Wednesday, March 18, 2015

'Billionaire Stepbrother's Offer' by Stephanie Brother

"One step. That’s all it would take to close the distance between us and take you into my arms, into that bed. But then there’s no going back."

After their parents got married, Drake and Emily became the best of friends. They shared everything - their secrets, their hopes, their dreams for the future. The one thing Emily couldn’t share with Drake was the truth about her growing attraction to him. She always thought there would be more time. But then their world came crashing down around them, and Drake vanished… leaving Emily alone to pick up the pieces of their broken home.

Five years later, Emily is struggling to pay her law school tuition, and lands a coveted job as a summer associate at a high-powered law firm. With a promising career ahead of her, she’s finally ready to forget about the boy she grew up with and move on with her life. So when Drake suddenly shows up and reignites her feelings for him, will she be able to resist the hold he still has over her heart? Or will she risk everything for a forbidden romance with man she’s loved for so long?

Read an excerpt:
I stripped down and sank into the water, allowing the intensity of the heat and effervescence to envelope my body. The anxiety and fear that had been building inside me since this morning’s revelation started to melt away. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Thomas would take care of me. He wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Even Drake… Drake. 
I let my hands glide over my body, and I imagined it was his touch on my skin. My mind flashed back to last night’s heated kiss. My palm slid between my legs, pressing hard against my mound. I imagined it was his thick bulge pushing into me as he pinned me against the wall. My finger traced over my center and I imagined it was Drake’s tongue coaxing my desire to the surface. I arched my back and rolled my hips, moaning Drake’s name, louder and louder as I savored every tingle on the way to my orgasm. At last, my climax rushed over me, sending shockwaves through my entire body as I cried his name out one last time. “Drake!” I crumpled against the edge of the bathtub, gasping with every tiny aftershock. 
“Em!” My eyes fluttered open as Drake burst through the bathroom door. 
“What the hell, Drake?!” I jerked back with a scream, covering myself. 
“Are you okay?” Drake’s eyes darted around the room. “I heard you calling me. I thought you were in trouble.” 
“Yes! I’m fine!” I pouted. “I was just…” 
“Oh,” Drake’s eyes widened as he realized what he had heard. “Em…” 
“Don’t, Drake.” I stood up. His gaze fell onto my naked breasts as I stepped out of the bathtub. “You made your feelings quite clear last night. Can you just go, please?” I yanked a towel around body and tried to push past him. 
“No,” he refused, catching my arm in his hand. “I mean… I’ll go, if that’s what you really want.” His tone was softer now. 
“Is that… what you want?” I responded, suddenly unsure of myself. 
“You heard what Dad said, Em. They’re getting divorced. We can finally…” 
Drake’s eyes sparkled in the candlelight. Every curve of his muscles was accentuated by the shadows dancing across the room. I let my towel drop to the floor, revealing my nude body once again. He drew me close to him with one hand, cupping the back of my neck with the other. We stood in silence, unmoving as we stared into each other’s eyes, breathing in unison. 
“I ache for you,” I whispered. 
“One step. That’s all it would take to close the distance between us and take you into my arms, into that bed. But then there’s no going back,” Drake warned.“It has to be you and me, Em. Forever.” 
“I’m ready,” I promised. “You and me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.” 
He drew me closer, our mouths and bodies meeting in an urgent embrace. Our kisses were frenzied and needy. I yanked at his shirt, desperate to feel his bare chest against mine. He tore it over his head and stumbled out of his boxers, then lifted me up around his waist. I wrapped my legs around him, never breaking our kiss until he lay me down on the bed. He lowered himself on top of me, gazing into my eyes as he paused with the tip of his rigid cock pushing at my entrance. 
“Yes, Drake. Make love to me.”


Stephanie Brother writes scintillating stories of sexual scenes with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. Since that sort of thing has been happening forever, she is pleased to be able to shed some illumination on the intricacies of these complex relationships that form when people who are physically attracted to one another become thwarted through no fault of their own. Stepping lightly into the fray, Ms. Brother ensures that her readers will not only get the full emotional and romantic experience from her stories, but they are guaranteed to be hot enough to fog one's reading lenses more thoroughly than a Turkish steam bath!

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2 Stepbrothers. 1 Innocent Girl Series 

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