Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Rescued (The Evil Eye Series)' by Kalliopi Megali


Rescued is the thrilling and romantic first book in The Evil Eye Series. Sophia Mazarides is a beautiful woman who put her dreams on hold to take the reigns of her family's company. The time has come to pass the torch on to her younger brother to pursue her dreams and calling in life. Her fiancĂ© may not be able to accept this change and his lurid secrets will place Sophia in grave danger. Dion Maxopoulos is a man that learned from his family to rescue others from the darkness in the world. His romantic choices have made him into something he does not want to be. Sophia and Dion believe there is something better out there for them and they will search the ends of the earth to find it. Unless the evil forces around them contrive to end this journey at any price – possibly costing them their lives. Rescued is a romance, a thriller, an adventure, a passionate story filled with vivid characters and so much more.

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Author Bio

Kalliopi Megali is a Greek-American author and intellectual property entrepreneur. She is the Founder and President of Alpha Muse Inc., a New York City based intellectual property brokerage and consulting firm. This is a surprising profile for a creative personality, but it is her unique and rich background that fuels her creativity and the depth of her writing.

Readers find that the characters in a Kalliopi Megali story are three dimensional with complex layers. The personalities are bigger than the page and the stories have all the nuance and complexity of real life. This is how she likes it. She wants her stories full of characters that are real and relatable. She believes no person is just one thing. Everyone has different sides. The virtues and the flaws build characters and stories worth reading – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And a Kalliopi Megali novel is well worth the read.

When she is asked about this unusual depth in her work, she attributes the creativity and flare in her stories to a creative life and her wide range of interests and experiences. If she’s pressed a little further, she admits her dichotomous interests connect to her family. Kalliopi grew up in a family full of creative personalities that were also entrepreneurs. Her father is a restaurateur and her mother is a dressmaker. She is thankful to both her parents for encouraging her to nurture different sides of herself.

Music, dance and physical activity play a big role in the author’s life. Her playlists are as varied as her interests. Kalliopi’s family roots especially draw her to Greek and Middle Eastern music and she has been belly dancing since the age of 2. As an adult, she trains in mixed martial arts and especially enjoys Thai Boxing and Krav Maga. Cooking and entertaining at home are her favorite ways to celebrate with family and friends. She prepares recipes from all over world including Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and of course Greek cuisine. Her sometimes uncontrollable sweet tooth drives her to bake creative desserts with passion and she has been known to eat on a cheat day like she was on her way to the electric chair.

Kalliopi sees her writing and business work as extensions of the same creative spirit. She holds a United States Patent for a product line of wound care products. She supports charities that help children, animals, and the disabled. She loves making people laugh, a slice of NY pizza, and a stiff cocktail (pun intended, don’t lie you were thinking it too). She admits her guilty pleasures are Reality TV, eating ice cream from the carton and a dirty joke. Whether she’s inventing something new to solve a problem, designing a dress for a gala, developing a business model for a new start-up, or creating a story line for a novel, Kalliopi is putting all of herself into her creations because that is the only way she knows how.

To know more about Kalliopi and her life, look to the page. Pick up her novels and see the stories come to life before your eyes.

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