Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'Seduced by the Vigilante: Black Mask Vol. 1' by Candice King

Brilliant criminal analyst Catherine Farrows is the daughter of a seasoned police officer whom she saw burn out from the corruption and misery his job forced him to witness. She tried to leave her job, moving across country to Kingston, New York to settle into a quiet hiatus. When she meets friendly, sensual Tom, she delights in a new relationship with someone who truly seems to understand her.

But Tom has secret upon secret, and as Catherine soon learns, some of them are deadly. He is Thomas Ambrose, exiled scion of a monstrously corrupt and wealthy family, and his wealth and past aren't all that he is hiding.

After a series of execution-style murders of suspected child killers points to a vigilante operating in New York City, Catherine is dragged into the case and must seek a greater understanding of the man behind these killings. The Black Mask Killer, meanwhile, is taking an interest in her...and their meeting will involve an erotic encounter that rocks Catherine's world. Suddenly, she finds herself torn between two enigmatic and complicated men...or is she?

When the secret society that the child murderers belonged to catches wind of Catherine's involvement, she finds herself in danger, and must rely on both men she desires to protect her. But are Thomas Ambrose and the Black Mask Killer really two different men? And if they are not, can she cope with the repercussions of giving her heart to a man who kills for justice?

About the author:

Born in rural Iowa in 1967, Candice King studied business and psychology at a quaint New England college. She now lives happily in her home state, where she cycles rolling hills and writes about bold and engaging characters, their struggles, and their steamy love interests. Her fast-paced writing style and arousing romance scenes make for pages that turn themselves.

Her first series - Black Mask - centers on Catherine Farrows, a brilliant criminal investigator that becomes romantically entangled with a seductive, but emotionally tortured vigilante.

To find out more about Candice and her next series go to www.candicekingbooks.com.

Find out even more here: viewAuthor.at/CandiceKing

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