Friday, July 3, 2015

'The Alpha's a Bitch (Rise of the Pack Princess)' by Cera D. Colby


Stephanie Bennett was a well loved, yet somewhat lonely, mobile veterinarian. In her world of sick and injured pets there was little to no time for anyone else - not even a pet of her own.

But that all changed one cloudy Friday afternoon on her way home from work. Just then something huge and definitely not human jumped out into the road right in front of her truck. Little did she know that the paranormal shapeshifter thing in the road would soon change her life forever…

This Paranormal Werewolf Romance story contains some violence and sexual situations and strong female lead characters. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.

Read an excerpt:
“Thank you,” he said swiftly as he dropped the food now in his hands directly into the messy pile already on the floor in front of him. He reminded her of a dog caught in the act of stealing food. It was almost comical. 
He turned to face her and Stephanie noticed just how sharp and quick his movements were. He seemed awfully spry for a man who had been barely breathing the day before. But he was still buck naked. 
“For everything...” he added as he looked down at the bandages on his arms. When he looked back up at her, she noticed that his eyes were a startling shade of blue, so light in fact, that they were almost white. 
“You're welcome,” she said shyly, lowering her eyes. She motioned for him to stand still as she went and retrieved a sheet from the couch. She handed it to him when she re-entered the kitchen, trying not to make him feel too uncomfortable standing there in his birthday suit. 
“Here is a sheet to wrap around you... are you still hungry? Come over here... have a seat and let me make you something to eat,” she murmured as she slowly moved past him since he had not yet wrapped himself in the sheet.
Reader Reviews: 
"I enjoy this author's far out imagination and the sweetness with which she handles a typically terrifying topic while simultaneously creating an exciting page turner...quite a stunt to pull off." 
"I highly recommend this book and I am hoping there will be a sequel so I can see how the romance develops." 
"... a romantic romp that kept me turning pages as I tried to figure out what happened next. If you're a fan of paranormal romance, this is one for your list!"


I am southern, born and bred, and proud of it, having lived in Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and now back in Tennessee. I can't help but think that my southern raising has something to do with how my stories evolve over time and eventually come out on the page.

I don't really consider myself an author - that sounds way too formal to me. I prefer to be thought of instead as a storyteller. I enjoy working with stories that allow my imagination to soar - especially in the form of kids stories or paranormal romance.

So give my little stories about werewolves, vampires and other paranormal beings a try and see what you think. Or my kids books too. If you lose yourself, even for an hour or two, in a new land or situation that you would never get involved with otherwise in real life, then I think I have done my job for the day. ;~)

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