Marcus was by far the best-looking man she had ever encountered.

Author Bio:

S.M.K. Knight is a writer and E-book author whose interests include writing music and poetry. Over the years he developed a passion for writing about romance, intimacy and relationships. Now with his new book he hopes to share his passion with everyone who loves to read well thought out and written stories. His writing style focuses heavily on details, descriptions and development of characters which is evident in his new short story series Risky Intentions.

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