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'Death in the Family (A Sophie Morgan Vampire Book)' by Helen Treharne

Death in the Family
Sophie Morgan Vampire Series
Book 2

by Helen Treharne

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Date of Publication: February 14, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1507708958
ISBN-10: 1507708955
Number of pages: 283
Word Count: 81,770
Cover Artist: Mannish

Book Description:

Things are on the up for Sophie Morgan.

She fended off vampires on a holiday to Antwerp, escaped them on her return in Coventry, stabbed her neighbor and is slowly rebuilding her life in her hometown of Bethel. Running the family property business may not be lucrative but she’s happy. Since returning to Wales, she has only had to kill one vampire and thanks to the linoleum on her kitchen floor, even that was an easy clean up.

Then a mixed blessing arrives in the form of Mickey Kelly, the barman she had a brief flirtation with in Antwerp. After being missing for months, he arrives on her doorstep one rainy night. His brother has been murdered and vampires are coming for her. Little do the pair know that Sophie’s estranged father is among their numbers. He’s coming for his daughter… and he’s not the only one.

Death in the Family is the long awaited sequel to Relative Strangers, with some familiar faces as well as some new ones.

Will Charles Ferrers, Sophie’s former adversary, pursue her to South Wales and if so, to what end? Who is the mysterious man following her? Will Sophie and Mickey finally consummate their relationship and where will it lead them? Or will there be more than one new man in her life?

Find out how our practical, resilient, if not slightly insecure, Sophie deals with a whole new range of challenges in the second in the ‘Sophie Morgan vampire series’. This time she has bigger problems than vampires to deal with. This time she has family visiting.

Death in the Family is the second Sophie Morgan vampire book and will be available from Amazon from 14th February – the perfect valentine gift for the vampire slayer in your life!

Read an excerpt:
Julie was beautiful in her sadness. The faint lines, that had started to form around her eyes, reminded him of the laughter he had missed, the private jokes which they should have shared over the years. Her red hair was still fiery but had mellowed to the colour of ancient amber, the freckles on her arms blended from summers in the sun so that her pale skin now had a healthier complexion.

A hunger surged inside him. He ran his fingers through his hair and tugged at it. Julie was a matter of moments away. All he had to do was call her name, knock on the window, rip off the door and announce himself to her, take her in his arms, slip his tongue around hers, press his teeth into her flesh, own her, be with her, climb into her and walk around in her flesh, in her heart, in her soul till they both descended into rapturous madness.

In the flood of hitherto suppressed emotion that washed over him, Kasper forgot himself for a second and lost himself in Julie. In that moment, he was with her, stood next to her, cradling her in his arms as a father, a lover, a son. He wanted to be everything to her, to show her the world.

He didn't hear the footsteps that quietly crept up from behind him, cushioned by the damp grass and soft soles. Nor did he hear the rustle of coat sleeves as the arm swung back and launched the tyre iron at his skull. The swift thud of metal against flesh was barely audible, as was the gentle plod of footsteps making away with his limp body across the lawn.

About the Author:

In addition to being the creator of the developing “Sophie Morgan" series, Helen is an urban poet and social commentator who can frequently be found ranting in the Twitterverse. She knew the degree in Sociology would come in handy some day!

Helen lives in South Wales with her husband, three cats, an entrenched tea addiction and an increasing collection of stringed instruments. When she’s not writing she spends her time daytime hours working in communications and PR and volunteers for a feline welfare charity. She also runs a very popular book blog.

Given she has far too little downtime, she spends far too much of it watching Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Twitter @Tea_Talks
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