Monday, July 6, 2015

'Family Pride: Love and Challenges' by Deborah A. Bailey


Business owner Mac MacKinnon is a perfect catch: attractive, ambitious and successful. He's a member of an old, established pride of lion shapeshifters, but determined to live life as a loner. Except that when Zora Mason walks into Mac's coffee bar one day and applies for the position of assistant manager, he knows without a doubt he's met the woman of his dreams.

Can she accept life with a shifter-boyfriend?

Zora knows a lot more about Mac (and the other shifters in town) than she's been letting on. Falling in love with a sexy shifter is more than she bargained for when it comes to dealing with sibling drama, learning the business, and managing an alpha male who's used to doing things his way. When a challenge to Mac's Pride threatens to destroy Mac's family, Zora has to decide whether to be claimed as his mate in a ritual in front of the pride.

Who knew that love with a lion shifter would be so challenging?

Read an excerpt:
Outside was peaceful, with only the sound of birds chirping. No car horns or city noises. A perfect place to be secluded, especially for a person who wanted his privacy. 
"I love it up here," she said. His property had a trail for hiking up into the hills, and a shrubbery-lined path that circled the house. From the back patio, they could look down on the town below. At night, it was like looking at a grid of twinkling lights. 
"Well, I asked you to move in," Mac replied, stooping down to pick up a stick. "Then you can be here every day." 
She'd been surprised when he'd brought it up, especially since it hadn't been long after he'd revealed he was a shifter. "You're used to your privacy." 
"I know, but I told you, lions don't date for long periods. We see a mate and we move right in."
"But what if it doesn't work out?" As much as she hated to say it, she'd had enough experience to draw on. Things always looked great in the first few months, then they'd go downhill. She wasn't getting on that roller coaster again without being very sure. 
"Of course it will," Mac said. 
"Didn't you say that shifter lions don't just have one mate?" she asked. 
"I said in some prides people have multiple partners. But my father doesn't, and I don't want that either. Guess I should've kept my mouth shut about that." 
"Let's give it a bit more time." As much as she wanted to say yes, she had to be sure. Not only that, but she had to find a way to tell him the truth. Otherwise, they'd have a lie between them.

About the author: 

Deborah A Bailey's Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance novels include suspense, a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat. Her published works include Hathor Legacy: Outcast and Hathor Legacy: Burn (books one and two in the Hathor Legacy science fiction romance series), and the shapeshifter paranormal romance, Family Pride: Love and Challenges (book one of the Family Pride series).

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers' Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun and are included in, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. She's the author of three non-fiction books, and articles for various online publications.

Visit her site for more information and to subscribe to the newsletter so you'll be the first to find out about giveaways, book launches and good stuff for readers and writers!

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