Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#FREE read! 'My Neighbor, My Step (Taboo First Times)' by Gillian Cherry


Eight-year-old Jilly Parker fell hard for ten-year-old Brandon White on the day her family moved next door to his. Years go by, and Jilly waits to be sixteen and old enough to date her handsome neighbor.

But Jilly isn’t the only one in her family dreaming about marrying the guy next door. The year before Jilly is old enough to date Brandon, her mom runs off with his father. Suddenly the young neighbors are stepbrother and sister, and any other kind of relationship between them is strictly forbidden.

Or is it?

Now Jilly is eighteen and graduating high school. The entire family gets together for her graduation party. Will she be able to pull off her plot to seduce Brandon? Will Brandon be able to resist Jilly's advances?

Read an excerpt:
Brandon strode up to me, pushed me aside, and tried to open the door. But I caught his arm. 
"Wait, no, please don't go."

Something in my voice must have kept him from storming out, but he shot me a look that tore me apart. I had to come clean or lose him forever. 
"Look I know how you felt when you saw Ryan in here. That's how I felt when you arrived with Ashley. I wanted you here tonight for a reason. To be with me." 
Brandon's face softened, and I saw something in his eyes that shot hot sparks to my core.

"What are you saying, Jilly?" 
"I'm saying that since the first day we met and you rescued me from Jared, you’ve been my Prince Charming.” 
Brandon looked like he was having some sort of inner conversation with himself. His hand was still on the knob and he turned it, but didn't pull the door open. He spoke softly. 
"And from the first time I saw you from the window, I knew I wanted to protect you. I sure never had those kind of feelings about my sister. Of course at ten, I had no idea what those feelings meant." 
He took two steps toward me and stood only a fraction of inch away from me. If one of us had taken a deep breath, our bodies would have touched. 
"But I do now, and I've been avoiding you like the plague. I keep telling myself it's wrong to have these kinds of urges about my little sister, but my body isn't listening."
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Author Bio:

Gillian Cherry is the pen name of a bestselling erotic romance author. She wanted a special name for a new series of books about first times with taboo partners. Gillian lives in sunny Florida and writes books as hot and steamy as her own very real tropical environment. 

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