Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'The Secretary...Taking the Proverbial' by Eva Wallace


Emma is just starting out in her new job, and the last thing she needs is a gorgeous guy playing with her mind. 

Throw in that the guy has a secret and a penchant for caramel lattes. Coffee shop shenanigans abound, and this office romance is never going to be easy. 

Will love conquer all, or will more secrets come out?

Eva Wallace is an author, born and raised a stone's throw from the Peak district National Park. People who live in the park have asked her to stop throwing stones.

Joking aside, Eva started writing after being bullied at work. After a particularly traumatic week she decided to try and find alternative employment. Being of a certain age she knew it would be difficult to find another job so decided to give writing ago.

Having worked in various industries, in a variety of different roles she decided to use this experience to write Romantic Comedy novels. To date she has written 2 novels based on a secretary called Emma, who is starting out in a new job and developing an unorthodox relationship with a handsome young man called David.

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