Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#KindleCountdown 'The Plastic Face Part 2 (The Solomon Sisters Part 1)' by JESSie NW


Jessie Solomon grew up with a mother and father that have a strong stable relationship that has outlasted most connections. Why is the oldest child of three flailing through her life and completely unstable? Why can’t she see the forest for the trees? Her two sisters Jelly and Jerry are progressing and succeeding in life with few issues but on every turn Jessie seems to hit a brick wall. When will her life come together and she can finally live happily ever after? 

Then Darren tall dark and full of wonder, swaggers in to her life wanting to right all the wrongs that she’s encountered. He wants to be better than the husband she lost in an ATM robbery. However, he consistently falls short of any target he strives for to impress her. Darren has his own past to sort out, and as long as he keeps his secrets she will love, respect and trust him. 

Jessie is an enigma, he loves her but he just can’t figure out who she is or what she wants. 

Unfortunately that makes two of them.

About the author:

A precocious child from birth, who rolled over at three months, walked at seven months, talked at 11 months; graduated with honors from high school at 16 and always knew what she did and did not want, whether she got it or not. It is no wonder that JESSie, who is an avid reader and pacesetter, began her writing career while in a mid-life crisis. Although she earned an AA in Fashion Design and a BA in Business Administration concentrating in Computer Technology, she has always made her own way, not asking anyone else to endorse her choices, but ever ready to be an endorser and supporter of others. You can follow her in real life through one of these venues:

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As the first born of three girls, JESSie has exampled independence, compassion, teamwork, sportsmanship, and citizenship to her siblings and friends. She has not always been a saint, but she has sought to become one in the last few years; and although her works intertwine bits of sensual, suggestive encounters it is her way of debriefing her thoughts during this spiritual transition.

JESSie has vocationally tried her hand at many things, which include, but is not limited to Head Hunting; Telecommunications, Project Management, Program Management and finally a Supervisor for Homeland Security, yet none has equaled the enjoyment and sense of fulfillment writing brings. She is generous to a fault, subtle, energetic, pointed, deep thinking, funny, sarcastic, and a lover of games. All of which is seen in her writing style and her approach to characters' development. Her wit and charm will entice you to read further into the adventures, which envelope her characters and will seduce your senses and challenge your intelligence. You will not readily put down any of her books but will rather develop a taste for the sensuous, delightful and sublime.

She is a name to be remembered, a force with which to be reckoned, a new kid on the block with stories that will move you for a lifetime!

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